2 Jacobs Ridge Road Ormeau 4208


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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 7 years ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU201300329)


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  1. Peter commented


    I live adjacent to proposed development site 2 Jacobs Ridge Road, Ormeau, Qld.

    There is no signage displayed on this site indicating this proposed development. Why?

    I wish to object against the development for the following reasons:

    1. A major traffic roundabout connecting the entire Jacobs Ridge Estate and commercial route to surrounding areas is adjacent to this lot.

    Has the applicant done a impact study of this site with regards to this major intersection and the
    the added traffic activity to this connecting roundabout?

    2. What consideration has been given to the aesthetics of park land and well established trees on this site which acts as a noise barrier to traffic at this intersection? Has a wild life study been conducted to the impact of their habitat?

    3. A single lane rail bridge crossing connects this roundabout to the Freeway and Shopping Centre
    This is an existing bottleneck and this development will compound the problem.

    4. Back yard privacy to all adjacent properties will be compromised by such a development
    I seriously want to object to such compromise and obvious devaluation to these properties.

    5. The noise of the child care centre occupants will affect the neighboring properties status quo.

  2. Tony Matheson commented

    To whom this may concern

    Our property backs onto the lot at 2 Jacobs Ridge Road, Ormeau, QLD.

    We would like to officially object to this development going ahead at this location for the following reasons:

    1. The Child Care Centre will be located directly opposite a major roundabout on Eggersdorf Road and Jacobs Ridge road. Both roads are extremely busy and present a genuine hazard to young children.

    2. The extra traffic created by the Child Care Centre will bottleneck traffic, particularly at peak times and will impact greatly in terms of noise and extra vehicles on the road in what is essentially a suburban area.

    3. The Childcare Centre will be an unsightly and ugly addition to the area. We believe the lot is unsuitable for this type of development and should be left in it's current state as a natural buffer.

    4. The extra noise that will inevitably be made by occupants of the Child Care Centre and extra vehicles coming and going from the Centre.

    5. The lowering of the value of neighbouring properties.

    6. Our property backs onto the proposed development and therefore our privacy will be compromised, especially in terms of the use of our back yard.

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