180 Blackwood Rd Salisbury QLD 4107

Carry Out Building Work; Material Change of Use - Kasa Group Holdings Pty Ltd (Primary Applicant), Urbis Pty Ltd (Consultant)

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(Source: Brisbane City Council, reference A006196896)


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  1. Chloe Bowman commented

    A immeasurable impact on the quality of living on the local residents. An absurd application considering the number of childcare facility in the local and immediate areas.

  2. KF commented

    No need for yet another childcare centre on that busy location within the school precinct. It would be nice to see something the wider community could use as opposed to yet another single purpose structure.

  3. Maree commented

    Suburb does not need another childcare centre. One recently built in Douglas Rd, another being built in Golda Ave and there is also another in Rosebank Square area. The corner will become dangerous with increased traffic and children in the area. There are already limited parking areas due to sub-division of properties nearby. Would be better used as a community centre or something that supports the schools in the area.

  4. Simon gorbatzidis commented

    Hi I am happy this is going ahead. In other neighbouring suburbs there are 3-4 day care centres plus 1-2 kindys. As a parent in Salisbury I speak to many other parents who also find it difficult to find a space at a Salisbury daycare but even the neighbouring suburbs. Please push this through and approve it so we are well resourced with spaces at Salisbury. Anyone who is against it really doesn’t understand the situation.

  5. Desley Lynn Griffiths commented

    This proposal is ridiculous. Apart from causing extra traffic around the primary school, which already suffers with a lack of street parking & limited pick up and drop off areas, there are currently 5 childcare services in Salisbury with two new ones currently being built or almost completed all within 2 minutes of each other. There are currently vacancies in two of the five existing Salisbury centres.

    Salisbury households have an average of 0.7 children.

    Surrounding suburb childcare centres is as follows:

    Moorooka/Yeerongpilly 10 centres - 7 with current vacancies

    Coopers Plains 6 centres - 3 with current vacancies

    Nathan 3 centres - 2 with current vacancies

    Rocklea 3 centres

    Griffith Uni 1 child care centre

    Holland Park West and Tarragindi has 22 companies or organisations offering child care services - current vacancies in 11 of these

  6. Sharron Ward commented

    Concerns about the already congested traffic flow from the school and now wanting to add in a childcare facility? See no sense with what is available in the area. Doubt there will be a huge influx of residents to support the build unless multi storey units are planned in the next 5 years. Perhaps the applicant knows more than the locals?

  7. Paige Garland commented

    Salisbury has many child care centres either in development (including a multistorey facility at Rosebank Square and a centre on Golda Avenue) and longstanding providers, including two C&K centres (Lillian Avenue and Frewin Street). I also understand there is one on Douglas Rd. Consequently, a large number of childcare places are just about to become available for locals, in this suburb.

    The C&K on Lillian Avenue is on an extremely large piece of land, located a short walk from the school and close to the train station and bus stops. It could also readily be redeveloped to be a multistorey facility, if there is sufficient demonstrated additional local need. C&K is a statewide provider of high quality childcare. Lillian Ave is a major arterial road through the centre of Salisbury and well able to cope with any additional traffic. I can speak highly of the Lillian Avenue and Frewin Street C&Ks having been a passed parent at both community childcare facilities.

    The Scout Hall at 180 Blackwood Rd is on the corner of a shopping centre and opposite from the main entrance of the state school. It is probable that the shopping centre will be redeveloped in coming years, as the gentrification of the suburb and block splitting continues by developers. Redevelopment of the shops in itself will exacerbate the existing significant traffic congestion problems on that corner (Cripps St-Blackwood Rd). Some of the shops (those located around the corner on Lillian Avenue) have been redeveloped in recent years.

    Being a resident at the top end of Blackwood Rd for the last 15 years, I have firsthand experience of the impact of that traffic congestion and the increasingly bad and chronic parking problems. As a family we have recently had a yellow line put across our driveway by BCC to deter people parking across it. BCC records will show that the five townhouses across from the 180 Blackwood Rd site also have had to have a yellow line placed in front of them, due to people disregarding their obligations not to obstruct people's driveways.

    Blackwood Rd is not an arterial road through Salisbury. It is a suburban street.The lack of onstreet parking at the top end of Blackwood Rd has been exacerbated by the blocksplitting nearby eg those five townhouses replaced two single dwellings on two 870m lots, resulting in zero onstreet parking in front of all the new houses, immediately across from the Scout Hall (the proposed new childcare centre site). As such it pushes residential visitor parking needs, parking needs for the shops, parking needs for the school and parking needs for the scout hall patrons further down Blackwood Rd.

    Additionally, the Scout Hall has historical and cultural significance. I draw to your attention the public comments submitted in response to my Heritage Protection application over that building that I commenced more than 1.5 years ago. Public comments have been submitted in the last three months to Dr Ross Mahoney of BCC via email.

    The Scout Hall was built by local families, for the benefit of the entire Salisbury community approximately 80 years ago. It has served a wide variety of purposes for generations of Salisbury families and should continue to do so. This land in the centre of our suburb should not be locked up for only the benefit of a relatively small number of families (compared to the entire population of the suburb and considering how many childcare places are already available or soon to be in this suburb), who currently have primary school aged children.

    The Scout Hall has a beautiful, inspiring internal mural on half of its main internal walls. They depict Australian animals and a scene from "The Jungle Book". The Australian animals depicted are representations of the names of the Scout Leaders of Salisbury over the last 80 years eg Roo, Goanna. It was hand painted by a local. It is culturally and historically significant and should be preserved.

    180 Blackwood Rd should continue to be available to ALL of the Salisbury community and for a broad range of purposes, as it currently is.

    Gotta Swing teach lessons there every Wednesday night and have done so for many years.

    Salisbury Pantry give out free bread, homewares and clothes to those in need in this community every Sunday.

    Salisbury Scout Group used it for approximately 80 years, until that group was closed by Scouts Queensland (the current owner of the site) one year ago.

    Our family has had children's birthday parties there, attended Salisbury Pantry, participated in Open Days, been Joey's, been Scouts, been President of Salisbury Scout Group, been a Leader in Training of Salisbury Scout Group, achieved Grey Wolf Award, achieved Joey Challenge Award in the Scouting movement...it has been a rich source of joy and inspiration in many different ways. As my heritage application for the building shows, many locals have similar stories about it. They have had dance lessons, met partners, had significant milestone parties, participated in Scouts, renovated it etc.

    The site with its wonderful Scout Hall have been a place for ALL of this community to gather, support each other, learn from each other and grow, and has been for 80 years.

    It should be so, for the next 80 at the very least.

    There has already been ample provision made in this suburb of high quality land for the purposes of child care, which only services the specific needs of those families for the time their children are young.

    Enough already!

  8. Thomas garside commented

    It would be such a shame to see this go for yet again another childcare centre we simply do not need. I spent many many years here at this scout hall. started out as a Joey and left awhile into adventurers so majority of my childhood was spent with the Salisbury scouts, I know it's fallen Into disarray over the years but it adds character to Salisbury, wouldn't it be better off to stay as a scout den and continue to teach the next generation things that won't be taught at school but are used near on every day, or the social skills it helps improve within children, we have bugger all community activities for kids to do as it is, let alone removing one of the last important parts of Salisbury's history.

  9. DW commented

    With the birth rate decreasing and aged care increasing, this seems quite nonsensical that community spaces are being turned into concrete blocks with little to no trees - architectural eyesores generating excessive traffic because of inadequate infrastructure. Where is the proof that yet another daycare is needed in this suburb? Are the recently finished daycares already overflowing?

  10. Matthew Niejalke commented

    Salisbury does not have a Community Hall and the historic Scout Hall has for filled this role in the community for many years. Replacing it with another childcare centre does not make sense.

  11. Lauren Caramella commented

    Please consider community building as a priority in development applications. Having a central space community members can use and come together is really important. So is preserving community heritage.

  12. AL commented

    The Salisbury Scout Hall is a part of the history of the community, which needs to be preserved rather than destroyed for commercial profit (by people who I’m assuming aren’t even locals to this area).

    Also, Traffic on that corner will not be able to be sustained safely. Even with parking underneath, Cripps st and Lillian ave intersection is already a danger zone

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