2/63-65 Crown Street Wollongong NSW 2500

Extension of trading hours of existing food and drink premises

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website ago. It was received by them earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2022/1021)


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  1. Belinda commented

    The ICON is a great bar and location and very supportive of the business continuing, but the noise factor in the early hours of the morning is quite bad. The area has high residential density on the boundary line and the noise echoes through the laneway.

    If any extended hours were to be considered or even the existing hours, please review how the noise can be dramatically reduced as it's really bad and sleeping with young kids is coming to the point, I may look at moving out just because of this.

    Additionally, these extended hours will bring more volume people into the lane way after other clubs close in Wollongong, which drags high volumes into the side streets, which are high residential.

    This proposal shouldn't go forward as it is and even the existing noise factor needs to be reviewed and measures put in place.

  2. Gary Lees commented

    Hi I live in units next to the venue and their have been numerous complaints of noise from this venue previously and currently. I believe it was originally a Pasta Factory and does not seem to have any provision for reducing internal noise. I'm not a expert but enjoy attending music venues. All have policies and procedures to both reduce the noise from the bands, recorded music and from the customers particularly when they arrive and leave venues.
    i.e. Security Guards, Triple Glazing, Insulation on all doors, walls and ceiling's , sound engineer's and bands being advised at what level to play at to meet legal guidelines and be thoughtful neighbours. Another factor is some venue's also have a time to close earlier prior to midnight to reduce impact on neighbours and residents. Unless the venue and then the council can guarantee residents are not going to be kept awake at night by the noise, approval can not be provided.
    I would like to see the council be more proactive and advise their policy on noise control.. So Council can you please also send residents your current policy on Noise Control ASAP and attach a link on this site please. I also understand that some residents, bands and customers have sued venues previously and recently as the noise has damaged their hearing or threatened their health, wellbeing , employment housing status.

  3. Marylouise Laxton commented

    I have a unit, in the residential block, adjacent to this business.
    I believe that the amount of noise and the trading hrs. for this venue are unacceptable.
    What are the specific Council regulations with regards to noise levels and curfews in this Zone?

  4. Annabelle Quinn commented

    I find the noise and trading hours unacceptable. Total disregard for local residents.

  5. Russ Bailey commented

    This is an unacceptable request that does not consider the very nearby residences. The noise from this premises is already too loud and unacceptable. It is about time this Council showed some leadership and reviewed the requirements for noise reduction as it's already really bad.

    Also, any extension to the hours will bring more people into the lane way after other clubs close in Wollongong, which drags high volumes into the side streets, which are high residential.

    Though i live over 800m from this venue, the noise on weekends is already a disturbance. This proposal should not be approved.

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