1 Grantchester Road Narre Warren North VIC 3804

Use and Development of a Child Care/Early Learning Centre

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(Source: Casey City Council, reference PA22-0681)


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  1. Karen commented

    Too many child care centres in narre warren north when there is not a high volume of properties, its not an area like narre warren, cranbourne, clyde, its out of the way for many families

  2. Peens Cata commented

    I am so opposed this application. There is the newly built one on the corner of Narre warren north road and Belgrave Hallam road. An application has been submitted in a house on drysdale avenue as well. We live on an acre block and we have been fighting council for a few years to sub divide into 2 2000m blocks but it has been rejected by this corrupt council because they want to keep the landscapes and if we sub divide it will increase traffic flow in the area. If it’s good enough to open up 4 child care centers within a 1.5km stretch of road I should be allowed to sub divide so I can provide for my children future. Wake up city of casey.
    It’s all about the golden hand shake. I’ve never know of such a corrupt council. Seems to me us as residents need to get the media involved to be listened too.

  3. CAITRIONA JABKE commented

    There is no requirement for 3 childcare centres on one Road within less than 3km! This is an older semi-rural area. There is already a new childcare centre on the corner of Belgrave Hallam and Narre Warren North Roads, one planned on the corner of Drysdale and Belgrave Hallam Road and now this one 650m from Drysdale. Not to mention the OTHER new childcare centre on Hallam Belgrave Road between Princes Highway and Heatherton Road.

    People are unable to subdivide their acre properties because it will increase local traffic, but that is nothing in comparison to the traffic these childcare centres will create.

    It is for these reasons I oppose to this childcare centre.

  4. Sylvia Plaggemars commented

    I also object to this Child care Centre. I mean what are you trying to do put one on every corner!!! Or are you trying to make a joke out of us. Honestly you cannot be serious!!!!
    There are already enough of these in the area already. Go and have alook for yourself.
    You have roads that are single lane on each side with no stopping safely and yet you want to put a truckload of you children left, right and center. This is not safe to do!!!
    Clearly you do not live here!!

  5. Kim Bruinsma commented

    Is the City of Casey wanting me to have more children? With the number of childcare facilities popping up in Narre Warren North and its immediate surrounds, you'd think they are!
    I'm pretty sure the Census data is not showing such a rapid increase of 0-5 yr olds needing care in the Narre Warren North.
    3 proposed/in progress childcare centers in a 2km stretch is not required. We are not allowed to subdivide a 4000 sqm block into 2, but you can place a building that will accommodate 30-40 children and adults and that's OK?
    It seems that any residential block is suitable for childcare in the City of Casey???
    I am strongly opposed to yet another application and subsequent building of another childcare facility on what is a residential building block! I was so looking forward to seeing a beautiful home built on that corner :(

  6. Cory Sharp commented

    I object to this new development of another childcare centre , it will increase traffic flow and cause chaos, worst idea ever decided to approve this , considering it’s a residential block , it will destroy the surroundings

  7. Michelle Kirkpatrick commented

    I object to the development of a child centre on grantchester road. The traffic on belgrave Hallam is already extremely busy and they all speed. Very dangerous spot for a childcare centre increasing road traffic especially in a suburban corner block on a major road. Crazy idea. Will cause many accidents. Already many new childcare centres opening in the vicinity.

  8. John C commented

    We can't divide out 4000m block into 2 2000m blocks because Council said firstly we are on septic tank, secondly they do not want to increase the traffic in the area, thirdly they want to keep the landscapes in the area the way it is. So how does having 83 children and 18 staff help with septic tank flow, traffic flow and landscape surroundings. We live off Grantchester and 100 metres down the road are half acre blocks. Most 1 acre blocks in our are can now sub divide but not precint 9. What's good for one is good for all.
    I strongly oppose to all child care centre permits that are lodged in this area.

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