199 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Change of premises boundaries - hotel

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  1. Mark Harlow commented

    I would like to oppose this application for the following reasons:-

    1. The pavement fronting Miller Street is not particularly wide and the street is busy. This will cause inconvenience to pedestrians, even more so when the Metro is completed. With the NSW government now alllowing people to stand whilst drinking I doubt patrons will adhere to the area demarcated for the extended licence.

    2. When people drink alcohol they tend loose inhibition and self control. Not only passing adult pedestrians but also young girls from the Monte school would have to contend with those drinking.

    3. I have no idea if The Rag and Famish are going to be paying for the usage of a public thoroughfare. If they are not, it would appear to be another example of public property being used for private gain.

    I have nothing against The Rag and Famish conducting their business within their boundaries. I just don't wish them to conduct it in the public domain.

  2. Peter commented

    I support the objections already articulated by others. Each and everyone of these are real concerns for the safety of both drinkers and passers by.
    I would like to particularly focus on the safety of hotel patrons. Firstly, the corner on which this hotel exists is one of the busiest streets in the municipality. It carries all traffic out of North Sydney heading to the Harbour Bridge (except traffic from Arthur Street travelling to the SHB). The north-south traffic along Miller Street is always noted as "heavy" as it is main artery for traffic leaving North Sydney for eastern and northern parts of the municipality. Secondly, like it or not, when some people drink alcohol, unfortunately, they sometimes do silly and dangerous things. The width of the subject footpath is such that some patrons (and likely passing pedestrian - going to and from the Metro Station/major bus interchanges/etc.) will not act as responsibly as they normally would. Resultant adverse impact on them and passing non-hotel patrons is just too much of a risk for the community to endorse.

    In summary, too narrow, too dangerous, just too much of a risk. I object to this application.

  3. John M commented

    I am in full agreement with Mark and Peter who eloquently describe this dangerous proposaI. Plenty of room inside the pub for their patrons and no need to spill out onto the very busy public footpath with lots of people including school kids and seniors. Miller Street is a major bus artery just inches away from this proposal. A disaster waiting to happen. The addition of alcohol consumption to the mix would be just far too dangerous. Thanks but no thanks.

  4. Pat commented

    I believe Rag and Famish has an application to extend the premises upwards.

    No need for the extra pavement space.

    I object to the application vehemently!

  5. James McKinnon commented

    The current situation unlike the Miller Street area closer to the Pacific Highway has no protection bollards and if a car mounted the footpath those seated would be in danger of suffering serious injury or possible loss of life, that section of road is after all flowing into one of the main access points , Berry Street, to the harbour bridge.

    Given the fact that a new rooftop bar has been approved and the existing space within the Hotel includes a beer garden I feel it is unnecessary and places an undue burden on existing pedestrian traffic.

    Alcohol being consumed on a public pedestrian thoroughfare is not in my opinion responsible Alcohol consumption and places an unnecessary and unwanted burden on local citizens a residents.

    In conclusion this is definitely not in the long term Public interest.

  6. Gary Henschke commented

    I totally agree with Mark Harlow’s comments.
    More drunks and alcoholic irresponsible people on the foot path is only encouraging street fights…
    Do Not Allow This…

  7. Dustin Van Roest commented

    I oppose this plan. It’s already a problem squeezing past the people either queuing to get in to the rag & famish or standing outside on the phone smoking or vaping. This proposal would only make that worse.

  8. Monica Howard commented

    I also agree with the comments above. It is totally unnecessary to extend into an already busy intersection. Keep the drinking to the existing space and new rooftop bar. Leave the path to pedestrians. Many of these being kids from nearby schools.

  9. Steve commented

    Having worked in North Sydney for well over 3 decades. I am in 100% support of this kind of activity. It is a breath of fresh air seeing busniess open again.

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