Marks Park, Marks Lane, Tamarama NSW 2026

New licence - limited - single function

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  1. Nicolette Boaz commented

    I have mixed feelings about this. It should be trialled for a year to see the effects. Littering increase, noise to local residents and beach goers, encouraging younger people to drink and danger to drinkers from swimming all should be noted carefully

  2. Nicolette Boaz commented

    I have mixed feelings about this. It should be trialled for a year to see the effects. Littering increase, noise to local residents and beach goers, encouraging younger people to drink and danger to drinkers from swimming all should be noted carefully

  3. Sally D commented

    Marks Park is a public space & park. Maintained and paid for by the residents who live in Waverley Council.
    Waverley Council have been very clear on a ZERO tolerance of alcohol in public spaces.
    Prior to COVID, they have put BIG blaring traffic signs out stating their ZERO tolerance.
    Why should Sculpture by The Sea get a hallway pass?
    It is a daylight event, no alcohol is required, it is not why folks visit to walk the Sculptures. It is not required, It is really is unnecessary and quite hypocritical of the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority to consider to expand this event into something else.
    This is a residential area not an advertising opportunity.

  4. Nicolette Boaz commented

    Sally D your argument is very persuasive. I suggest you leaflet the immediate area with either the Council email address about this or this Planning Alerts site. With a large residential push Council may decline the DA.

  5. Brad commented

    As a long-term resident of Kenneth Street, I'm strongly opposed to the granting of this licence. Tamarama is quiet residential suburb and the residents are already greatly disrupted and inconvenienced by Sculpture by the Sea with traffic and parking problems as well as an influx of 500,000 people causing great damage to the park. The last thing we need is the granting of a liquor licence in a public park for commercial gain. The beauty of Tamarama is the fact that there is so little commerce and yet we are in close proximity to Bondi and Bronte.
    Tamarama is very quiet particularly in the evenings and we don’t want further disruptions, noise and potential drunks into the night.
    Finally no-one seems to have notified residents of Sculpture’s liquor licence application? Is the application supposed to be advertised or disseminated through Council?
    I was only made aware of it through Planning alerts and feel all affected local residents should have the opportunity to comment.

  6. Sally D commented

    Brad, I totally agree.
    It is a residential area that has had no communication from Council to the residents.
    Tamarama is a quiet suburb. It is not zoned commercial however Council seem to be creating a slow release rezoning for Commercial gain. It is not right!
    Tamarama is one of the smallest suburbs in Australia, with just under 1,700 residents, it is very hard for our voices to be heard and supported in the Municipality of Waverley that has over 74,000 residents. Council walks all over us and as residents we have a very minor voice due to the size of our suburb. It is very unfair and Council needs to wake up and listen to residents who pay their Public Servant wages ( "Public Servant" seems to be lost on many Council members).
    I read 2 other comments that referred to owners drinking wine & beers on their $20 million property balconies. Those comments were quite bizarre as folks can entertain and enjoy their own property no matter where you live. They are not inviting half a million visitors to their balconies which is what Sculpture by the Sea is doing to our small suburb.
    I am disgusted this objection is not going to Waverley Council but the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority - why?

  7. Lucinda Dowse commented

    As a Tamarama resident I oppose the granting of a liquor licence at Marks Park during sculpture by the sea, It is unnecessary and unsuitable for this location. There are plenty of venues in close proximity serving alcohol.

  8. Sim commented

    Cant we have some peaceful places? like Marks park & the beaches. if people want to drink go down to Bondi Pubs & restaurants where at least the madness & noise of alcohol consumption is contained so they cant walk off drunk on a beach & drown. Surely Council wouldn't want the worry of people wandering around the cliffs after a few too many & having a fall? Not a good idea, respectfully.

  9. Brad commented

    It's been brought to my attention that this may just be a public forum although it does state comments are delivered to the planning authority. For the correct channel to make a submission…

    Go to
    Click on Go to the notice board
    Click on Search by Application
    Copy and Paste APP-0010148186
    Click on Make a submission (bottom of page)
    Click on Im not a robot
    Enter details and follow the prompts to post your comments before closing date 13/6

  10. Sally commented

    Thanks Brad,
    I just emailed them, although I was 40 minutes late they should still consider my concerns. I am baffled why Council or the Liquor and Gaming folks gave residents no notice - seems sneaky to me.
    Here is my email - sent to


    I am a resident of Tamarama.
    I strongly disagree with Liquor and Gaming applying for a licence for Sculpture By The Sea at Marks Park.
    Waverley Council has a strict ZERO alcohol policy in public spaces so this application should not be approved on that basis alone.
    Sculpture by the Sea is a daytime, recreational family event that does not warrant a temporary alcohol marquee. It is not supposed to be an advertising event.
    With COVID-19 lock down, as a community, everyone should be supporting local existing businesses, not a pop up that is not local.

    My submission is about 40 minutes late as I was posting my objection Planning Alerts, only to be told that your email is the correct way. There was ZERO correspondence to residents from Liquor and Gaming, which seems a tad sneaky.

    Again, it is not needed. It is detrimental to the whole Art and Walk purpose of the event. And alcohol is banned in beaches and parks by Waverley Council.


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