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Proposed 80 lot residential subdivision and road dedication

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Eurobodalla Shire Council, reference DA0493/22)


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  1. Jayde Woolridge commented

    If you are going to continue to not preserve the beauty of the south coast tourism will stop. I have lived here my whole life it was a beautiful place growing up now it's a barren suburbia with sandmines bush being our last standing bush even that's being logged on occasion. Who do you think you people are you have no right no say no leg to stand on when it comes to this how dare you even think you do. I will make you work hell Eurobodalla shire. I planned to raise my son here but just seeing how disrespectful the council is to the only bushes we have left it's just disgraceful we will be moving to a different state because of how you have treated the people ,wildlife, and nature in our community. Some of us know there is a lot more life then just the economy and how we can get more money as a community. When all the trees are gone and the oceans dead because of you then will you see the importance in your money? There is none. If there is housing going in. One it needs to be affordable and I mean affordable . Two it can't be holiday housed. Three locals must be able to have a fair chance of getting in before outsiders with more money they are changing the communit6 for the worse and you do not listen to us locals about being against it like we were with the last subdivision clearing on broulee road. Start listening better or us people will overthrow you it's just a matter of time. Time to wake the fuck up Eurobodalla council you are not God you are an absolute disgrace not only to our community but to all the people of Australia as well . Pull your heads in or someone else may just have too. We have had enough white peoples and indigenous peoples of this land are standing together. WE SAY NO ON ALL LOGGING IN OUR COMMUNITY

  2. Rachel commented

    The traffic is becoming dangerous for the children going to school as it is only a tiny area to hold two schools and a daycare centre. Not to mention the trees and forest area around the school has allowed for them to do bushwalking and see the local flora and fauna. You cannot add more houses there, you will destroy the area and make it unsafe for children to walk to school and parents to drive.

  3. Chris Doring commented

    Broulee /Mossy Point are bursting at the seams
    You only need to visit Clarke St/ Grant St area to see the blight on the landscape of the new ugly subdivision
    The vegetation has been removed The bird corridor severely damaged
    What environmental study has occurred prior to this new 80 residential area proposal?
    What new infrastructure has been planned ?
    How will the current less than adequate road system accommodate the increased traffic ?
    Why are Council so desperate to turn our once small village into ghetto of wall to wall housing estates ?
    The once abundant black cockatoos are diminishing in number year by year
    If we are not careful they will soon be gone

  4. RCS commented

    The whole LEP for Broulee needs a review.
    I do not support this development - on the one hand the Environmental department of the ESC are erecting tubes for nesting Gang Gangs in Broulee due to loss of habitat and the other the planning department are overseeing environmental vandalism with the destruction of the very habitat.
    On a practical level this proposal is not in keeping with village feel of Broulee and the immediate area, the roads are already very congested and therefore should not be supported. There is a need to sympathetically develop the area not simply gouge with increased density, lack of consideration of the current residents and real concern over safety.
    ESC please explain how the environmental impact will be managed - offsetting is insufficient - its smoke and mirrors.

  5. Laurie bell commented

    The previous remarks made by Jayden and Rachel give a true indication of the resident’s of Broulee and mossy point. I arrived at Broulee as a ten year old when my father purchased a block from the Clarke so for 150 pounds on candallagan ave. Over the years progress was at a steady rate. However since the bridge was completed the traffic and housing has increased tenfold with it greed all out to make money including the council more houses more rates at ever increasing values. This latest proposed development is an insult to all who love Broulee and the south coast. Enough is enough. Just to make it clear im now 76 so I have watched the changes over a 61 year time frame. It’s the last 15 yrs the rapid decline started with a clueless council

  6. JSS commented

    When is enough enough? When all the trees are gone, when Broulee has become a suburb of Bateman’s Bay, when that which makes this place special has been erased? This is sand forest, by the Council’s own admission it is endangered. Please stop, for the sake of our children and the animals who call it home. Have a vision that does not involve concreting over everything that is beautiful. Look at how other areas have been spoilt and do not let it happen here. We have one chance.

  7. Danny White commented

    Broulee Beach estate has been approved for the past 40 years for either R2 or R3 Medium density housing its fact people need to do there research before commenting.

    Being a local Construction & Plumbing company we rely on these subdivisions to be approved for obvious reasons.

    I appreciate people don't want development but some of the comments that have been made so far suggests otherwise or they just not educated & have no idea what they are talking about.

    Being in the area all my 50 years and employing full or part time staff of up to 40 people what happens to these individuals who rely on people like myself when tell I them there is no more work tomorrow the consequences are obvious.

    These infrastructure projects need to happen they should not be delayed as at present there is no land for anybody to purchase in Broulee.

  8. Giovanna Hounsell commented

    If Council are proposing the sort of ugly development on the corner of Clarke St and Broulee Rd I am strongly opposed to it. The land was clear-felled, not a tree left standing and the APZ was taken out of community land, instead of the developers, at the Council's discretion. This land was once covered in trees but will soon be wall to wall investment or holiday properties on tiny blocks, roof tiles and colour bond fences with narrow roads so the developer can squeeze in a few more houses. The sort of subdivision seen in urbanised areas NOT coastal villages.
    We are a coastal village, our urban planning needs to reflect that.
    Each block to be developed needs a thorough, up to date environmental impact statement and cultural heritage assessment. Significant trees and patches of bushland should be protected. We need tree corridors for safe passage of animals, between developments. We need buffer zones between housing developments to shield from noise and visual pollution. We need buffer zones between roads, pathways and developments. Our urban runoff can drain into mini-wetlands for cooling, recreation and attraction of native birds and animals.
    We need to protect our beautiful coastal village for our future generations.

  9. Sue Lowe commented

    We have a chance to create and/or keep something special with our coastal village.
    It takes vision and courage to question the concept of “development” and to see how and where it fits into the culture of our existing environment.
    Im not against development but I am against high density, small building sites and the loss of our native habitats.
    Children need green spaces ( both planned and unplanned) to play and trees to run under. The total clearing of local land is frightening for both our children, our wildlife and the coastal wetlands that we say we value.
    Such high density zoning, tree clearing and lack of planned green spaces is not the development that I want.

  10. JMC commented

    We have been patiently waiting to purchase a block of land and we are in full support of this development.

  11. Ryan Vest commented

    Being raised in Broulee, It was always my intention to purchase a block of land, build a home and raise a family in the area as my family have done for generations before me.
    The idea that Broulee will not be expanding further limits both mine and others ideas of doing so and I personally believe this would be a poor decision.
    With the current pricing of houses and blocks of land rising on the coast, I wouldn't see how remaining in the area would be possible without further expansion. Yes this will involve the removal of trees but will provide blocks of land for the sons and daughters of people wo have been raised here and will allow people to remain in close vicinity to their families.
    Prohibiting further development will also cease the idea of more small businesses developing in the area which is quite attractive to the families who holiday in the area, for example, the Broulee Brewhouse has prospered in its opening summer, creating profit for the town, attraction for both tourists and locals as well as jobs for individuals that reside in the area.
    Limiting the production of more land will also cripple the trade industry as they rely on projects such as land development to keep their businesses running.
    I am in full support of future development in Broulee, and believe halting the continuation of the expansion of Broulee will be an unwise decision in all areas.

  12. Billy commented

    I’ve lived in Broulee for 25 years since I was a young kid. The truth is that Broulee needs to grow with the rest of the shire, people need homes and kids need new infrastructure to be supported through schooling and sporting opportunities.
    I find it difficult to understand how new residents can be against developments that only a few year ago allowed for the house they now reside in.
    The Broulee master plan has been in place for 40 odd years, and is easily accessible online for new and old residents.
    I understand local residents needs to maintain green space, although it seems many jump to blame developers without researching state government red tape that must be followed.
    Developments lead to job opportunities and shire growth, with construction being such a vital part of the shires economic growth.
    In saying that, it in crucial for transparency between the community and council with all developments.

  13. Aaron Dunn commented

    This subdivision will contribute to the supply of land for housing within the area and will create employment opportunities within the Shire. The land is zoned R2 and the proposal looks to comply with the lot size, density and servicing requirements under the Eurobodalla LEP 2012.
    I support the development.

  14. Brad commented

    The subject land is zoned R2/R3 and hence the proposed development is appropriate as per the relevant Eurobodalla LEP/DCP. I'm dumbfounded how people can not realise the hypocrisy of their comments when they themselves reside on land that was previously undeveloped, and yet any further development is totally unacceptable to them. New land is essential to the local economy, especially easy to build on flat lots, which are rare in the shire.
    I support this Development application.

  15. Margaret commented

    Yes the land was allocated for subdivision 40 years ago by the previous real estate agent
    However at that time Global Warming / Climate Change was virtually unknown
    We now know that vegetation especially tree foliage is the most effect barrier we have in the fight against Climate Change
    A stroke of the pen by a Educated thoughtful Council could change this allocation

  16. M d c commented

    We are re locating to the area .

    We have found through lack of supply through limited planning opportunities the price of land keeps rising . If people want to preserve their communities they need to add generations to them , not grow old, imply a nimby approach. This proposal is in line with planning law already approved. It’s a great opportunity to enter this area and market and it should be fully supported. We need more good development opportunities like this not less

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