64 Glyndon Road, Camberwell VIC 3124

Construction of nineteen (19) dwellings with a basement car park over two (2) lots

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 21 days ago. It was received by them 11 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference PP21/1186)


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  1. Anita Chow commented

    This would really be out of character for the neighbourhood and too many apartments on one black of land. It should not be approved

  2. Don McLean commented

    Surely Boroondara Council will not let this application proceed. This is over development to the extreme in a beautiful Camberwell street .

  3. Meredith Masterman commented

    OMG 19 apartments in glyndon road is overstretching our services. Basement car parking is good as long as sufficient off street car parking is made available. This will go ahead but let’s hope with sympathy to the area. Make the apartments;-
    1. Large 3 bedroom apartments(family friendly)
    2. Each with 3 car spaces each
    3. Low rise ( being on the high side of the road this will be a ‘tower’ hoping to get city glimpses.

    The strain on our services will be enormous, water, sewer, garbage collection, increased road traffic,


  4. Karen Saunders commented

    "Tell them they're dreaming". Stop it!

  5. Helen Chisholm commented

    On the Council website, this application is for 64 & 66 Glyndon Rd. Both are very fine homes which contribute to the neighbourhood character and they should not be demolished.
    The development would add another 19 households to the street with increased demands on services such as rubbish collection, water, sewerage and potentially another 38 cars to the street (if 2 cars/houshold) plus a requirement for on street visitor parking. Such a development would compromise the amenity of surrounding properties. The proposal is out of character with the street and a gross over development of the site.
    Submitting the planning application on 21st December suggests that the developer was hoping the application would go under the radar over the holiday period.

  6. Richard Winnall commented

    I agree with the other comments that this would be way out of character for these streets in Camberwell. This feels extreme and I really hope this does not get approved. If it does, it is a signal to many of us of what is to come and our need to better engage this council on the future of our suburb.

  7. Louise Marett commented

    I agree that the proposed development is far too many apartments for the two blocks and such overdevelopment should be prevented.

  8. Craig Chester commented

    All points raised by others here all fair - bulk, size, completely out of character. Councillors must stand against the developer and state government to support the overwhelming contention of their ratepayers and residents, as seen through the number of comments opposing this development. Simply once again blaming VCAT or Wynn is getting tired and predictable. Councillors must work harder. Your residents have had enough.

  9. Meredith Masterman commented

    The Council follows the guidelines set by Richard Wynne. Occasionally the Vouncil can find a loophole to delay building but then developers take it to VCAT and it gets approved. Richard Wynne must go (he has approved demolition of many Camberwell homes). If I wanted to live with a high density area I’d move to Richmond. But I don’t I chose to live in a family friendly Camberwell
    Write ir phone 03) 9415 8901
    Email: richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au
    This development places an enormous strain on our services. Has the council checked how much extra waste this will create? Extra road traffic? Parking in the street? Privacy for neighbours? Creating street Shadows?

  10. Simone commented

    Agree with all comments regarding this inappropriate over development. Please take the time to email Council separately with your concerns quoting PP21/1186 before the end of January 2022 as I’ve been told Council don’t always read comments on this forum? Write to Lisa Hollingsworth - your Councillor for Lynden Ward & copy in all other Councillors. There is also a petition section on Councils website if locals want to take the time to collect signatures. As residents we need to speak up about the ongoing over development of our suburb.

  11. Alfred Macey commented

    A very significant development of this size and scale is not in keeping with the current environment. There is no precedent for this scale of development on Glyndon Road, save for the smaller low rise and low impact units close to Riversdale Road. This application is entirely unsuitable and must be rejected. Developments of this scale are only suited to central/commercial locations not in residential streets.

  12. Meredith Masterman commented

    1. Loss of light or overshadowing.
    2. Overlooking/loss of privacy.
    3. Visual amenity (but not loss of private view)
    3. Adequacy of parking/loading/turning.
    4. Road safety.
    5. Traffic generation.
    6. Noise and disturbance resulting from use.
    7. Hazardous materials.
    8. Increased Garbage Waste
    9. Impact on limited Refuse Tip Depot.

  13. Mary Gibney commented

    I totally agree with the other comments on this site. 19 apartments on Glendon Rd would be a development on steroids and totally out of character for the area. So many beautiful homes in this part of Camberwell are being demolished or renovated inappropriately but building 19 apartments on these two blocks is a new low. Boroondara councillors should reject this out of hand.

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