32 Edward Street Summer Hill NSW 2130

Concept design for a boutique hotel

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 16 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council, reference PDA/2021/0459)


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  1. Natalie Boog commented

    This is not the street for such a large development. The small block of land of only 316 m2 for 27 rooms, there’s not enough parking in the area as it is. Parking from units are already affecting Lewisham and Dulwich Hill as they now park over Old Canterbury Road due to not enough parking in these developments. Rules are so strict on small DA for residents and then you see this DA, which is beyond reason. The corner of Edwards st and Old Canterbury Rd has had an increase in accidents as it’s a blind corner and more and more cars are using this street. This is not the block for such development. I do not support this development.

  2. Ell commented

    I strongly oppose this development as do many residents in Wellesy and Edward St.
    This is clearly a DA that the planning panel will look at.
    There is already limited and insufficent parking for edward st residents and mill residents. I dont see how such a small block will not be able to support 27 rooms in a liveable manner.
    Its important that if you are reading this that you lodge your response on the councils website as well asap.

  3. Jun Mai commented

    I strongly oppose this proposal. The traffic is already dangerous and congested on this street. There is NO parking at best of times and I have witnessed two crashes at the Wellesley and Edward street intersection in the last year. This area is already over populated with the huge number of units at Flour Mill. Building a hotel there is just disaster / accidents waiting to happen.

  4. Joel commented

    No details on the room sizes or common spaces sizing to determine if this is sufficient to support up to 54 people being accommodated. This is important given the small block size, particularly when considering the example buildings provided in the concept design are all for considerably larger footprint buildings.

  5. Justin Simon commented

    I support this development. I live in the Flour Mill and have never had issues with parking.

  6. Phoebe commented

    The parking ratios for new developments are so slim. Accessible and visitor spaces get dodgily conflated and fudged within those ratios - nor do spaces get assigned to lots in a way appropriate for dwelling sizes/occupant numbers. Please stop with the developmental grab approval leniency. With each new development it cumulatively worsens the parking stresses for area residents. And it's already heaps bad.

  7. Kate commented

    I strongly oppose this development. It is beyond ridiculous to discuss, let alone consider a commercial hotel it in this location!
    Here are my points of concern to voice to the council:
    A) The corner of Wellesley and Edward street has become incredibly busy intersection and coupled with this development the area will become dangerous place for children and families to cross. We need a pedestrian crossing on Edward St.
    B) Lets remind the community on Summer Hill - this is COMMERCIAL development of a hotel in a residential area - do we assume this will be a 24 hour operation as a boutique hotel?
    C) NOISE - Residents do not want taxis drop offs and an operation of this kind in the area, this would become a nightmare scenario. This planning on this corner is not suited in a residential street.
    D) CONGESTION - This intersection is already very busy with residents existing from the mill onto Edward St and there has been numerous incidents at this spot with both pedestrians and cars. This is a residential street.
    E) PARKING is already atrocious in Edward street due to existing developments. Residents know the Mill has limited parking and there is a huge overflow of parking into unrestricted spaces in nearby streets which is a genuine cause for concern.
    Frustrated residents in the area are already at their limits with the existing parking arrangements and would like this addressed first. This development will exacerbate an already tense situation with residents.
    There is already distress and concern with the current situation so we strongly urge the council to consider this development carefully as there will be a large number residents with submissions to be aired should it proceed beyond this initial discussion phase.

  8. K commented

    I strongly oppose this development. There is such limited infrastructure in Summer Hill. Traffic and parking is becoming a significant issue and adding this development will only exacerbate the problem. It seems that development is being passed as a quick money making tool rather than thoughtfully thinking through it's implications.

  9. Kim commented

    I oppose this development. It simply is not the right location for a hotel of this size. I also agree that interection is dangerous there and I have too witnessed and accident when someone exited the Mill onto Edward st.
    Imaging a hotel there with drop off and cars with people checking in and departing begs belief.
    I worry about residents in that street already with how busy it is currently, with the markets and Mill its become so busy.
    A design of this nature in such a small area of land shows it is out of touch with residents and community.

  10. Christina commented

    I oppose this development. I would like to see the existing residential parking problems in neighbouring streets addressed, along with pedestrian safety on Edward st before adding more cars taxis and Ubers. It seems an inappropriate place for a Hotel.

  11. S commented

    I likewise strongly oppose this development - a hotel of this proposed size/capacity on this sized block in this congested location is ludicrous. As people have commented the traffic along Edward street is already dangerous enough. Turning from Mungo Scott Place onto Edward street is effectively a blind corner as it is, and has become significantly more dangerous with the increased traffic - regular near-misses in terms of vehicle-vehicle AND vehicle-person accidents.

    Parking is a nightmare - anyone saying they live in the Mill and have no problem with parking is only able to say this as there is a dedicated large carpark for Mill residents and visitors. Those with more than one car are spilling over to the limited parking spaces available in the surrounding streets and adding to the frustrations of residents. Do not add anymore congestion to this area.

  12. Claire commented

    I strongly oppose this development. This is a residential area and is not suited to the development of a boutique hotel. The entire block would be occupied by the hotel and potentially cause over shadow issues to neighbours.

    A development of a 27 room hotel will also cause problems with traffic and parking on an already busy street (with traffic from the Flour Mill and other traffic from the suburb).

  13. Matt commented

    Regarding this development it interesting the numerous comments so far about near misses on that corner of Edward and mungo Scott lane, I’ve noticed that as well, people speed up there and then turn out without looking! I hope council listens to this and that we avoid a fatality or accident here with some change.
    obviously this st and location not suited such such a development. A hotel Its not only unsafe here but the congestion and parking issues which currently plague this street presently need to be seriously addressed by the council asap. It’s sad to see the part of Summer Hill and residents under so much pressure from existing issues.
    This development has only raised current issues with the street and location that require council planning to step in address let alone consider new development.
    A real hard think is needed here before any development is addressed.
    I suggest a pedestrian crossing asap at Edward st and a mirror or intersection notice at this point to be looked at because of this feedback.

  14. Cathy Miers commented

    This is a very dangerous intersection, cars entering Edward Street or Wellesley Street from Mungo Scott Place are entering the street blind and there are constant near misses, as well as the occasional collision, and constant road rage incidents. Adding extra traffic and buses will exacerbate this problem, and contribute to the overcrowded parking issues in the area. The large jacaranda, one of the largest trees in the area, overhangs this property and this would need to be taken into account so it is not damaged during construction and is incorporated into the design. I'm also not sure hotel patrons would appreciate the twice weekly rubbish collection, the bins are lined up directly outside where the rooms would be, and at 5.30am the bins are collected. It might be handy to have a boutique hotel in Summer Hill but this is not the right site.

  15. IM commented

    I oppose this development.
    This street is already incredibly busy, its a residential area and we do not want it to become Parammatta road - thats where hotels should be!
    Its not the right for this location. Im visioning Ubers and cars and all the noise as people come and go from the hotel on this intersection near the mill apartments. What a mess.
    I would like to raise like others that I has too witnessed the blind corner on Mungo and Edward St. Please be ever so careful if you are crossing there with families as a pedestrian, cars can not see you. Accidents happen there frequently.
    Please find a more suitable position for this hotel elsewhere.

  16. Jeanette Leon commented

    I oppose this development.
    Another building cramming as many people, into such a small block of land can only lead to frustrations of existing residents, and those potentially living in this development. As it is this street is already is used as a rat run to avoid the traffic on congested Old Canterbury Rd, just to get into our own neighbourhood within 15 mins. As it stands Summer Hill is overpopulated with current infrastructure stretched for those who can afford it. Another new development of a hotel will not be an affordable option, will ruin the periodic architecture of the street.

  17. Erica commented

    I do not support this development. The block is far too small for the proposed development and the surrounding streets of Mungo Scott Place and Edward Street are not able to support the current volume of traffic without regular accidents, near misses and congestion. A hotel with taxis, Ubers and a need for on street parking (with no parking included in the development) will only exacerbate these issues for residents. Additionally the local infrastructure of shops, night life and transport is too far away to make this a suitable location for a hotel.

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