23 Harbord Street Thirroul NSW 2515

Residential - demolition of existing structures, construction of a detached dual occupancy and Subdivision - Torrens title - two (2) lots

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(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2021/1286)


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  1. Samantha Arnull commented

    Hello there
    Thank you for registering my thoughts.

    Would people/ developers please be aware of the heritage and identity of this area. When buying or building take note of the structure that you are purchasing. Please renovate or improve but do not consider it to be acceptable to replace a one story dwelling with a double story, with a much larger imprint and impact on the well established homes and families.
    This is not an appropriate development idea for this area.
    Thanking you

  2. Tracey Jh commented

    This increases the traffic flow of the area. Impacts on emergency services and the lack of ability to maintain services long term to the area.
    Given this it can impact on the livability of the area and ecological impacts of the area.
    Any native fauna and flora will effected and the ability for locals to utilise this area, which it is a highly utilised area by foot traffic and cyclists and they will be impacted if approval is given.
    Thirroul is increasing in size and in the instance of an accident this area is highly impaired with access in and out of the area.

  3. Bob Cole commented

    The plan submitted describes a multiple dwelling development that is far too big for the block. It is not sensitive to the local area and has major negative impacts on the amenity of the beachside location, particularly on the neighboring properties. It continues the trend that while the community fights the large overdevelopments like the Plaza, these smaller overdevelopments slip through without any careful consideration.

  4. Lisa Macfarlane commented

    Building a monstrosity would dismiss the look of the beautiful quaint town of Thirroul. The beach side street offers subtle homes that don’t encroach on to each other. This would cause it to dominate the street, having a detrimental effect to peoples home values, views and overall street appeal.
    Build something smaller and in tune with the community we live in would show kinship to the residents and future families.

  5. Jeremy Park commented

    The council needs to accept that the area is geographically bound which means we all need tight enforcement on how residential blocks are developed in relation to exemptions of the LEP and DCP. Exemptions that allow FSR, height and boundaries variations should be held to the highest scrutiny. The variation for Unit 1 to have Private Open Space below DCP standard size should not be permitted. The view corridors submitted are optimistically drawn and need revision as they would have greater impact than stated to neighbouring lots and diminish their potential to later develop in an equal and similar manner to what is requested by this development. Over looking issues are clear. There are many ways a developer will push the envelop with storage voids, balconies and so called inhabitable spaces such as garages. Integrated double garages with internal connection like this, especially in unit 1, end up often used for anything but for their 'planned' used. The garage in unit one is integrated with the house and compromises 20% of the total interior space. It's effectively an internal room. How does council plan to enforce this is space is used for cars only into the future and ensure amenity of future residents and neighbours in regards to parking? This development is visually bulky from the street considering the block size and design contrary to the LEP's Local Character Statement for the area. With high prices for real estate it is inevitable that people will continue to overdevelop each square meter in Low Density Residential Zones and so I ask council to be firm on the existing DCP and LEP.

    I have no direct connection to the development or the council.

  6. Lynne Blackbourn commented

    I have read all the submissions and comments in relation to this development and I agree that a development of this size and scale is totally inappropriate to Council’s own planning documents in relation to Thirroul. This part of Thirroul is characterised by many beautiful houses of heritage value. If this development is approved it will pave the way for other development monstrosities which are a blight on a suburb that is desperately clinging on to some semblance of ‘character’. Please refer to your own planning vision and goals for Thirroul so that residents can have confidence in Wollongong Councils representation of our community.
    I have no connection with the development or the Council

  7. Lisa Smith-Silk commented

    It all seems a bit pointless to object, after recently witnessing what was approved around 50-54 High Street Thirroul despite large community objection, Wollongong Council always back developers and disregard residents even when privacy is an issue. It’s all about the $$$$ A road being approved along a boundary fence which has a swimming pool is just the icing on the cake.

    Overdevelopment needs to cease and common sense needs to prevail and rate payers concerns should be listened too.

  8. Helen Tasses commented

    This is another overdevelopment. We need to vote the current council reps out as they only support developers.

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