44 Watson Av Rose Park SA 5067

Four storey residential flat building comprising sixteen (16) dwellings with basement carpark and storage area, five (5) two storey detached dwellings, an in-ground swimming pool, and fencing with masonry pillars

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(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 21033183)


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  1. Elizabeth Beath commented

    The development of this site is not in keeping with the character of Rose Park. Whilst the existing building is an eyesore it is inappropriate to redevelop the site with another multi-storey building.

  2. Kim Baker commented

    Besides being totally out of step with the area in terms of size, density and character, this development also severely infringes on the quiet enjoyment and privacy of surrounding homes with extensive overlooking issues into backyards.
    The planning guidelines are also out of step only allowing neighbours within a 60 metre radius to lodge their concerns. The new planning code in this instance has totally failed in protecting the residents.

  3. Christine Featherston commented

    I think that this development is out of keeping with the character of the area, given that (with the exception of Alexandra Lodge) it is surrounded by many houses covered by the 'Historic Area' Overlay. From my reading of the Code for this address (https://code.plan.sa.gov.au/home/what_is_the_property_address/property_details?id=1854635004), the maximum building height is 3 storeys, but I would think that 2 storey townhouses would be more appropriate for the area, instead of 21 dwellings up to 4 storeys in height.

  4. Peter Chalk commented

    This building will be entirely out of character with the surrounding streetscape (with the exception of Alexandra lodge which is an anomaly itself).
    At four storeys high it has severe overlook and overshadowing issues on its neighbouring residential properties.
    The dwelling density of 21 residences is extreme, as well.
    It shows zero respect for the historic zone in which it is located.

  5. Lyn pointer commented

    This proposed development is entirely unsuitable to the character of the area, where a great many of the homes are either Edwardian or Victorian... the proposed 4 stories are entirely inappropriate, affecting the privacy and lifestyle of the surrounding neighbours.

  6. Jim bell commented

    Totally out of character for area, will overlook into too many neighbouring Bach yards

  7. Meralyn Robson commented

    It would be setting an unwanted precedent if this 4 storey block of flats is allowed to proceed, when the current limit in the surrounding zone is 2 stories.
    The size and scale is out of character and is not in keeping with the heritage appeal and historic significance of the Rose Park area.

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