Lot 2 Short Lane, Helensburgh NSW 2508

Mixed use development - commercial and shop top housing

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them about 1 month earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2021/1058)


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  1. Daniel nigro commented

    It’s pretty simple, we have 3 bottle shops and we don’t need 4

  2. Erin Piggott commented

    The town neither needs nor wants a superfluous 4th bottle shop for a population of less than 7,000 people. We also neither need nor want yet more shop top units further destroying the small village atmosphere of our main street - particularly if it involves demolishing or substantially altering the historical building that has been in this location for many decades and once housed the original Helensburgh & Lilyvale Co-operative Store. The old sign for the co-op is still preserved beneath the modern signage.

  3. Christine Kissell commented

    In a small communtiy with little to no police presence and where there has been an increase in criminal and anti solicial behaviour and with there already being three take away liquor outlets within 50 meters I feel that yet another liquor outlet will be absolutely detrimental to the residents of Helensburgh.
    There is also no parking available for deliveries to this store other than illegally stopping and blocking the view of the pedestrian crossing or parking to the side and once again being illegally parked too close to an intersection and car park entrance.
    In the times of enticing people to live healthier lives perhaps the Coles Group could reinstate our supermarket to the original level as they are reducing their stock levels and forcing residents to go to other suburbs to get products, have closed the delicatessen in the store so we no longer have a delicatessen and have taken away the butchers in store - they have therefore taken away employment of local residents that were providing healthy services to locals. The local proprietors of the exisiting liquor outlets are local families, support local sporting groups, local schools and local charities For the safety of our residents I strongly oppose this store being given approval as a liquor outlet and strongly oppose the proposed trading hours and hope that some commonsense can prevail and the safety and peaceful lifestyle of our local residents in this community be the main consideration.

  4. Natasha Watson commented

    The wrong image has been used above. Lot 2 Short Lane, is not the liquor land application.
    Lot 2 Short Lane is the small, very narrow tract of land between (currently) The Bear Trader shop and the Coffee Shock cafe on the corner of Parkes and Walker St. This development application has been lodged several times over the years, but given its very narrow size will block access to the side door of The Bear Trader, the pedestrian thoroughfare to the rear. If anythin is to be built there, it should be small and in keeping with the historic ambience of the building next door, and the post office diagonally opposite. Have a look at the feel of the main road in Berry & aim for that.

  5. Kerrie Blackwell commented

    This is not Short Lane.

  6. Shannon Evans commented

    It will be dangerous to the tenants and the businesses incase of a fire without fire exits from the buildings. Also the residents will have little to no access to sunlight during the daytime.

  7. Erin Piggott commented

    My last comment was made in error, as I thought this was a different planning application, so allow me to amend my objection. The idea of jamming a towering building into this tiny little lane way is absurd. Not only will it look ridiculous and unattractive, it will cut off emergency access to and from the surrounding buildings. It will also eliminate the side entrance to the current Bear Trader site, destroying an important architectural detail of a cottage shop that has been standing for over a hundred years. Enough of Helensburgh's history has been lost to developers already, we should be preserving the little we have left, and preserving the small village atmosphere that most people move here for in the first place. We're in danger of becoming so overbuilt that people may as well have not left the Sutherland Shire to move here, because Helensburgh will become just as bad.

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