121 Buchanan Dr Woodforde SA 5072

Staged Construction of 64 Two and Three Storey Detached Dwellings with Ancillary Car Parking and Associated Site Works Minor variation to DA 473/E015/17 V1: Stage 2- substructure and superstructure of lots 177-178 & 802-803

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 21022908)


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  1. Concerned Resident commented

    As an Adelaide Hills resident for 30+ years I am appalled that this development has been approved. The hills zone should never be covered in such poor quality mass housing with no consideration given to the impacts on the surrounding suburbs and the local wildlife. Already the traffic along Glen Stuart Rd is dangerous, so what will it be like with an extra 64 homes, all with at least one and often two or more cars? Shame on the Council and planning authorities!

  2. angela ridge commented

    This kind of high density housing really does not belong on the city fringes or on the hills face.
    The scar this development will create on the landscape of our outer eastern suburbs will be visible from all directions.
    Where is the consideration for habitat, for man and beast. Where are the mature trees and open spaces?
    It is completely out of character with the surrounding suburbs.

  3. Brenton Short commented

    High density infill should not be allowed in an area where traffic is already horrendous and in an area abutting the hills face. Is there any green space set aside to provide shade to alleviate what will no doubt be an instantaneous heat island? Has due consideration to an extra 100+ vehicles using the local infrastructure? This area is low density homes and should be kept as such.

  4. John commented

    Once again we have a planning alert for high density, enough is enough. If council continue to approve such development then why do they have this planning alert facility its a farce. People get as many locals to right to State parliament, local MP's and Council, someone is making a lot of money out of these corrupt deals and we should not stand for it anymore! Enough destruction to our environment, 1 hand we have a proposal for greener Adelaide and in the other all these destruction is happening, enough!

  5. Unhappy Hills Resident commented

    This whole development is a disgrace. I have personally witnessed a fire truck having difficulty fitting through the tight streets due to cars parked both sides without a gap. There's not enough parking provided for residents, let alone visitors and the impact on the existing environment and hills face residents has been very negative. Glen Stuart Road can't manage with the increased traffic and should've been widened - now you add this AND the 5 storey apartment block that's proposed near Kintyre Road?! Absolute madness and it needs to stop. The hills zone should remain as low density housing!

  6. Unhappy Hills Residents2 commented

    Unhappy Hills Residents please write in to our Premier & Vicki Chapman who is the Minister for Planning & Development, this propsal is a total disgrace and cannot believe the our Council will approve such a so called development, No Proper Planning or Consultants just more loop holes for them to abuse and corrupt the system.

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