15 O'brien St, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Drink on premises authorisation - micro breweries and small distilleries

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  1. Nicolette Boaz commented

    These ‘micro- breweries’ are popping up in other places around Bondi. Presumably they have greater needs of deliveries and waste. This need to be taken into account for one of the busiest and most important areas in Bondi. It’s not a great place to have numerous stoppings by large trucks right near a corner with no parking.

  2. Jason Mann commented

    Nicolette - you seem to object to every single DA. Perhaps city living is not your thing? There are plenty of rural areas with zero development, and you clearly have much time on your hands so that kind of life may suit you. Just a suggestion.

  3. Gaetan G commented

    Nicolette this is not an actual brewery but a bar that has it's own Micro distillery in the back.
    They won't have trucks coming in and out it's to provide to the bar which is called Bondi Liquor Co, I tried it before the lockdown and it was some really nice Gin.

    Here's a picture of the "big" distillery they've installed https://www.instagram.com/p/CK-rkYoDHjn/

  4. Mozelle Friedman commented

    To Jason....if I may say your comments to Nicolette Boaz are uncalled for. I applaud Nicolette for voicing the feelings of many Bondi residents in regard to DAs. Most of us want to save this suburb from the destruction of character properties, through gross over-development, in order to retain its heritage and character from being lost forever.
    Perhaps you should check out the 'Rescue Bondi' Facebook page to see she's not the only one fighting to save our suburb!!
    At least Gaetan had a more appropriate response. Perhaps a lesson for you to learn in the future!

  5. DW commented

    Yay to you Mr Mann
    We see her name EVERY alert and giggle & sigh!!

    We look forward to reading her next copy & paste rant!!
    Formulaic and ready to go.... I'm sure!!

    Hmmmmm - which will it be next time??
    We have a game here where we guess what she'll say!!
    I love it when I win!!

    Bring on the giggles

  6. Amanda Hendriks commented

    To DW,
    At least Nicolette has the guts to use her full name unlike you, and speak up for what she believes in.

  7. LHH commented

    Well done Nicolette . Thanks for voicing your concerns which also reflect those of many residents in Bondi. The heritage and character of Bondi needs protection from gross overdevelopment.

  8. Mr T commented

    Amanda Hendricks.... As we've seen on this thread, there's a whole group organising on Facebook of rabid anti-development sentiment no matter how good it may be for the area. Thank goodness for the anonymity that enables us to flag coordinated action by a small vocal minority ruining our chance to move our suburb ahead. You comment implies that you WANT real names. Why is that? Are you going to harass or vilify people not aligned with your stuck in the past group?

    Anonymity, like voting, allows us to speak our opinion. What you want is fascism. Sorry. Not happening.

  9. Merlin commented

    Thank you Gaetan for the photo showing the size of the distillery in question which should help distil the issue of trucks and deliveries. These forums always work better when people have more facts.

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