Lot 751 Marina Way Mannum SA 5238

Permanent mooring of floating tourist accommodation including the installation of four (4) mooring poles and gangway.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 21006835)


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  1. grant stopp commented

    Good morning,
    I have been a resident in the marina for the past 18 months. I am all for tourism progression but not when it erodes excellent public space to make a benefit to suit an individual. The green public space that was there has been diminished substantially by the hex project and four knots business. That area was a great place for all to use as a safe area for family groups, water activities and houseboats to pull in for up to 48 hours.
    There is now only a small area of grass about a third the size for families to use. If you try and pull a houseboat in there now you are chased away by a gentleman from the Marina development corp. There is now no space for visiting house boats to pull in which is now contrary to the large sign out at the river front welcoming everyone. The fact is it is not welcoming. With more residential building blocks going in where will those family groups go to take kids or friends to enjoy the public space that is being eroded all for a benefit. I respectively ask the council to consider any future application and think about the families and boaties that need adequate free space to enjoy the marina environs without being made to feel unwelcome.
    Regards Grant

  2. Fran Grigg commented

    As a regular user of this area, loving the escape of the hustle and bustle and overcrowding of the suburbs, I believe that the Marina needs more free space for visitors to enjoy. I would like to see more love space in this area.

  3. Helen Palmer commented

    Helen Palmer
    Hi I have already apposed this. We got a letter on Friday which actually looks like the plans for the hex that is already there. If this is correct. What is the point giving it to us months after it has been there? We never seen ANY proposals prior to it going in. As John tried to tell us we were told. WE WERE NOT.as I would of apposed before hand. When we moved here 7 years ago. It was rmed down our throats that the corner near the carpark in marina would remain a family area. We were told and it was ALL OVER THERE SIGNS that a playground toilets bbq were going to be there. Along with tavern. There is nothing at all there other than some grass that is not looked after and is infested with bullant nests. Families and visitors in the area need somewhere to sit and enjoy the marina. The corner is sheltered away from marina traffic. Perfect for kids pets etc. We do not want anymore hex put in this location. We want the things we were promised when we moved here. So us and our family and other families can enjoy it. We put in our boats or jetskis. We will have nowhere to pull up swap passengers drivers have a quick bite for lunch etc. There has to be somewhere in the marina for us. We still don't have footpaths. Meant to be stairs from Rosella CRT down to the bottom to access up and down its an absolute joke. Please let know what more I can do about this. And I also want to know why plans come out after a project has been done and dusted.

    Please give the families somewhere to enjoy after all that is what life is about not lining one man's pockets .

    Helen Palmer

  4. Wade Schwartz commented

    This used to be sonewhere great for us to pull up in the houseboat and somewhere for kids to play and relax when we visited often, this proposal will further delapidate area for the sake of a small use when many could enjoy instead.

  5. Mick Palmer commented

    I oppose the development of the permanent tourist accommodation because my family have waited
    years for a public family area with grassed riverfront where we can swim and enjoy family activities,
    and it has now been overtaken. Before the mooring, our family (and plenty of other families) enjoyed
    picnics on the lawn and could launch our kayaks and standup paddle-board from the comfort of the
    grass. The area was also big enough to accommodate local residents with ski boats and other
    watercraft to use as a 'home-base' when taking a break from river activities. The continual
    population growth of Mannum Waters would only add to the need for a large grassed un-impeded
    area for families.
    When we were considering becoming residents of Mannum Waters, we were enticed here with
    promises of family friendly areas and facilities. We have been living here now for nearly 7 years and
    not much has been delivered on this front. No playground, no toilet facilities, no shade and now the area we have been waiting so long for has been taken away. To add 'insult to injury', this
    permanent mooring was built with no consultation with local residents and no approval from council.
    I don't know how this could happen in such a prominent area of Mannum where approvals are
    mandatory for such developments.

  6. Williams Donna commented

    I oppose the permanent accommodation in the position it is currently in. The marina housing deserve to have a place to picnic and launch their kayaks etc. Maybe the accommodation could be better placed in Mannum township somewhere? Maybe at Bolto Reserve, because they no longer allow houseboats to moor there šŸ˜¢

  7. Michael Palmer commented

    As this was an illegal construction, was there any liability insurance for the people that have already hired it out since it has been there? This is turning out to be a big embarrassment for the Mid Murray Council šŸ˜³

  8. Stuart Peddle commented

    I oppose this development. There is area for the holiday park being created further down the marina, it should go with the rest of the tourist accomodation.

  9. Anthony Male commented

    I oppose this Hex in its current location.
    There were people staying there on Good Friday. They had music up loud until about 11.30 pm and sounded like there were 4 or 6 people sitting on the deck. Well more than what it was designed for.
    All residents in the marina show respect to other by keeping noise down on the quiet still evenings.
    But this has overnight guests who will stay one night and if there is too much noise, who can we complain too?
    It is moored outside the Marina, but still directly opposite my houseboat.
    Plus, where can houseboats pull up now to meet friends to come aboard?
    As it has taken up all the lovely beach area that was so handy to park a ski boat or houseboat temporary.

  10. Shaidan Philp commented

    I oppose the permanent accomodation in it's current position. The grassed area was meant for families of the marina/mannum waters development to enjoy and its placement inhibits this. This was always meant to be a space for residents; which can be clearly seen by the placement of tables and chairs facing out to the water (now looking at the very ugly hex boat). The tiny space remaining available is very thin and short and would only fit a small family (however the space is very unappealing now. Orogionally this space was planned to have a playground and toilets emphasizing again that this area was for the public. Get rid of the boat!

  11. Amie Smith commented

    I oppose the accommodation.

    It is a gorgeous area for families to picnics.

    Iā€™m all for constructive change but this is taking the limited space available in the marina.

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