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51 Balnarring Road Balnarring VIC 3926

Installation and display of three illuminated business signs

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 23 days ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P21/1286)


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  1. Janet Eyles commented

    We live directly opposite to the Arcare construction site and we have already suffered a great deal from noise and inconvenience. We do not want illuminated signs that will cause unwanted advertising and unwanted light coming from this site. The building itself towers over the area and is much larger than the original architect drawings suggested. Any signage should be small and softly illuminated, as the building itself is so large it is unmistakable and would need little advertising. There will already be light emitted from the huge glass windows that face directly onto our property so advertising with more lighting is definitely not wanted.

  2. Barry Greer commented

    Aged Care facilities do not deal with might be called 'passing trade'. Residents of aged care facilities are referred there by hospitals, doctors and ACAT providers. The signs also differentiate the facility from the rest of the community, making it less integrated and defeating the purpose of locating it within a community so that the residents can feel a sense of belonging. Find me another 'home' that is signed in this way! The signs, as proposed, will therefore serve little or no purpose and are unnecessary, if not detrimental to the ethos of community-based aged care.

  3. Diane Leitch commented

    This is a residential area. I do not think it is fair to place illuminated signage on top of everything else. I think it is very easy to find in the area!

  4. Heather Chapman commented

    Clearly the location and size it is evident that this building is Arcare Aged Care Residence, we all know its here, Large illuminous signage like this is for advertising, Local and surounding residents All know its here, they watched and endured the building process, advertising in this and any grand manner is for out of towners, passing through and they are highly unlikely to put their loved ones in such a remote location!

  5. E. Eden commented

    Good Morning

    Could you please email me a link or an illustration of the proposed signage, plus the proposed hours it would be illuminated?

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

  6. Janet Eyles commented

    I would also like to see the proposed signage. This will be something that is permanent and once erected, will be more difficult to have removed. Can I please have this sent to me as well?

  7. Yvette van der Vegt Gordon commented

    As a whole Balnarring is a small community with no need to over signagage a building that is already shoving itself into a residential area.
    Signage can be seen easily without lighting
    as it is the only large building in the area. Residents living in the Arcare facility would be better served with the humbleness of it feeling more like a home then a lit up night club.
    Please allow our community to see this facility as a positive not another over reach by big business. No to illuminated lights.

  8. Angela Squair commented

    Illuminated signs are not necessary and are not in keeping with the village residential look. I'm sure bright lighting would be an issue for neighbouring families. Night-time lighting is also known to be disruptive to our indigenous fauna. Balnarring is in an environmentally fragile area with a threatened population of koalas. Efforts are being made by the community to improve the bio-link, to assist the survival of the koalas. To allow commercial-style neon or brightly illuminated signage would be totally counter-supportive.

  9. Karolina commented

    Balnarring is a tiny town (a village!) with no need for commercial, industrial-type illuminated signage. Not only does it fail to fit in to the local area, it is disruptive for nearby homes and the native wildlife.

  10. Robert Anselmi commented

    I cannot see how any kind of advertising could be considered necessary. Who could the target audience be? Surely not "passers-by". Arcare would be better served by marketing directly to those professionals who actually refer people to such facilities.
    Clearly, the visual impact of the building is already going to be massive and thoroughly inappropriate in a residential area. Advertising signs will only exacerbate the effect on the neighbourhood.

  11. Daryl Gordon commented

    Illuminated signs for this area are totally out of touch with the local village, how could this even be considered? I say a solid no tonilluminated signage

  12. Jillian Alibertini commented

    This is not a pub or other commercial activity that requires prominent signage this is an aged care to which patients are referred so there is no necessity for advertisement on site especially illuminated signs which are simply a n extra disturbance to local residents.

  13. Rusty Johnson commented

    We live in Balnarring because we wish to be away from the lights and sounds of large towns. Illuminated signs at the Arcare facility are not needed as they are not selling products to the very sparse nighttime passing traffic. Totally out of context with our unique small seaside rural community. It’s not the Balnarring way.

  14. John H Hodgson commented

    The question is why LARGE signs are required.. what purpose will they serve ?.Any emergency service will know the location, as will visitors. This ''home" borders a suburban house street.. not a "highway". This is a test case for future "such" applications.

    John H Hodgson

  15. Maree Purcell commented

    No to lit up signage. Goes against all the ethos of our town, which planning and community members have fought so so hard to retain.
    Put the money to a local timber craftsman or artist who could make a stunning, natural and classy sign, keeping with the eco, community and artistic lifestyle of our area and save those kinds of signs for big suburbs. Seriously, have they spent time in the town? It doesn't take much to see that it is completely against the entire vibe of our community. And I agree totally that it's not fair to our fauna, if which we are trying so desperately to protect.
    Please no.

  16. Linda Owen commented

    Illuminated signs are not necessary in our community. Everybody who lives in the area will already know about Arcare. Passing trade is not usually associated with aged care facilities.

  17. Natasha Lucas commented

    No illuminated signs for our little village please. As stated by others it is out of character for Balnarring, no need to advertise an aged care home, the building is already too large and imposing for the streetscape in the area, local residents and wildlife will be impacted by more light pollution. JUST NO!

  18. J Chua commented

    The illuminated sign should not be allowed. It would be an anomaly, in comparison to other signage in the area, and is not in keeping with the current unique landscape features of Balnarring, which are prized and valued by locals and visitors alike.

  19. Erika commented

    Please don't put in huge illuminated signs. There is so much wildlife to consider, and there is already a decline in the area in koala population. It's really crucial for this area to retain its wildlife. Furthermore, this is a residential street, not a commercial area. I am sure this aged care facility is being marketed with Balnarring's village vibe in mind- these signs provide the opposite of that lifestyle and are not in keeping with the surrounds.

  20. Alison Gibbs commented

    Please don’t allow Arcare to have an illuminated sign. There’s absolutely no need for it to be illuminated.

  21. Conor Mullan commented

    Illuminated signs in this location serve no purpose and are not in any way commensurate with the village. The building itself doesn’t fit the village feel, adding illuminated signage is only going to exacerbate this issue.

  22. Belinda Eden commented

    Illuminated signs are not in keeping with the coastal, small village aesthetic and have no place in Balnarring, regardless of the type of facility. Not only will they be an eyesore, the light pollution would be detrimental to nearby residents, along with birds and wildlife in the area. It has been proven that artificial light can scare or repel animals away from an area. Light pollution transforms otherwise suitable habitat into unsuitable habitat, resulting in habitat loss for many species.

  23. Elenor McKenna commented

    Previous comments have addressed all the issues very well. So, mostly I wish to add to the growing number of concerned residents who already suffer the impact of this highly inappropriate commercial construction in a - previously - quiet village street. One would think the size of this building is “sign” enough & who is this sign meant to be for? I suspect it is purely advertising the Arcare “brand”.

  24. Hayley Malloy commented

    The appearance of the facility is very out of character with the residential area it is located within. It is much more obtrusive than the plans indicated. An illuminated sign would make this very unappealing structure even more so! They have got away with too much already!! It looks dreadful.

  25. Eva Eden commented

    3 weeks ago I requested an illustration of the proposed signage and the hours it would be illuminated.
    I haven't received a reply, and as this indicates the applicant is not tuned in to the community, I vote against large and illuminated signage.

  26. Murray Solomon commented

    Anyone looking for this establishment only needs to do a google maps search, no need for any special sign. And illumination is totally unwarranted.
    IMO this building is more monstrous than the plans presented at the public meeting indicated. Additional light pollution is a step too far.

  27. Pete Floyd commented

    An illuminated sign is not a necessity for this building and I can only think that’s it’s purpose is to market its facility 24/7 giving no regard to local residents and the wildlife in the vicinity.
    We’ve recently moved to the area and are in awe of the night sky. Something that is becoming rarer nowadays as light pollution encroaches and affects all of us.
    It simply isn’t necessary or wanted by the locals, a sign yes, but illuminated, no thank you!

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