4/24-26 Imperial Avenue Bondi NSW 2026

Remove one (1) Eucalypt adjacent to rear fence.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 20 days ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-92/2021)


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  1. Nicholas Pellow commented

    I object to the removal of this native tree given the importance of it for:
    - coolness during summer of our entire suburb
    - wildlife, including native birds that require the species for nesting and shelter
    - mental health on the passing public as well as future residents
    - the importance of mature trees as determined by the community of The Imperial Avenue heritage precinct
    - community. Trees like these attract birds, provide climbing limbs etc etc and these thing Forster a great community

  2. Nicolette commented

    If this is genuinely a red cedar they are as rare as hens teeth and every effort humanly possible should be made to keep it alive. They were once the mainstay of the entire east coast and humans have managed to eradicate 99 percent of them. The removal of mature trees remains one of the stupidest acts we can do to the environment. We breath what they provide and they give shelter and sustenance to birds and small creatures.

  3. John Batts commented

    I agree with Nicolette and Nicholas. I understand that Red Cedars are difficult to grow and somewhat rare and therefore should be respected. Then there are the ancillary benefits that trees always bring to the local community as well as to the birds and animal life. A tree to treasure.

  4. Amanda Hendriks commented

    This looks to be a beautiful healthy mature tree , there are so many applications for tree removal in this LGA.
    What is the motivation behind this application?
    We should be treasuring and nurturing the dwindling number of trees we have not requesting their removal!!!

  5. Jack Lowenstein commented

    Another unacceptable tree removal proposal.

  6. Jen commented

    Stop removing trees
    Waverley council should oppose unnecessary tree removals including this one

  7. Vicky Roy commented

    There are a lot of trees “adjacent to rear fence” at the address. I’m not familiar with Red Cedars. Can someone please tell me how tall (in metres) the tree in question is, and how I can identify it.

    As a general rule I am against tree removal.

  8. Vicky Roy commented

    Thank you Sarah-Marie Marriott
    (Operations Support Officer, Open Spaces and Sportsfield Maintenance) for replying to my enquiry and also for the decision not to allow the tree to be removed.

    Like you said, it is a healthy tree. It supports a lot of wildlife and is visually important to the streetscape. I do worry that someone now has it in for the tree. Hopefully the neighbourhood will be diligent in keeping a watchful eye for anyone who may damage the tree.

    Reply from Council ... “The removal of the tree that was identified to be a Eucalypt, not a Red Cedar, was refused due to insufficient information. The tree appeared to be in good health with no structural defects. “

  9. Steve P commented

    Re: Vicky Roy
    ["I do worry that someone now has it in for the tree. Hopefully the neighbourhood will be diligent in keeping a watchful eye for anyone who may damage the tree."]

    a little trick: If tree is damaged, you go to whoever applied to have it removed. Bingo!
    I had to engage a mainframe to work this one out :)

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