44 Nairana Rest Noosa Heads QLD 4567

Detached House - Short Term Accommodation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 20 days ago. It was received by them 8 days earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference SPS21/0025)


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  1. Leanne Dew commented

    No. 44 Nairana Rest should not have short stay accommodation approved. I live next door and there is absolutely no sound proofing at all. The older couple who lived here recently sold and now it has become an investment home, our windows and boundaries are extremely close, we hear everything from the TV, music, all conversations, cooking, arguments to coughing and sneezing.
    I’ve lived in Noosa for 38yrs, the house on my opposite side was Airbnb for over 3yrs and it was the worst time of my life. I became an angry person, 24hrs a day 7 days a week with drinking, singing, dancing, screaming children, barking dogs, lights permanently on and pools pumps constantly struggling to suck water.
    I bought into a ‘Residential street’ and why should my life change for the sake of short term stays when Noosa already have multiple businesses that cater for tourists.
    We have residents with STS at there homes and they are not a problem due to the owners living onsite.
    I have many other complaints about the opposite side property to whom the previous owner would not accept any complaints/or Airbnb, however it now has a permanent family and life has returned to normal only to discover this new application on the other side. I beg you please, help!

  2. Marie sulda commented

    Although I have never met Leanne drew, I absolutely understand her frustrations, anger and extreme upset when a noisy STL is suddenly on the boundary fenceline, without any recourse.Having everything amplified into your own home is impossible to escape and the loss of amenity to the neighbours cannot be under estimated in terms of loss of contentment, peace, well being and good mental and physical health.
    Nairana Rest already endures more than its fair share of STLs where the owner does not live among the uncaring and selfish guests. Give the other residents a break , before they “break”.
    Enough is enough. The mere fact that this building overwhelms with unwelcome and completely unreasonable noise should’ve a wake up call to council staff to say “no” to an unsuitable application so that the neighbourhood may continue rather than die.
    There needs to be a cap on STL numbers, particularly when they are dominating a street, or area. And also a cap on their overall usage: why does Nøosa have to wait till Nøosa reaches the same desperation point as Byron? Why are we not learning now: be pre-emptive in stopping a complete ruination of our homes and streets and Shire before it’s truly too late. Bring back families and permanent residents to our streets: they are the real contributors to this community.
    The investors are the takers.
    When we are home we need our rest and peace. When we don’t get that our mental and physical health suffers. Hear this resident and try to really understand how awful it is having your immediate environment taken over, walked all over and then replaced with yet another lot of the same ilk, week in, week out. Some of us have endured this for 10 YEARS!!!
    Enforcement will always be a problem, business and residential do not mix and “vacancy “ signs are all over the place, both for the regulated accommodation providers and the way too many STLs that have set up shop in quiet, formerly inspecting neighbourhoods.
    When a resident has suffered so long, council should not be voting to prolong and promote more suffering. Enough is enough.
    It is time council and staff and state government look at the other side of the coin: while afraid that the néw investors/non residents may sue if they get their bullying ways, there will be a growing number among the other four-fifths of the Noosa ratepayer population who will looking for their own compensation for losing the peaceful amenity of their homes. It’s a serious situation, and if it spirals any further out of control, it could be judged as serious as when sunshine council took over Nøosa council and we had to fight so hard so hard to regain our independence. Please say no to proliferation where the non STL residents are already suffering, and way too much. This is not going to bring harmony to our streets. Thank you.

  3. Jean-Pierre Dolle commented

    I undrestand Leanne Drew, I have the same problem, I live in a townhouse of tree,next door is a short term accomodation only 2 meter away from my windows .
    The noise is umberable I can hear everything.
    Sometimes they are partying on the balcony smoking and yelling until early in the morning . It is ridiculous to accept something like that !!!! The council need to have a look and assess the property finically before giving permission.

  4. Heidi commented

    To all the long suffering noosa residents unfortunate enough to live next door to a SSA (now clled SSL). There is a new group formed called "noosa residents against unregulated STAs " on facebook.

    Worldwide, citizens are angered by SSL. These businesses should be banned in residential suburbs. Tourists do not mix in residential areas. Residential houses are to live in. They are not HOTELS. What next, shall we allow pubs, restaurants, heavy industry?

    Come on Council, stop bastardising town planning zoning laws. Like Byron Bay, restrict SSL to 90 days. Restrict number of guests to 6. Restrict outdoor alfresco area to quiet time 8pm - 8am. Then and only then can SSL be policed, and hopefully BLEND into our neighbourhoods.

  5. Jan commented

    I absolutely support Leanne’s objections to this application. Most of the blocks on Nairana Rest and The Quarterdeck are only just over 500 square metres in size, so everyone is in very close proximity to their neighbour. People work very hard to buy their home in a residential zoned area, and deserve to have the residential status of their street retained.
    Only yesterday 4 young males holidaying, walked along the middle of the road, and down The Quarterdeck (there are no footpaths on the street) each drinking beers in loud conversation, with expletives heard by residents. They, including many school aged children who live in the street, should not have to experience this.
    Council have a duty of care to their towns residents.
    There are hundreds of units and apartments built specifically for tourists...that is where they should be staying.
    Keep our residential streets for the purpose they were created..For residents!

  6. Natasha Fabulic commented

    I completely understand & support Leanne's objections to this SSL application. I too live next door to SSLs in a low density zoned street & they have completely destroyed my amenity. Nairana is intended for residents, not for tourists. The two are incompatible. There are hundreds of units built for tourists. SSL platforms are making a mockery of our town planning & it's time Council stood up for the residents & our community.

  7. Jennifer (Jenny) Morgan commented

    I support Leanne"s objections to this SSL application. We too live next door to a SSL in a low density zoned area and the way it is at the moment I would feel more comfortable living in Hastings Street. Give low density zones back to our residences please Noosa Council.

  8. Michael shaw commented

    I also live in Nairana Rest. This is a quiet residential area with small blocks of land, and it is community and family focussed. There is a smorgasbord of short term accommodation available just a short distance away in streets such as Edgar Bennett Ave, so there is no pressing supply issue. Nairana rest has no footpaths and extremely limited options for on street parking due to the narrow and steeply sloping roadway. Given the tendency for STAs to have parking spill onto the street this alone should be grounds for rejection.

  9. Jenny Hill commented

    I am a close neighbor of 44 Nairana Rest Noosa Heads. My home is 43 Nairana Rest which is directly opposite this property. I have lived on Noosa Hill for 13 years and the only time there have been problems with noise and disturbance it has been caused by short term holiday houses. Both 32 The Quarterdeck and 48 Nairana Rest have been holiday let over recent years and both have been the cause of numerous complaints from adjacent neighbors. Luckily they are now both owner occupied and no longer cause issues. Noosa Hill is a precinct of large homes on small blocks with an emphasis on outdoor living. Holiday makers create noise during their stay and typically are living in holiday mode rather than residential owner mode. Often extra people staying without consent and visitors compound the problem. Parking is also a problem in the area with narrow steep streets making it difficult for excess cars to park safely. I would be extremely disappointed if this house was approved for short term letting.

  10. Ben commented

    Completely agree with Leanne’s comments. Short term holiday rentals are rarely managed properly. Currently 23 Eugarie Street is short term let and it has been the cause of several noise complaints. When the manager was contacted about a particularly rowdy group she was reluctant to intervene. They nearly always have too many cars which are the parked illegally over solid yellow line close to a dangerous corner. It’s ridiculous. Also calls to the security firm looking after 32 Quarterdeck were ignored and loud partying continued. Guests often have extra people staying unbeknown to managers or book for hens or bucks parties under false pretences. There is plenty of appropriate accommodation nearby for holiday makers. Please keep Noosa Hill residential.

  11. Mark Johnston commented

    I completely agree with Leanne’s objection. This short-term stay letting should not be approved. I live across the road at 49 Nairana Rest.

    Nairana Rest does not have the infrastructure to safely support short-term stays. There are no footpaths. There are no gutters at this property. The street lighting is very poor. There is no off-site / on-road parking because the street is narrow. The street is very steep. It is already dangerous navigating the narrow road, with cars often pulling off the road to allow cars to pass the other way. It is simply not supported by infrastructure to support short-term stays.

    There are also significant amenity impacts, as Leanne has explained. Noise, lighting, smells (rotten seafood), and security. It is a residential area, with families, children, retirees, etc. All of our neighbours know each other, and get together regularly. Those holidaying and after short-term accomodation have plenty of options in areas better designed and supported by infrastructure (such as footpaths and lights).

    Short-term accomodation is incompatible with this neighbourhood and community.

    I invite those considering the application to please inspect the area and talk to neighbouring and surrounding property owners. Please support those who vote for you to be guardians of the public interest.

    Please dismiss this application.


  12. Kim Youlden commented

    I agree with all the comments that have been rightfully expressed regarding the proposed SSL at 44 Nairana Rest and understand Leanne’s concern as I live at 42 and have done so for a very long while and am strongly opposed to this. It is and has been mostly peaceful seems not for long. The road is narrow and I have cars parked right to the corner on yellow lines ( Which need repainting please Council) and sometimes cannot turn into my driveway The two notices
    that say no left hand turn into Eugarie and no right hand turn into Nairana Rest are never adhered too. It is a great neighbourhood though and we want it be our sanctuary and place of peace and quiet not full of screaming noisy people and overcrowded houses It is our right. We pay our rates this is our home. Council you need to bar this and keep some of Noosa for permanent residents. There’s plenty of places around to accommodate these people. Thanks in anticipation of Councils rightful decision. Kim

  13. David Henwood commented

    I live on Nairana Rest and for the reasons outlined below and in other submissions the application should be dismissed.

    44 Nairana rest is unsuitable for short term accommodation. The property is located on a steep hill with close proximity to the neighbouring properties, insufficient parking and infrastructure, and on a narrow street. The natural surrounding area landscape also results in noise being amplified.

    The occupants of the surrounding properties on Nairana rest are a mix of retirees and families including young children, all of which are either owner occupiers or long term permanent residents.

    There is already a wide variety of holiday accommodation available in and around Noosa and the immediate vicinity. 44 Nairana Rest is not suitable for short term accommodation and approving the application materially impacts this otherwise quiet neighbourhood and the local residents who have made this part of Noosa their home.

  14. Johanna Redwood commented

    I completely agree that 44 Nairana Rest is totally unsuitable for STA. The area is full of residents, has narrow streets and the amenity of the area will be altered for the worse (speaking from experience!) and affect all neighbors if you allow this. Please do not even considerate it.

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