16 Hibiscus Haven, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Material Change of Use Impact Assessable Medium Impact Industry & Food and Drink Outlet

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 13 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2021/136)


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  1. Kim Woolley commented

    Seriously how many food and drink areas does this small area need!
    There is a huge problem with parking in this area.
    The flow of traffic on Christine Avenue is greatly hampered by right turning traffic trying to get to The Paddock.
    This would make it 5 eating and drinking areas in one block, if it's not "eating" thats 9 drinking areas in two blocks. Lets not forget this is a mixed area with residential houses, who oh I don't know "want friends to come over for a visit " we're are they going to park?

  2. Mike O'Connor commented

    As a resident whose bedroom is 60 metres away from this proposed micro-brewery, my main concern is noise pollution.

    I read in the noise impact assessment that a condition of compliance is that there be no amplified music outside, and not after 10pm. If this goes ahead I will be very quick to complain if this is breached. We've already had an incident on New Year's Eve from the Precinct Brewery where LOUD music was blaring past 1:30am. I sincerely hope this isn't repeated. This is an area where people tend to be awake at sunrise, so any noise after 9pm is going to be an issue if you account for 8 hours' sleep.

    As far as parking is concerned, yes this will further negatively impact on residents' ability to park on-street. I'd like council to reconsider making both sides of Hibiscus Haven restricted to one hour parking with resident parking passes. Kim's point about the right turn onto Christine Avenue is a good one. I've witnessed many accidents and near-misses here and personally been involved in an accident with a vehicle turning right into Christine Ave. My suggestion would be to make our street one way, flowing south only. It would be a minor inconvenience to residents to loop back north on the GC Hwy or Lemana Lane, and it would stop the dangerous right turns onto Christine as well as stopping the rat run north up Hibiscus from vehicles wanting to travel west on Christine Ave from the highway.

    Aside from that, I cautiously welcome this proposal. I understand that this area is developing over time (I've lived here 12 years) and in general, I enjoy how the caf├ęs and brewery venues are bringing quality public spaces to the area.

  3. Graham Wand commented

    Totally unnecessary and will add to traffic chaos and unsociable behaviour late at night in a largely residential suburb. There are already plenty of eating and drinking establishments to service the draw area so the GCCC Planning Department need to take a wider look at the requirements for a successful living environment for the residents of this area.

  4. Dena Maddick commented

    Again another application for more noise,food,drink,people, and traffic chaos! And absolutely no regard for local residents.Shame that we do not have any influence on the City Council's Planning decisions...fait accompli by the time the planning alert occurs.

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