287-295 Victoria Rd Gladesville NSW 2111

Construction of a mixed use development of six storeys consisting of 66 residential units and 3 commercial tenancies and 2 below ground basements.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 14 days ago. It was received by them 14 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2021/0089)


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  1. Amanda Riedel commented

    66 units seems like a lot! I question the need for so many units over 6 levels. They will be small and pokey.
    Please ensure the building has enough parking for 66 units as well as visitors parking and parking for customers to the shops below.
    Please make sure it is an architectural design that adds value to the area unlike some of the recent multi-level buildings constructed along Victoria road. These have created a sunless wind tunnel along Victoria Rd and between buildings. Buildings should step back to allow sunlight and limit the wind tunnel effect.

  2. Judith Essex-Clark commented

    I agree with Amanda, 66 units is a massive number of new flats, especially as we are told many flats in our area are empty. What is being done to insure they are not just sold to investors? What percentage of them is for public housing?

    It is extremely unpleasant walking around that area of Victoria Road and this turns people off using the businesses on that strip, is anything being done about that or will these flats compound that problem? Is there to be trees planted or any greenery? Balconies facing the traffic on Victoria Road will be unpleasant and not much use to tenants.

  3. Alex John commented

    I’m sick of our lovely Gladesville suburb been completely over populated with these developments! Another 66 units without supporting infrastructure is a recipe for disaster and will continue to diminish our suburb. Surely another massive block of units is not what our suburb needs! Complete over supply with less and less demand!

  4. Bridgette Pace commented

    I do not disagree with any of the comments that have been made above and, in fact, agree with all that has been said.

    However, I cannot understand why council is so proud that it has stopped potential villas and elegant manor houses (only 2 levels and maybe 4 units) being approved as it considers them inappropriate for the area; yet, it has the temerity to approve such poorly designed high rises which have plagued and destroyed the Gladesville area.

    If council spent more time demanding decent architectural designs for ALL of its buildings and allowed the smaller dwellings to be built then the area would not be so horribly congested and would accommodate both older and smaller households. We have enough McMansions as it is and very little smaller homes available. Not everyone wants to live in big unit developments or in McMansions.

    More than anything, I think architectural merit and pride in design is very much missing in what is being built to date particularly in unit developments. Is this the fault of the Council which does not appreciate good design or is it the building designers - or both?

  5. Sharon Whitbourn commented

    It seems pointless even voicing an opinion on these developments. The land owners seek to maximise profit at the expense of amenity and good design. Council will no doubt, as precedents indicate, approve another soulless concrete set of boxes, urged on by state government to maximise residential construction along the public transport corridors. There was an opportunity before all this main road apartment/commercial applications began, to demand good design and integrated green and open space into the new streetscape but that was lost. How sad. We could have had suburban design to be proud of but unfortunately for all, what now exists is utilitarian, pokey, ugly and generally unpleasant to be around.....and largely, empty.

  6. Alex Meredith commented

    This is ridiculous, there is already enough multi storey buildings within Gladesville and no supportive infrastructure. Even the current shops, transport and local grocers have been completely busy during COVID-19, Gladesville is not set up sustainably to withstand more multi-storey dwellings. I strongly believe there are far too many unit complexes within Gladesville without the correct infrastructure, we are setting up our suburb to fail!

  7. Kaitlin commented

    Ryde council reject this proposal. It is not sustainable for the area. Build more facilities that are needed in the area before you bring in even more people. How can another high rise be considered when there has not been enough investment into the infrastructure and services within the area first!? This will just create more people, more problems and more traffic in what is already a high traffic area. We don’t need Gladesville turning into another suburb full of high rises that makes it impossible to get in and out with all the congestion. There is literally no reason for existing reasons to live in Gladesville with the constant building interruptions due to construction and the horrible existing infrastructure that definitely will not handle the future increase.

  8. Dannie commented

    Infrastructure is insufficient for the number of people already living within the bounds of Victoria and Morrison roads in Gladesville. Another high density complex like this will only exacerbate the issue. Traffic is substantial during peak times and there is inadequate parking often leading people to just stopping and parking illegally. Not only are the roads and parking areas insufficient and lacking in space but there are no petrol stations in Gladesville at all and there is not adequate shops or services to accommodate this significant number of people. Adding to the already overpopulated area without doing anything to address congestion and a lack of services is disgusting.

  9. Fletcher Simpkins commented

    According to a recent ABC report the price of units in Lane Cove andMacquarie Park has fallen by and average of 6% in the last 12 months. What's the price fall in Gladesville going to be in the next 12 months? Plenty of apartments, no parking, not enough buses, no metro line, and nowhere to get petrol. This development will be a stranded asset - coloured congestion grey. Why do we need another 66 units? Mercator next door has 66, the build next to Dan Murphys has 66, the 4 apartment blocks surrounding the Aldi have 66, the 3 apartment blocks adjacent to Christ Church have 66. Are any of these blocks fully occupied? We, as residents, have to suffer not just through the build, but also the eyesore.
    And finally, is there any requirement for environmental considerations - solar panels, energy efficiency, trees or open space? If residents want to do a knock-down of their own house there are compliance measures - what about developers?

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