373 Diagonal Rd, Sturt 5047 SA

Construction of an integrated service station complex comprising of a control building, freestanding canopy with 12 fuel pumps, carwash including four manual bays, two automatic bays, three covered vacuum bays with dog wash, three 100,000 litre fuel tanks, 2 pylon signs and fascia signage to control building and canopy with ancilary carparking and landscaping.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 29 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Marion, reference 7.2021.514.1)


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  1. Justine Searle commented

    I thought due to community backlash this had been shelved?

  2. Dominic Larvin commented

    The pros outway the cons.

  3. Geoff Bridgland commented

    This Andrash Developments application was rejected by Council CAP on 2 September 2020. It is very clear from the expert assessment of the CAP that the Andrash development is a non-complying development for the site for many reasons and must not proceed. It is evident that Andrash will keep up the pressure until it gets wat it wants. It must be stopped.

  4. Vala Vinogradoff commented

    With South Rd petrol stations, OTR on Seacombe Rd, there isn’t a need for another Petrol station within this locality, amidst housing. It will be an eye store.
    Residents have objected to this development as has council. This area would best be purposed for green space that is being lost amidst the high density housing that is occurring where one block is often split into three.

  5. Jenni Ashfield commented

    There are too many service stations around and this is not an appropriate area for another one.
    There are local shops as well as Marion shopping centre that cater to shopping needs and can be reached by foot. A short drive to several service stations if you require fuel, car washes or pet washes. There would be a negative impact on some of the surrounding smaller businesses and more pressure on local side streets where on street parking has increased due to land subdivision for dwellings. Many other uses for this land that would better suit community needs.

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