32 Wakefield Avenue, Braddon, ACT

AMENDMENT TO DA202038094 - PROPOSAL FOR A NEW BOARDING HOUSE (S144C). Amendment to development application for proposal for a new boarding house which is still under consideration - the amendment is: bicycle level removed; bicycle storage relocated; storage area relocated; area analysis updated to suit changes; waste enclosure revised; carparking from Limestone Avenue removed. Carparking width increased; minimising envelope encroachment and overshadowing; minor revision to classing faade finishes; masonry courtyard wall height lowered, and associated works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 202038094)


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  1. Autumn Kate commented

    I am concerned about the removal of a house that represents a classic inner north style. Braddon has for a long time been an interesting mix of low set housing of a unique Canberran style, and apartments. There are not many houses left as apartments and townhouses are taking over. I am concerned the character of Braddon is being unduly eroded. Further to this, I am unclear as to who in our community this “boarding house” serves.

  2. Maasonda Hamilton commented

    As a nearby resident of over 30 years I am concerned about trying to fit more residences along this short stretch of Wakefield Avenue as it is already packed with traffic, and an increasing number of townhouses where I see residents often stuck in driveways for long periods unable to get out of their residence because of the heavy traffic as Wakefield Ave is the link from Limestone Ave to Northbourne Ave and MacArthur Av. I question the need for the propoosed boarding house seems when the building on the corner of Wakefield Ave and Northbourne Ave (an office block 7 storeys high) is proposed for redevelopment for public housing. More thought needs to be being put into managing the already impossible traffic situation on Wakefield Ave and proposing to cram more residents into this short stretch of road needs more thorough investigation and planning. It is not clear who would be using the boarding house but if it's people who are socially disadvantaged or may be recovering from addiction then a more suitable location needs to be provided than beside a busy, noisy road where they will get no peace and it may be unsafe. Perhaps if the development had fewer residences than 38 and very high quality sound proofing and triple glazed windows it would be more acceptable as there would be less traffic noise impact for residents and larger living spaces for them which would be beneficial.

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