21-25 South Esplanade, SA

Demolition of existing structures including local heritage places and construction of a 13 storey residential flat building with associated basement car parking and porte cochere

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 29 days ago. It was received by them 15 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 110/M019/21)


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  1. Karen commented

    The corner of Seawall apartments on Pier Street reflects the amenity of Glenelg, a beachside feel of holidays and space. The current site provides ample accommodation for visitors. The proposed 13 floors is excessive with shadowing problems to adjoining properties. The current state government are not considering the future, merely lining the pockets of developers and bowling over history which should be enjoyed for many years to come. Utterly opposed to this application.

  2. Denise commented

    There has to be consideration to the impact to neighbouring properties.
    Saltram Towers would loose their privacy along with many other homes in line of sight. I believe its over developing a character suburb.
    What happened to the cap on the number of floors Holdfast Council announced a number of years ago?
    No 8 South Esplanade is proof as to all of the above.

  3. Kathy F commented

    Fyfe surveyors were at the site yesterday. This proposed development has been in motion behind the scenes for quite some time. If it is of any benefit to the community, why isn’t it being promoted in the public arena? Who is building this? Who are the architects? What materials are being used in construction, and to beautify it? What
    set backs are in place? What is being done to prevent cracking to neighbouring properties? Overshadowing? What noise controls are in place? What is being done to manage the increased traffic?
    As this site has side and rear car access possibilities, it would be well suited for a lower level town house development. In fact, imagine the contrast between this proposed 13 storey development against the beautiful historic property ‘Glenara’ on the corner of the Esplanade and Robert St, Glenelg South. In fact, the only high rise building that has been designed with any sort of feel for the history of Glenelg (with the exception of the car park areas that need an urgent redesign) is The Grand.
    Finally on what grounds can the demolition of local heritage structures be approved? What is the criteria? If so, can all local heritage buildings meeting that criteria be demolished - either now or in the future?

  4. JR commented

    Kathy F comments says it all what is the elected council member for Glenelg South saying about all this all i hear is deafening silence ?

  5. Mikki Bouchee commented

    5 years ago Council were aggressive in their opposition to the increase to 12 storeys along the South Esplanade, 5/ 6 storeys along Jetty Road and rejoining.
    Councillor Smedley and myself distributed leaflets informing residents of the plans.
    We went to the media, lobbied Government, sent a very detailed submission....but to no avail. Minister Rau pushed it through.......I also note that the present State Government has not reversed the plan even though myself, the now Mayor and Councillor Smedley have repeatedly requested this to be done.
    The Site covers a zone which allows 12 storeys on Northern side and only 5 storeys on southern side.......
    I have repeatedly tried to get this area reasoned but Government is not listening...
    Please contact Stephen Patterson your State representative.....please tell them it is destroying our City, our homes and our quality of life.

  6. Paul C commented

    John Rau destroyed Churchill Road, His Planning Laws are destroying Anzac Hwy. The DAP remain extremely "inconsistent" with their decision making. What hope have we when examples like this & Cnr Gilles & Mosley Streets are declared of Character Importance, but allowed to be demolished?

  7. Vicki T commented

    It's high time we got rid of this government!

  8. Pat W commented

    “Historic Glenelg “ ??? We are flighting a losing battle. Is this about raising revenue? For council?
    I’m very concerned for that lack of empathy for Glenelg and it’s history thus far but let’s also look at the logistics and in pact on the existing residents and environment.
    I believe this new development will be around 90 or so appartments.
    Therefore, approximately 180 plus people living in this building bring an average 2 cars per household, 180 more cars down Pier Street to park their cars, leaving them on the streets every day. Will they be given two cars per apartment? The increase pressure on infrastructure eg sewage and water table may/can be affect. Will we as rare payer has to subside the new infrastructure to cope with increased pressures?
    This is a long term problem.
    Thank you Mikki for your concern.

  9. Liz F commented

    Well said PAT W.
    Why is it the ECONOMY always seems to come out on top over the ENVIRONMENT or SOCIAL considerations? Step by step these high density developments are destroying the Glenelg we all love.

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