16 Willowbank Pl, Gerringong, NSW 2534

New Dual Occupancy and Torrens Title Subdivision - alterations and additions to residence to create an attached dual occupancy with torrens subdivision and one (1) wood heater

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Kiama Municipal Council, reference 010.2020.00000266.001)


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  1. Ray Duffy commented

    It is curious that so many new or refreshed building projects are adding wood heaters.
    This seems to follow a more "faddish" trend rather than a practical need. There is a determined world movement to cut down on emmissions . Why seek to spoil the clean and pristine conditions we enjoy in Gerringong by introducing something you can do without.

  2. Julieanne Seymour commented

    I agree with Ray that our clean air needs to be safeguarded by avoiding any emissions we can.

  3. Bernadette Black commented

    I do not think there is a place for wood heaters in built up areas. Our air quality is too important. I am surprised that council would allow such heaters to be installed and suggest they don't allow them for the good of all our health . (And the preservation of our forests.)

  4. Patricia Dunn commented

    Please, planning authority, stop allowing wood fired heaters to be installed in the Kiama Municipality. They are proven to be harmful to our air quality. There are many other environmentally friendly methods of heating in this day and age. I ask that you consider this very carefully. Thank you.

  5. Sue Ferguson commented

    I agree that wood heaters are inappropriate and unnecessary nowadays, due to environmental concerns of emissions and the removal of wood from forests which would be habitat for native species. I also urge Kiama Council to encourage installation of solar panels/batteries to be used for power on new/renovated dwellings.
    With climate change approaching, why would residents of Gerringong or Kiama need a wood heater anyway. Build a house with sufficient insulation and use of sun.

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