11 Saltwater Ave Noosaville QLD 4566

Detached House - Short Term Accommodation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 10 days earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference SPS21/0001)


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  1. Tereza Holley commented

    Noosa Waters is clearly a residential area and should remain so. The area has not been designed for all the extra cars parked on the road.
    The noise from holidaymakers is a big problem as sound carries so easily in this area.

  2. Bryan Cathcart commented

    The application for Short Term Accommodation # SPS21/0001.
    I have noted that the application refers to the Superseded Planning Scheme which has a one year window whereby the applicants can request to be considered under the the previous 2006 Noosa Plan. I understand that the Noosa Council's intention was to allow those that had been in the process of preparing a submission to have their home considered for approval for Short Term Accommodation to finalise that application. However, 11 Saltwater Ave was purchased in January 2021! This does not appear to be reasonable in anyone's language.

    Noosa Waters was developed to be a quiet residential area for long term residents. The planning has not taken into consideration the ramifications of abnormal visitors' parking which is problematic in the narrow streets and especially on Saltwater Ave between Gibson Rd and The Promontary and Seahorse Place. This stretch of road already has vehicles parked on the verge in front of some properties which is a very real problem for pedestrians.

    Excess noise is always a problem when residents are entertaining on the Canal side of their properties (particularly as sound carries dramatically across the water), this is especially true in Holiday Rental Accommodation even now. Holiday makers use their time in a holiday area to let their hair down and entertain with friends which is fine when all properties around them are doing the same thing. This is not the case in Noosa Waters! It has even been necessary in our personal experience to call the Police in the early hours of the morning (when occupants were shouting and jumping into the canal) because we didn't get an appropriate response from the Airbnb manager.

    We already have some Short Term Accommodation in our street which creates an issue of excess noise late at night, and because the houses are usually 3 to 4 bedroom homes, they tend to accommodate 3 to 4 couples (each with their own vehicle). In our situation, we have experienced up to 6 cars parked on the street and on the verge adjacent to the Airbnb at 9 Seahorse Place.

    We believe if you allow this applicant to get approval, you are opening the flood gates for others and this will turn our once quiet neighbourhood into yet another holiday area. We also believe it would be in the Noosa Council's interest to maintain a separation between Residential and Holiday areas to keep the sense of community in place to encourage a more permanent constituency.

  3. Frank Matus commented

    We register our objection to STA in our community.
    It is not appropriate for our residential community to accommodate such disruptive activities that will occur with STA

  4. Tereza Holley commented

    Noosa Waters is clearly a residential area and should remain so. The area has not been designed for all the extra cars parked on the road.
    The noise from holidaymakers is a big problem as sound carries so easily in this area.

  5. Kathy Green commented

    I do not agree with short term rentals in Noosa Waters which result in increased traffic on both streets and waterways. Particularly boats which don't adhere to speed limits and do not understand the impact on revetment walls.

  6. Sarah Butterworth commented

    I object to short term rentals of canal side properties in Noosa Waters, and this property is close to where I live. Inevitably short term rentals in large houses attract large groups of people who are here to party and make a lot of noise. As noise carries further over water it negatively impacts on the peaceful enjoyment of our lovely suburb by we rate-paying residents.
    I also agree with other comments about the problems with overflow carparking cluttering our narrow streets and visitor/hire boats speeding in the canal, and the associated damage this causes.

  7. John Berryman, (Resident of Noosa Waters) commented

    In regards application for Short Term Accommodation # SPS21/0001.
    I object to short term rentals of canal side properties in Noosa Waters, and typically across Noosaville.
    The areas original town planning (development) objective was that of a quiet residential neighbourhood for private and permanent suburban living and would not have anticipated the current trend for Short Term Accommodation. This is more than clearly evidenced by the built form of the last 20 odd years, of narrow streets, small allotments and high plot ratio’s common across the area.
    The property subject to this application is an integral part of this close proximity living neighbourhood.
    Short term rentals attract large groups of people who generally display little or no regard for the residential suburban environment in which they holiday. The renters typically party to all hours, have numerous cars parked in the street, and excessive visitors at all hours. Large functions such as pre-wedding parties etc. are common. Such activities might be the right of, on very few occasions, and just acceptable by, permanent residents, but not inconsiderate visitors, and on an all too regular occurrence.
    Noise carries dramatically across water which will be the case for this property, and negatively impacts the rightful peaceful enjoyment for all other residents, both near and in fact at some distance away, across the waters.
    My house currently and very recently, has been subject to such intrusions.
    Hire boats are also a major issue with irresponsible and inconsiderate Short Term Renters historically and clearly the major offenders in regards speeding on the canal, potentially causing damage to docks, boats and the revetment wall. When confronted by myself on occasion, the visitors have been quite rude in their responses.
    As this application is not for a current owner with previous provable history of STR, I do not see how any application of the PREVIOUS now defunct 2016 Planning Scheme is applicable. The provisions of the current Planning Scheme should apply.

  8. Jeremy Honeyman commented

    We entirely concur with all the objections expressed to date

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