226 Newbridge Road Moorebank NSW 2170

Demolition of all existing structures and improvements. Proposed construction of a new service station development including sales & fast food building, separate restaurant facility, fuel dispensing canopy, 9m high pylon sign, underground tanks, signage, alteration of existing driveway crossovers & associated site works. Trading time of 24/7.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Liverpool City Council, reference DA-14/2021)


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  1. Joadi Sylvestre commented

    There are already two other petrol stations in close proximity. Is this application linked to one of those sites?
    If this is an additional petrol station I think it is unnecessary.

  2. Anthony commented

    I believe that any development in the Moorebank area should provide a benefit to the residents,. I see no benefit adding another petrol station in this area. 100 meters from the proposed new station is a Caltex petrol station. Another 100 meters from the Caltex is an independent petrol station on Nuwarra road. Further on Newbridge Road towards Governor Macquarie is another Caltex Petrol station. On Stockton avenue there is a Woolworths petrol station. I can not see any benefit to adding a further petrol Station.
    Also having a petrol station next to a fresh food outlet is hygienically unsavory.

  3. Stanley Wnuk commented

    Are you for real. This application must be a joke .The Liverpool City Council must be kidding themselves if they think this application is for any benefit to the community .Have a look in the area .There are 4 within a 1km radius and 6 within 1.5km radius. We do not need another Service Station in Moorebank . They need to go and have a really good look at themselves . THIS DOESN'T PASS THE PUB TEST.

  4. Carol O’Donnell commented

    We definitely do not need another service station, we already have (12) within a radius of 1.5 kilometres of Moorebank Shopping Village. May I add if you travel over Liverpool Bridge petrol is easily obtained up to 49 cents cheaper than Moorebank.
    Here’s the current list.
    1. Caltex Moorebank - Newbridge Road
    2. BP - 8 Heathcote Rd
    3. Caltex Woolworths - cnr Dredge & Stockton Ave
    4. Coles - Heathcote Rd
    5. 7- Eleven Heathcote Rd
    6. Energy Fuels - Stockton Ave
    7. Ampol - 2 Bridges rd
    8. Shell - Wattle Grove
    9. Shell Coles Express - Wattle Grove
    10. Caltex Nuwarra Rd
    11. BP Nuwarra Rd
    12. Woolworths Newbridge Rd, just past GMDrive.

  5. Bob Objector commented

    Can I suggest that if anyone wants to object to this development, their objections are based on planning merit, not a count of how many servos are in the area.

    If I was an objector - the lowest hanging fruit would be and objection written to RMS about concerns to the visual sightlines of the new driveway and the risk of vehicle collision based on vehicles slowing down on approach / exit....... I'm sure we have all caused a potential rear ender when slamming our breaks on to enter the fruit market in this location.

    If the Caltex site was being assessed today it would be unlikely they would have approval for the entry so close to the Nuwarra Rd intersection via Newbridge Rd so close to the lights.

    The addition of fast food increases the frequency (the risk of rear end collisions) of vehicle movements in/out of the site and the applicant may need to remove this use to comply with RMS assessment criteria.

    experience: I've had applications refused by RMS for this reason on similar types of developments on Main Roads.

    best of luck.

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