79-81 Station St West Ryde NSW 2114

Demolition, new two storey child care centre accommodating 61 children with basement car parking for 13 vehicles.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 27 days ago. It was received by them 8 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0439)


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  1. John Locke commented

    Surely this won't be considered appropriate. The traffic is already horrendous especially school times.

  2. David James commented

    As well as considering the inappropriateness of this DA in this position, Station Street here is a nightmare, too narrow and always needing to be seen as a one way street because of the parking on both sides. You have to wait if a car is coming up or down, until the coast is clear. I have no objection to daycare centres but just here???

  3. Jo commented

    Lots of temporary parking onsite is a necessity if this childcare centre goes ahead. Otherwise lots of cars parking to drop off and collect young children on this busy stretch of road will be dangerous.

  4. Philip Brown NHW commented

    Parking in West Ryde - Meadowbank is difficult at the best of times and this development in busy Station St would need to have more parking than envisaged as 13 parking spots would only accommodate the staff at a ratio of 1/5 to children and no where for parents to park on site. A large off street drop off - pick up area should be mandatory as the property is near a nursing home with visitors attending daily and is positioned next to an intersection and primary school and near a crest.

    Station St is a narrow major high traffic thoroughfare and is usually parked out all day especially near Meadowbank Railway Station by commuters (pre, during and in future post Covid times).
    Safety of the attendees and passing traffic must be considered as a priority especially in peak travelling times 7am - 9am and 4pm - 6pm when traffic is constant.

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