1293-1299 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Other Change Material Change of Use and Operational Works Impact Assessment Other Change to MCU/2018/196

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 26 days ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference OTH/2020/56)


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  1. John L commented

    This application is clearly outside the G C council guide lines which states the height limitations on the for sale sign on the property. To purchase this land under the advertised conditions and then put in a application which is MUCH higher than the known height limit is ridiculous and the builder/owner must have had information from someone that he can build whatever he wants. This is so wrong

  2. Karel Driml commented

    This development will directly effect myself and a large number of people who live at 19th avenue and the new Magnolia towers across the road. The density of the proposed site, 17.6 sqm / bedroom is much greater than the code proposes (33sqm / bedroom for medium density development. To achieve that density they propose a height increase of 50% beyond the codes height limit of 29m. The design is basically a large rectangle and gives a form and bulk that is out of character with area and does not meet the intentions of the building code. The placement of the building away from the highway will have a greater impacts
    on the views and values of the neighbouring properties at 19th avenue. The shadow will greatly effect the neighbouring surf club. Positioning this large building close to the beach rather then setting it back like 19th avenue is grossly out of character with building height and baulk as seen by beach users. This proposal in it's present form should not be approved.

  3. Jenn Hall commented

    This development is outside of the height guidelines for the property. I have no issue with a development being there, I just want it to remain within the guidelines, particularly the height guidelines, density and set backs. The Magnoli development originally proposed heights less then this development, and it was not approved, and it had to provide bigger setbacks, including a park! Therefore, this should not be approved either.

  4. Elly commented

    I always expected a building would be going onto this site but not one with heights way above the plan restrictions. We expected 8 levels only.

  5. Matt commented

    The proposed development is outside of the height restrictions of this lot and the current approved eight levels which were known to the buyer at the time of purchase.

    These height and level restrictions were also taken into account by many Magnoli residents when purchasing their dream apartments.

    Height restrictions should be adhered to and the proposal should be rejected until such time that it does.

  6. Neil commented

    I really don’t understand how the council can consistently ignore the concerns of residents who simply ask that planning restrictions are adhered to.

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