345 Gorge Road Athelstone SA 5076

To erect a split level child care centre with associated car parking and landscaping

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  1. Stuart Bastin commented

    Not suitable for that part of gorge road.

  2. Teresa commented

    No way to many semi and silly speeding drivers NO

  3. Samantha commented

    Fed up with construction developments happening within our natural space
    There is no proper planning or cinsiderstion given, it appears like it’s just job for the boys! When you have construction companies”mates” with decision makers from The City of Campbelltown it’s one big fat falsication !!! The community are fed up!! Enough destruction of nature !!!’

  4. Ruby Dinino commented

    What happened with Campbelltown Council it used to be all about community, it appears that all it cares about is how to make a quick buck, no consideration about living standards for the longstanding community who care about keeping their community, clean, pristine and environmentally friendly for our children and our children's children. That's what's make us unique but with all these new development you are destroying our home and we wont stand for it.

  5. Julie 😂 commented

    This is really a bad idea. Think of the hoon drivers and trucks that use this road. Not to mention how much this will de value houses around the child care centre. It’s so pretty up there. Don’t destroy it with a 2 story monstrosity.

  6. Grace commented

    No at all suited to that spot on Gorge Road. Will cause too much congestion on an already dangerous road.

  7. viola perone commented

    No its bad idea

  8. Lucy Mulvany commented

    There is no evidence that Athelstone needs a child care centre at all.

    There are new child care centres popping up all over the place - one near the roundabout further down Gorge Road.

    Plus the one on the correct side of the road nearer lower north east road.

    Plus the new one at Moules Rd.

    This proposal for ANOTHER childcare centre adjacent the reserve is madness. Does council really believe this could ever be a suitable location for small children?

    It’s an undulating block that has a creek running through it. Beautiful but not safe for child care aged toddlers.

    This area of road is very very narrow - and undulating - to the point that there are metal guard rails along the road - so it’s already a traffic hazard.

    Will a developer really respect the green space in this area? Highly unlikely.

    Ryan Road is totally residential - and far too narrow for overflow.

    The centre is on the wrong side of the road.... everyone chucking u turns at pick up and drop off to get home.

    Plus the quarry trucks thundering down the road.

    Is the developer aware of all of these issues?!

  9. Lucy Hofmann commented

    The application provides statistics that are misleading and do not take into consideration the existing chidcare centres and availability within those centres. They are used to elude to a false need.

    The location is completely unsuitable for a chidcare centre.

    The provision for 20 car parking spaces is not sufficient to accommodate 82 children and 21

    This application needs to be denied!

    Campbelltown Council must listen to all the residents that will be affected by this development.

  10. Lisa Mignone commented

    As an Athelstone resident who uses this part of Gorge road and Ryan avenue several times a day I would like to express my view that this is not a suitable location. Ryan ave is already becoming congested with cars and this road would become inaccessible if it were to carry overflow parking for the centre. It is also already becoming hard to turn here and when cars are parked on the side road here I have regularly had near misses with cars needing to cross onto the other side of the road to avoid parked cars.

    I am a supporter of the need for care for our children through child care centres but I ask the council to do their own research on these numbers, the rhetoric that there is no available childcare is simply not true, a quick ring around at 5 centres within our council area from me showed that all had immediate availability. This feels completely misaligned with our support of existing small business and giving consideration to the environmental impact on unnecessary development. This cannot in good conscious go ahead.

  11. Samantha Caporaso commented

    What a horrible idea - dangerous and Inconvenient

  12. Ryan Murphy commented

    The road is far too busy. I live locally and the site is in a very hazardous location traffic wise. The road narrows over a natural easement right out front of the site. Due to the lack of parking at the facility which would be used by employees, overflow parking would end up on the street in bike lanes creating nuisance and hazardous conditions for the many of bike riders who frequent the area. The private carpark at dimarios would also be used for the purposes of the childcare centre.

  13. Christina Pacillo commented

    Absolutely not - especially on this part of gorge rd. I think better use if it must go ahead is the old petrol station site before maryvale rd.

  14. Franki Murphy commented

    As an athelstone resident for the last 42 years I know the area inside out. I grew up at the location where the proposed development is considered. I have witnessed one death on gorge road and two children been hit by cars.
    To say that children only leave child care centres protected by their parents is naive. Many children have no spacial awareness and are obvious to the dangers of traffic and big semi trailers.
    The trucks only access to the quarry is through gorge road. That part of the road is narrow and with no in street parking and bike lanes there would be no where for the overflow cars.
    The other issue is that there is no need for another childcare centre in the area. The ones we already have are no where near capacity.
    I am not against progress in our city but I think this development is unnecessary abd not well thought out.
    To think of the damage done to such an incredible landscape is undesirable.
    We need to preserve as much land as possible for our future and the future of our children.
    I employ the council to reconsider this proposal and move on to making our city the best in SA

  15. Susan Moir commented

    Absolutely not! A totally irresponsible idea considering the location. We don't need a childcare centre!

    We moved into Athelstone because of the area it was.....plenty of bush land to bring kids up in, feel of community. The council does not consider the future environment for our children or their children.

    When is all this awful development going to stop. There are so many eye sore developments by developers, and the council seem to just approve anything as long as they are paid! Development needs to be a considered and sustainable approach.

    It's time the council relooked at their approach to development in our area. Enough is enough!

  16. Marie commented

    This is a really bad idea!! There has recently been a (badly placed) mirror located at the top of Russell Road to assist traffic turning on to Gorge Road (due to poor traffic visibility) meaning that traffic is already a hazard at the location. Trucks, buses and lots of other traffic constantly use this arterial road.The location of the development is at a very precarious and very narrow section of Gorge Road and the proposed development with its associated building works and subsequent usage is a recipe for disaster.

  17. Angela P commented

    Not a suitable spot for a childcare centre

  18. Michael C commented

    This is a very dangerous hazard risk for all people especially kids at the centre as there is no traffic light crossing, it's on a single lane part of Gorge Rd with Regular Quarry truck and trailers regularly driving fast, not a commercial part of Athelstone, poor next door neighbor subject to traffic congestion on drop off and pick up of kids to centre, proposed car park not big enough for 82 children capacity, residents in Ryan Ave will be subject to traffic congestion. This is a safety hazard all over. And there a newly built childcare centre built down the road where it's better placed amongst commercial buildings , twin lane and round about slowing traffic with a better access. You are placing young children at risk

  19. Matt commented

    A parking lane was built infront of the shops as the narrow road is not suitable for congestion with trucks coming down the hill. Very unsuitable location for a childcare centre in an area where vacancy is available close by in already established centers

  20. Chrisoula Kourniotis commented

    Terrible idea as it is unsafe and not logical.

  21. Denise Figallo commented

    A better site must be available , in an area that is not as busy for traffic already and away from houses. How is this area safe for children, and passing motorists?

  22. Mr and Mrs Jones commented

    Enough stupid construction development feel like it’s jobs fir the boys!!!!!! Enough City ig Campbelltown !!!
    Stop destroying our nature!!!!
    Your job is to keep the community content NOT job for the boys, snells of corruption to me!!

  23. Michael Webley commented

    Wrong place for this kind of building

  24. Mr and Mrs Jones commented

    Enough stupid construction development feel like it’s jobs fir the boys!!!!!! Enough City ig Campbelltown !!!
    Stop destroying our nature!!!!
    Your job is to keep the community content NOT job for the boys, snells of corruption to me!!

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