26 Woornack Road Carnegie VIC 3163

Construction of four double storey dwellings on a lot

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/DP-33925/2020)


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  1. Katrina Anderson commented

    This site has was purchased on the grounds that council would only issue a 2 per block permit to build. It previously had a single dwelling and due to the new building regulations was restricted to only 2 units. The owner purchased the property knowing this, but has since purchasing allowed the house to deteriorate further, including clearing overgrown garden rubbish and filling the house with it in the hope it would burn down. When this didn't happen, he was ordered by council to clean up the block, so applied for a demolition and land clearance of the land. he has since tried to sell it and is now trying to build 4 units when only 2 were to be allowed. I think the Planning department needs to look into the historical situation of this land. For over 25 years this house was not lived in, so it was in very poor repair. This does not entitle the new owners to build 4 double storey units when council had already rejected this application.

  2. Monica Sternalski commented

    The council has rejected 4 double story blocks so why is this being allowed. This will cause more issues with the streets being overloaded with parking as the new buildings are not catering for enough car parking spaces for each dwelling.
    Also the privacy for the dwellings next door may be compromised.

    Greed should not be considered as a reason for change of permits. Quality of living over profits for the greedy.

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