273 Anzac Parade Kingsford NSW 2032

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a part 5 and part 16 storey mixed use development with two tower elements comprising ground and first floor commercial with boarding house above comprising 142 boarding rooms and a Manager’s room, two levels of basement car parking, landscaping and associated works (variation to building height of the RLEP 2012).

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA/489/2020)


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  1. Kim Reddin commented

    This is grotesquely out of step with the rest of the area, will cast an unreasonable shadow in all directions, represents an overt concentration of expensive student only dwellings in an area close to the city crying out for actual affordable accomodation or more mixed style long term accommodation particularly including that which would suite families, single elderly women and disabled people. The plans include not enough parking for cars or even scooters and bikes, represents a Singaporation of planning style which will ultimately be used as a precedent for the area and thus render the area as a sad replica of future slums the world over due to the over emphasis on one type of accomodation. Although described as a boarding house, and slipped through by exploiting loopholes in the SEP - this is merely an attempt to leverage of its proximity to the University - but it will not be controlled, monitored or benefit from the universities influence on the inhabitants. The building is too tall, ugly designed, in an area already over run with them. It seems to have inadequate fire control considerations and would represent a challenge to live in to even the most able bodied person let alone someone in a wheelchair or sight impaired. The surrounding members of the the community feel another cinderbox pretending to be affordable but solely designed to rip off foreign students is the last thing the area needs.

  2. Jaime Pablo commented

    I concur this is totally inappropriate for the area.

    This will hamper the natural light for the eateries on the eastern side of Anzac Parade. Including the Regent Hotel.

  3. Renata Beslik commented

    This plan is so incredibly out of step with the area and the surrounding buildings. It is way too tall and will set a dangerous precedent for future buildings. Kingsford is full of boarding houses and there is more and more being built. There isn’t enough affordable family homes or one bedroom apartments for the area. Covid surely should put a halt to any plans like these buildings as the demand for them is almost non-existent. We need more affordable housing for workers in the area. It’s not all about UNSW students but the staff who work there, and the hospital and defense workers in the area. We need better quality housing for us and our families. The light rail is not an excuse to completely change the fabric of a suburb. I’d be all in support for a smaller building with affordable apartments for both students and long term locals of family and single/couple households but a boarding house is just ridiculous. The ones near my place in Kingsford have turned the streets into slums.

  4. Liz Brown commented

    More poor planning inappropriately high which does nothing for community building

    Randwick council you can do better than this

  5. Lisa Walpole commented

    This will be the 5th of its type proposed along the Anzac Parade Kingsford Kensington precincts. In total all 5 boarding houses will have more than 300 rooms each producing over 1500 x 12 sq. mtr rooms. Students don't want to live in these and at $500 per week they are no bargain, and certainly not affordable or appropriate for essential workers or low income families to live in the area.
    NO MORE!!!

  6. M. Girard commented

    I agree with the previous comments.
    Such a tall building is out of character with the area and far too tall and big. It will over-shadow a large area.
    A boarding house is of no benefit to the local community. More permanent housing is needed for residents not short term accommodation.
    This building is not if benefit to the local area and community. All it add to is the developers profits.
    Randwick Council can do far better than this.

  7. Judy Eriksson commented

    I along with many other rate payers I am disturbed at the amount of boarding houses being allowed to be developed into our communities There are over 30 of this type of development from Kingsford to Randwick .Developers have latched on to this type of easy build and money maker and there is an over supply of this type of accommodation Council needs a change of legislation as this type of development needs to be rejected and a more balanced mix of housing is needed for Families and The elderly. Most of our suburbs have plenty of 1@ 2 bedroom units (a glut if 2 bedroom units). With the way our life and the we live is changing it is no longer acceptable to be cramming as many people into a situation where they must live like caged battery hens. Enough.No more Boarding Houses .The only people benefiting are the Developers Start listening to your community You are there to serve us not the Developer.

  8. Hamish Leadbetter commented

    16 stories in Kingsford? Why? There are no international students who will be coming anymore. It will be an ugly blot on the strip, covering a large area with shade, removing natural sunlight. To think we need 5 large buildings all for student accomodatrion along ANzac Parade is a joke, especially given the current circumstances surrounding University overseas numbers.

  9. Natalia Laban commented

    Kingsford already has more than enough boarding houses. International students do not even want to live in those boarding houses, they arrive and stay for a few weeks and realise they're being ripped off by these type of accommodations, then they're off to find better, more affordable shared accommodation with their friends.

    Students don't need to live in a student accommodation building, they can live anywhere that's affordable, and that doesn't have to be in Kingsford/ Kensington.

    Key workers need affordable housing and they can't live in a student accommodation. So what's the point of approving all these "affordable housing" proposals when it only caters to one type of renters? Student accommodations should exist only on campus and be abolished everywhere else to provide affordable housing for all. Student accommodations are discriminatory.

    Last year there were 23 DAs for boarding houses, and this year there are 14 and it's only September. Perhaps Randwick Council should change their slogan from "a sense of community" to "boarding house city" since that's what the area feels like now.

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