298-300 Blaxland Rd Ryde NSW 2112

Demolition and the Construction of a 1-2 storey multi unit dwelling development containing 30 dwellings (9 x 2 bed, 20 x 3 bed, 1 x 4 bed, including 4 adaptable dwellings) over a split basement containing 63 car parking spaces, under the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0247)


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  1. John Clear commented

    It's a VERY busy road to have 63 cars coming and going to and from a basement car park, crossing a designated shared foot/cycle path.
    And as there is a clearway in use every morning and evening, there will be a lot of coming and going from that car park.

  2. M.M.K commented

    Thirty dwellings replacing two dwellings? I cannot imagine the chaos of sixty three cars entering or leaving that driveway during peak hour on a major road. This will be very dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists using the foot/cycle path, not to mention the interruption to the flow of traffic, as sixty three cars slow down to turn into that driveway! Seems another example of over-development and developers' greed to me.

  3. Y Shan commented

    It is definitely an example of over-development when using thirty dwellings to replace two dwellings. If the car part entry is via Blaxland Rd then it will dramatically affect the traffic flows of the this main road in the suburbs including Ryde, Eastwood, Deneston, Epping and etc. In other words, this will only benefit the developer but significant affect the well being of residents in these suburbs who critically rely on the use of Blaxland Rd.

    Don't quote the traffic report or use it as an excuse please, the traffic report is never reliable and there is no ex post penalty and litigation when the report's estimate is wrong. Think about the reality and the well being of the residents.

    If the plan has to be approved to please the developer, at a minimum, the car part entry should be in side road such as Benson St.

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