9 Scarlett Street, Geelong West, VIC

Construction of Five (5) Triple Storey Dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 15 days ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: City of Greater Geelong, reference 197/2020)

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  1. Gabriel commented

    Please please strongly consider blocking the approval of these plans.

    We have a lovely and quiet little court that we live on and as it used to be a street it already lacks parking and is very narrow. Bringing in such a substantial amount of town houses will almost certainly double the entire populous of the street which is not good for the current residence considering we already lack parking.

    We currently already have to move our cars and put our bins on one side of the road so that the garbage man can REVERSE down our street. Five new bins would need to be wheeled half way down the street to be collected and any extra cars moved etc. This is already a nightmare on our little street but would be even trickier with twice as many people.

    Three stories is also not something that fits in to our community - as our neighbours were blocked from building their family home more than one storey, on the adjoining block it would be very unfair to make their direct neighbours not only five town houses but five 3 storey town houses. The privacy of the adjoining backyards and sunlight available would be severely compromised also. From a planning point of view such a dense housing project in a street full of family one storey homes (and two town houses) doesn't make sense.

    As a small community our entire street of house owners has discussed this and we all agree, we wouldn't be annoyed by two or maybe even three town houses, but five that are three-story is way too much for the infrastructure available. There is not enough parking or access and three storeys on our small one storey street will not fit.

    I hope you will consider this strongly. We are all home owners on this street and we do not welcome a big company jamming as much profit as they can in to a small block at our detriment.

    Please help the good people in this lovely community continue to enjoy this peaceful court for all of the wonderful reasons that we each bought here in the first place.

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