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105 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016

Section 4.55 (2) modification of consent to amend the approved trading hours of the small bar Hustle and Flow.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2012/975/D)


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  1. Alinta De Satge commented

    I live in Waterloo and I love Hustle and Flo for my local bar to go to. I strongly support this place stay open until 2am because by the time we’ve had dinner and then come to the bar it’s time for it to close, the staff are so warm and accommodating and I absolutely love the fact that there is never any problems at all!

  2. Jeremy Thomas commented

    I live in Redfern and I feel the small bar culture around here is very important for the area and Sydney as a whole. It's fantastic that the DCP changes have allowed for small bars that have very safe environments to trade slightly later. It's difficult to have a diner party at home then make sure everything is wrapped up and cleaned up by 10pm so as to make it to one of the bars before they close at midnight. A more adult time of 2am is a fantastic outcome and should be approved for those responsible operators who are working hard to provide a space for community and conversations in a safe intimate environment.

    Hustle and Flo has fantastic hard working management that go above and beyond to welcome people and provide a safe fun environment for a few drinks or a bout of merriment. I would go so far to say that in fact they are an integral part of live music culture providing a small platform for performers, both upcoming and professional, and provide a space for culture to thrive giving punters and performers something to look forward to on a day to day basis.

    Best wishes to the team on their successful application for 2 am trading.

  3. Renee commented

    I attend University close by and Hustle and Flow has become a great social gathering for students. Being local has made it so much easier too. I have always wondered why it closed so early, it would be awesome if it could stay open till 2am, the music is great and staff are fantastic. There’s never been any issues at this venue and the staff have always been so accommodating and kind. Would really love to see the business grow, with time extension.

  4. Jarrad commented

    Been going to a lot of venues of the years
    And will have to say that Hustle & Flow is my go to venue.
    The atmosphere is great matched with an even more enjoyable staff.
    Overall is a really important part of the area.
    I haven’t met anyone that could say anything bad about this joint.
    Nigel who I believe owns the bar is a childhood local grown up in the area and everyone love him

  5. Marcus Khoudair commented

    I live between Bankstown and Parramatta, in an area where there is almost no nightlife at all. With respect, the fact that Hustle and Flow has to apply for longer trading hours really surprises me. The establishment is unique in Sydney in that it is locally-minded with the values of a small community space; but internationally-focused with the sounds of so many genres and eras of music. I have heard backpackers and travellers from all over in Hustle and Flow. The fact that I travel in from Bankstown for a single event at Hustle and Flow, eat down the road - is reason enough the venue should trade for longer. During regular non-pandemic trading, Nigel and the staff lent their space every month to the Freedom Sessions house party crew; and it still is the most supportive, mutual, life-affirming nightlife event I've been to in Sydney. It would be fantastic and mature of our city to get more behind HandF.

  6. Jason commented

    Hustle and Flow has allowed for communities to come together in a safe space in Redfern.

    Spaces like Hustle and Flow are hard to find. And they have been giving back to many cultures in Sydney. This request for extended hours would provide a greater experience for Both those that frequent the venue and be available to bring new people in. We all want to support small businesses at this time and the efforts that they have made to give back to the community.

  7. Lani Sombutnan commented

    Hustle and Flow is the one place I feel 100% comfortable going out knowing the night will go well. I live in western Sydney but my work office used to be in Redfern and this was a local go to for any day of the week for well over a year. The staff are more than accomodating, warm and friendly. The venue and Nigel support the local community and so much more. Hustle and flow is more than just a “bar” and I believe it would be a shame to not allow them to be open until 2am with the culture and atmosphere they support. I love this place and you would be challenged to find anyone who thinks anything but positively towards Hustle and Flow

  8. Davy Stokes commented

    Hustle & flow means a lot to redfern and the local community in general. It has been a lot of people's first start when performing.. and the warm welcoming atmosphere definitely breathes life into new music careers regularly.

    Also, veteran musicians will always come back to perform and socialize.. it's definitely a place that helps you keep you connected to your roots.

    It is truly a social hub that keeps a lot of people working together and staying connected.

  9. Amanda Cunanan commented

    I’ve been going to Hustle and Flow for over 5 years now, as I’ve lived locally during this time. It’s a my favorite place, the team are friendly and I know it’s a place I can enjoy myself, with a safe and jovial environment.

    This small bar has a great community feel to it and I wholly support the extension of license to 2am. This would provide an opportunity to further connect with people and also further support the local live music scene.

  10. Alan commented

    Hustle and flow bar offers any hip hop or rap fan a unique experience that is unable to be replicated elsewhere in Sydney. From its lovely friendly staff to its regular open mic and professional performer events, I am proud to say that I've been a regular patron and have encouraged anyone to pay a visit. A 2am licence will further strengthen the ties that the bar provides between the hiphip rap community and the rest of Sydney!

  11. Rony Anwar commented

    I work in Redfern. Love the small bar culture in the area. Few people from work are regular at Hustle and flow. They have great live music gigs most of the days and have very supportive and welcoming stuff. We would love to have them open till 2am. This will give us time to have dinner and still have enough time to enjoy the music. Also, this will give Hustle and Flow an opportunity to support more local talent for live music.

  12. Benjamin commented

    I love Hustle and have performed there a number of times. Each time we play and attend the community just loves it and it’s a beautiful event.

  13. Fufu commented

    Hustle and Flow is essential to Redfern as it is a place where young Hip Hop artists can play and meet veterans of the Sydney Hip Hop scene. It also give an opportunity for people interested in Hip Hop culture to enjoy gigs, chats and meeting with other persons who share the same interests.

    More than a venue, this place is a creative hub and need to be open until 2am. It will allow more people to come and enjoy shows after dinner or after their shift if they work in hospitality. It will also allow more artists to play.

  14. Damian commented

    I've been a regular at Hustle and Flow for the past 5 years and during that time I've become a part of the amazing and diverse community that it stands for. People from all over travel far and wide to enjoy the awesome live acts, DJs and other events Hustle and Flow hold. The owner and staff are kind, friendly and genuinely care for all their patrons. Hands down, my favourite place in Sydney!!

  15. Cameron Barnett commented

    As a professional musician and Redfern local, Hustle & Flow is such a great venue for both live music (as performer and patron) and for its excellent small-bar atmosphere that appeals to both locals and out-of-towners. Extended trading hours will benefit both owners and patrons and further improve the area’s vital culture and nightlife scene.

  16. Lara Vandersluis commented

    Fully support Hustle and Flow opening until 2am. The venue is a special place in Redfern, and one of the few supporting live music. The venue allows artists to express their creative freedom in front of a live audience that is supportive and welcoming of newcomers. The bar is always compliant with restrictions and continues to be an important part of the Redfern community. Keeping it open late will only let this excellent business further flourish.

  17. Ash Broadbridge commented

    I can't say enough about what this venue has done for the creative community, very classy venue, very professional, extremely community minded, part of the culture.

  18. Carol Brown commented

    What a great place Hustle & Flow is very responsible,great atmosphere and showcases local talent and is a great meeting place for the locals and surrounding area’s and are really community based supporting the locals and should have a 2am to remain competitive and viable .
    Carol Brown

  19. Joanne Ryan commented

    I have grown up in the Redfern/Waterloo area and it is so nice for it to finally have a bar that plays an assortment of live music.
    The staff are always friendly and welcoming. The owner is not only passionate about his small business but also the community which is very refreshing to see.
    The only downside to this bar is that it closes too early, once we have been out for dinner and then attend the bar to listen to some live music it has to close.
    Would be great to see this venue be able to stay open to 2am, we would then be able to spend the whole evening locally and not have to trek to the city

  20. Nyo commented

    I first attending Hustle & Flow for a friends farewell a few years ago and fell in awe of not only a great family ran small business but the amazing sense of community.
    Hustle & Flow offers a unique platform for both the young and young at heart to enjoy their love of live music in a safe environment which is close to home
    I support their application for a
    2am trade.

  21. Michelle Whitehouse commented

    Hustle &. Flow is a small family business supporting the local community, providing a safe, friendly and fun space for artists to perform and for friends to enjoy a night out. By increasing the opening hours till 2 am. It will allow more artists to have a live gig and also people won't need to find another place to continue on with their night.
    This is our go to place when we are in Sydney.

  22. Nick Palin commented

    Having lived in Redfern for more than 10 years, I can say with strong conviction that Hustle & Flow Bar is one of the best venues the suburb has had in that time. The culture they promote is community based and it’s obvious that they care very much for the local scene and it’s people. Personally, I would very much like to see them stay open later.

  23. Stephen Adei commented

    I live round the corner from Hustle and Flow. It's one of the few hip hop themed bars on the city and a great place to hangout and have a few drinks with friends and meet people in the scene. It's on Regent Street so not that close to residences, has never had a violence issue and is culturally important to the neighbourhood. Nigel the owner is local and invested in the neighbourhood. I would love for extended trading hours for the communities gain to 2 am.

  24. Josh Stevens commented

    Hustle and Flow Bar is a venue that acts as not only a cultural hub but a venue that instills a sense of community in those who attend.

    Extended trading hours only increase the opportunity local artists have to hone and refine their skill set in an environment designed to cultivate such talent. A welcoming environment backed by warm and accomodating staff is something that everyone should experience.

  25. Mills C commented

    Hi, Hustle and Flow is a dance culture institution in Sydney. People travel from all over in order to participate and represent - so being able to remain open longer in a time where we can’t gather in numbers will help them continue in trying times. I hope you’d consider their application in a positive light in the same way that they contribute to their local community culturally.

  26. Nino Brown commented

    Hustle & Flow is a great place that I enjoy spent time , and very local to me bring in Ultimo , I strongly support the 2am licence application . It’s great for the community and the area in general.

  27. Travis Taylor commented

    Hustle and Flow bar has a growing regular community that would greatly benefit from having the bar open until 2am. The bar has never had any violence or noise related incidents so they have proven that they deserve this adjustment.

  28. Joshua Ng commented

    Hustle & Flow has been a favourite place of mine to drink and watch live entertainment not only in Redfern but all of Sydney. The management and staff always seem to be considerate, friendly and run a tight shift. I don't think I've ever seen any trouble or over serving alcohol in the venue. It's nice to have a place to go where there is entertainment that is high in quality and diversity and have it set in a venue that is intimate and neighbourly.

  29. Dj Moto commented

    Hustle & Flow supports Sydney’s talented musician to give the locals the ultimate entertainment unlike them usual bars and pubs which are just about alcohol and pokeys..
    They deserve licence extension more than any bars and pubs out there..

    Dj Moto

  30. Sanna arnott commented

    I support Hustle n Flow getting a license until 2am. In these trying times we need to support small local business as much as we can, as well as the live music scene

  31. Georgia Martinelli commented

    I am based in Waterloo, and in this time of crisis I strongly support this play stay open until 2 am.
    We all need a local pub/bar to go to. We all need to smile and have some positive vibe on a Sunday, especially all those who work during the week.
    We all deserve to smile and have access to something entertaining and well organised like this place. And those who are not working deserve a place to go for the week end too.

  32. Fariet Fasmwa commented

    I have been to venue every week for the past year, I love the energy, friendly staff and great sense of community. Extending the operating hours would mean more time to be in a happy place and means supporting small business. Things I love. The opportunity to operate longer is great for the local area and patrons like myself. If I could wave a magic wand I would have done this a long time ago. Nigel the owner has a proven track record running this bar, and has a great respect for the local area. Hustle and Flow bar is unique, longer operational hours would allow people to visit the area and fall in love with the bar, as so many people have. I know I have thought why isn't this venue open longer on numerous occasions, I am hereby showing my support. The whole precinct would benefit from this.

  33. Vinodh Thanabalasingham commented

    Hustle & Flow has been a staple of the redfern community who have been instrumental in cultivating the live music scene in Sydney. Hustle & Flow have been dedicated to putting on live music events which showcases many of the top and emerging talent that this city has.

    The venue's staff have developed a strong sense of community with their friendly personalities and outstanding hospitality, which as a result has made the venue a regular watering hole for my friends and I, everytime we venture into the city.

    On a professional level, Hustle & Flow have been instrumental in partnering with Whatslively, in developing a video series which showcasing local emerging musicians. Further reinforcing their dedication to the live music scene.

    Providing Hustle & Flow with a 2am extended license will not only provide support to a small local business, but in turn provide much needed support to the local community and the live music scene which is in much need assistance as a result of this COVID period.

  34. Erik Janousek commented

    Hustle & Flow bar is the beating heart of Hip Hop music, part of vibrant Hip Hop culture in Sydney. One of the last surviving places of Hip Hop music. Some of the most important meetings of word smiths from all over Sydney and surroundings take place here as well as performances of some of the important underground international names.

    This cool bar with it's always positive vibe and friendly staff, fun line up of live music and DJ performing all kinds of Hip Hop styles is important place for culture in general in Sydney. I think it is very important for the bar to be open till 2am because the vibes and program is attracting people from all the neighbourhoods of Sydney that it would be shame to send everyone home when the fun just started.

    It is also important to let them stay open as long as possible to be able to compete with other popular bars in Redfern, Surry Hills and Cbd. I fell in love with this place the very first time I visited it and I am coming back regularly for my portion of this very colourful international Hip Hop which lives here.

  35. Jack Shepherd commented

    Hustle and Flow has been a GENUINE and NECESSARY community watering hole,a spot for independent and emerging artists like myself to play to receptive audiences, and an excellent venue all-round. In my time frequenting the venue, Nigel and the staff have always been fantastic to work with, mindful of their neighbors, quick to act if any issues ever arise, and simply all-around lovely people. I can understand the resistance to a late trading license, but if there’s a venue that deserves it and has a team responsible enough to manage it without detriment to the community, it’s Nigel and Hustle and Flow. Please consider extending their trading license to 2am!

  36. Tatiana Mera commented

    Hustle n flow is such an awesome and unique venue. Supportive of the community and has a great atmosphere. Nigel and the team make you feel welcomed, it would be a long awaited dream to have it open till 2am.

  37. Sam Hunter commented

    Hustle & Flow Bar is a huge supporter of the arts in the local community. Nigel and the team have always been hospitable, with a friendly/positive attitude towards all patrons. The community spirit I see down there every week is astonishing and it’s nothing but an asset to Redfern. As far as small business’s that give back and understand the locals, Hustle & Flow is one of the best!

  38. Jed Clarke commented

    Hustle and flow has been an incredibly important part of the redfern community.

    Nigel (licensee) is one of the areas best venue operators. Not only looking after the well being of his own venue. But taking the time to assist other operators within the redfern area.

    By allowing hustle and flow to trade until 2am will be a huge boon to the redfern area.

    As a licensee/owner operator myself, I fully support this application.

    I feel this will improve my own interests within the redfern area, as well as increasing the overall value of the redfern area for local residents.

  39. Lee commented

    Hustle & Flow has been a staple venue/bar in Redfern and not to mention greater Sydney. I have been there on numerous occasions to see local artists perform and the only one downside has been its early closing time.
    Allowing this small business an extended window of trade opportunity not only contributes to the greater arts community, but allows small business to survive during these times especially.

  40. Ashleigh Campbell commented

    I live in Cairns, and when we come to Sydney, it’s always great to catch up with people at the friendly small bar Hustle & Flow. It’s always happening, warm and inviting. Usually go after dinner around 9-10pm and while I love it, always closes too early. I have watched on with empathy on a couple of occasions when the staff have to interrupt the night at 11:45pm and call last drinks, to a room full of great energy and music.
    They’re always good at getting punters out the door on the stroke of midnight but it seems a bit senseless and sad for this small business, that does so much to support community and nurture diverse independent music scenes, to see the stream of guests on the street and heading to another larger pub or venue that’s allowed to trade later - usually one stacked with pokies.
    It’s places like Hustle & Flow that build and support community and they should be supported and recognised for their work and the safe, genuine, welcoming and creative environment they create for everyone to experience, enjoy and feel part of.
    Hustle & Flow makes Sydney better.
    Please consider a late license for this great family business.

  41. Liza Moscatelli commented

    I’ve been to many venues throughout the years as a documentary/live music photographer and a patron, Hustle & Flow bar stands out from the rest because it’s not just a bar or venue that focuses on business, but it‘s a safe space and very supportive of community, local artists, culture and diversity. The staff are very professional, friendly and I have not seen any trouble since attending. I fully support this venue staying open to at least 2am. Thank you.

  42. Jah Tung commented

    Hustle & Flow Bar is an iconic, landmark venue for Sydney's underground and emerging artists, let alone the community it supports with positive and authentic events. From hosting fundraiser and community events to nurturing talent and providing platforms for the voiceless to be heard, this is an essential element of Sydney's and even Australia's live music circuit. Not only have I never experienced any problems at this venue, but the events there have been some of the most memorable nights in my Sydney gigging history, only to be cut short by licencing time limits, while patrons beg us to continue later. Extended entertainment hours would provide more opportunity, not only for Hustle & Flow Bar associates but for the surrounding community and businesses. Thanks

  43. Tamara Prouzos commented

    Hustle and flow is the heart of Redfern. If I have a night out I will only come here. I've been coming here for the last 5 years. Reason being is because they do it for the community. The staff are proffessional, friendly and just care about the people. Would really appreciate if hustle and flow can be open till 2am, by the time we get there after dinner, time flies and it shuts so quickly. I know the staff respect the local community and will do everything they can to always be respectful of noise.

  44. NJ Edwards commented

    Hustle and Flow Bar is such a great spot!. Close to the station and it's a venue that's very well respected in the community and within the Hip-Hop culture. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. It's hands down one of of my favourite spots to visit in Sydney. Extending their opening hours would be a great thing for the bar. This would also help the bar to expand and grow which then allows the community and the people to benefit too. They have my support 100%.

  45. Azzam Mohamed commented

    Hustle & Flow is a very safe place, and it's like home for us dancers and everyone who enjoyed music. They gave us a space to come and celebrate, train and share our gifts with everyone.

    I and other dancers were invited by Freedom Sessions organisers to host dance workshops in Hustle & Flow, and that place always been supportive of street dancers and other street artists.

  46. Makoto Kumai commented

    Hustle & Flow Bar is the place supports local musicians and artists. I've performed several times. Always positive vibe and friendly staff. I strongly support the 2am licence application.

  47. Jackie commented

    Hustle & Flow Bar has been home to the Sydney Street dance community for over 2 years now. It has been a place that we can gather and express ourselves through Hip Hop, Funk, Afro, and House dance culture. At a time when small business are suffering, extending the hours for this institution would greatly benefit a sub-culture of Sydney artists and music enthusiasts not to mention this wonderful bar and space.

  48. Irene Nayler commented

    I am a regular customer of Hustle and Flow and have had the pleasure of working with the staff of this amazing local bar of Redfern.
    Not only is the bar atmosphere professional and extremely welcoming, it's the bar staff and bar management that has made such an impression and influential impact on the community with their unmatched services of entertainment, bar keep and continuous support to the music industry for local and upcoming artists, dancers, DJs etc.
    Hustle and Flow is not just another bar but a place for our locals to come together, create and share unforgettable memories as well as contribute to our future in the entertainment industry.
    I strongly support this business staying open until 2am.

  49. Kylie Captain commented

    Hustle and Flow is an amazing bar that offers a place for people to unwind and relax in a safe and comfortable environment. The owners are members of the local community who care about providing an atmosphere that allows guest to enjoy and support local artists. What I love most about Hustle and Flow is the sense of community. They go above and beyond to support the local community and ensure everyone has a safe place to gather and support local artist.

  50. Ben Swatton commented

    I used to live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and would always make the trip to play 3 sets. Nigel and the rest of the people at Hustle and Flow are some of the best venue operators I've ever had the pleasure of playing for, and are also excellent people.

  51. Jeremy A commented

    Hustle and flow has had my business since the first time I attended 4 years ago. As I've watched it grow it's outstanding how much a small venue can have such a positive effect on its Community and it's patrons. It's a unique platform that is arguably unrivalled in Australia that ranges from it's Jazz and Caribbean genres to its core identity of Hip-hop with it's host of MC's, Djs, Artists, Dancers and live bands. A venue that supports community fundraisers, local to international audience and it's great food service from the Milk Bar next door. It's location a bonus that is close to public transport and just outside Sydney's CBD. Due to recent times a part of Sydney may now work from home or have staggered working hours and are in need of a great venue like this, extending opening hours would be not only be beneficial to it's immediate community but also it's extended communities and services.

  52. Mark Munk Ross commented

    As a respected member of the of the Redfern community for over 40 years, I am very suprised that this great venue has not been given this license earlier. As I also work in the media locally, I can testify to the fact that Hustle & Flow is by far the most important venue in the local precinct. The entertainment industry injects billions of dollars into the Australian economy & this venue is a safe place that alot of young artists get an opportunity to perform and gives them a platform to develop and further their careers to be a part of that economy. You would actually be doing yourself, the local community and this country a disservice to deny this venue this exteneded license.
    Yours sincerely
    Mark Munk Ross
    (2014 National Indigenous Music Awards Inductee)

  53. Tegan Yasserie commented

    Hustle and Flow provides a welcoming and safe space for locals and visitors to meet and listen to great music and support a wide range of performance artists. I support extending the opening hours as it not only provides a much needed recreation venue to the ever increasing local population, it’s sets a high standard for the types of businesses redfern deserves.

  54. Luke collecutt commented

    I’m a 30 year veteran Dj and also an ex publican that works at Hustle & flow , it’s responsibly managed and is an asset to the community it provides a stable safe environment for the Lovers of music in Sydney.

  55. Leo Tanoi commented

    Hustle & Flow Bar is a well respected organisation within the Arts & Culture and Entertainment sector. The venue is a platform for artists to explore and experiment while celebrating artistic culture. As the city grows the artistic contributions from the artists in a safe space is crucial. The extension to the time line is also needed as this is part of the night culture and economy.

  56. Crystal Moran commented

    I am a local and former Hustle & Flow employee, and fully support their application for their extended trading license. I cannot recommend the management highly enough - they take their responsibilities to the local community very seriously, and I note the concerted effort they have put in to minimise noise and other disruptions to local residents, while maintaining the awesome vibes that make Redfern the best place to live in Sydney. Hustle is one of the few places in the area giving opportunities to young people, particularly Indigenous and black youth, the opportunity to perform live and establish an audience. They also support a wide spectrum of musical styles, host niche interstate and international acts, and encourage folks from all over Sydney with unique musical tastes to take the train in and support the local economy. They're also known for opening up their space for fundraisers, community screenings, play readings, and a host of other artistic endeavours. They're located on a busy, multi-lane road and close their doors, so any noise issues from extended trading would be minimal. The venue is right next to a train station and capacity is also much smaller than many of the inner city venues, so late-night leavers can leave quickly and with minimal fuss. If they City of Sydney is looking for test cases for 2am licensing in Redfern, Hustle & Flow is a strong candidate set up for success.

  57. Peter Sandercock commented

    Hustle and Flow Bar is a celebration and staple of Sydney music and culture. Among many things, Hustle amd Flow Bar provides a platform for independent artists to have their music heard.
    With only good vibes and good times to be had, a 2am licence for Hustle and Flow would facilitate more elements of the community to come together and celebrate music and life.
    Hustle is Flow Bar is a staple of Redfern nightlife and an iconic venue for indie artists across Sydney.
    A 2am licence makes sense for the local economy and community.
    Thank you

  58. Will Nice commented

    Hustle and Flow is not just a bar ... it is a meeting place for so many in the community. The bar offers a great and widely diverse music, art and cultural events.

    I have held events there for about 3 years and one of the frustrations we have had is the closing time. We have had a full house but had to close out and send our warm, vibrant and energetic patrons home. What I can say is really needed is a space that has friendly people, great music, like minded souls for a extended period.

    I support, in fact I insist the bar is extended ... please consider this as an absolute necessity ... it is needed.

  59. Brandon Moore commented

    Coming from Canada I felt at home immediately here. The community atmosphere and support of the local music scene is more important now than ever. Hustle and flow is a Sydney gem and vital for local musicians.

  60. Zeadala commented

    Hustle and Flow has become somewhat of a sanctuary for me over the last few years. With the good vibes from people within the Hip Hop community coming together to celebrate oneness and a love for the culture- I have been able to find an inclusive space to perform and grow as an Artist. It provides something no other venue in Sydney can in regards to small and intimate performances - truly unique it is one of a kind and would really benefit from being able to stay open longer to support artists like myself with a space to perform and feel supported. The management, staff and venue are a great mix for a great night out in Sydney, hosting a number of events from dance to live music- it is an integral part of the night economy.

  61. Corey Anderson commented

    Hustle and Flow is a great space for local performers to come and learn their craft. I have lived in Waterloo for 30 years and this the first and only licence venue welcoming hip hop artists into their venue to be themselves in a comfortable and like-minded space.

    So in consideration to this get people more time at any given night to perform and to share their stories to the crowd. With the 2 a.m. close you give a great venue a bigger footprint in the community that thrives from this venue being there.

  62. Adam Roebuck commented

    Every time i visit sydney i visit this venue! Nigel and his staff make you feel welcome as do the other guests. I believe because of hustle and flows efforts to provide the local community with their wide range of special nights relevent to the local population, that an extended licence would be benifical to the people of redfern in these difficult times.

  63. Alex basha commented

    There is no reason why the hustle and flow bar should be denied opening until 2am. It isn't illegal for adults to stay up late, therefore adults should be allowed the right to party at such a time, at a respectable establishment like the hustle and flow bar. In conjunction with the former, local musicians are doing it super tough right now, and hustle and flow are the home of live hiphop music in sydney that has consistently given local artists the opportunity to flex their bars. The government's responsibility is to reciprocate that effort by doing the same - in the form of approving this very reasonable request.

  64. Dave Cowan commented

    Hustle & Flow is a staple bar & venue within Redfern that serves not only the local community but also the greater Sydney region. I have been there on numerous occasions to see local artists and DJ's across various genres perform, and this, along with the monthly hosting they provided for the Freedom Sessions dancers to meet and host dance workshops makes this a stand out venue supporting the Sydney community as a whole.
    Allowing this small business an extended window of trade opportunity until 2am not only contributes to the greater arts community, but will allow this small business to survive and continue.

  65. Matt poe commented

    When I was working in Sydney myself and my work crew went to hustle and flow and we all commented with each other how safe and well run hustle and flow was it’s a Great little pub and I think it would be fantastic and Awesome that the pub would be granted a 2am close it would be fantastic for all of the local people in Redfern and for people who come to visit Redfern from Interstate and International it would Wonderful hustle and flow is just a outstanding little pub with nice people nice staff and it’s a safe place to catch up for a beer and a yarn

  66. Jacqui Swinburne commented

    I support the application to extend the trading hours by Hustle & Flow. I live in Waterloo and work in Redfern. I love the space, the people and the music and also the way they support new and local musicians. It’s a very inclusive and safe space and provides a venue for young musicians to perform, including young local First Nations people.

  67. DJ Lambam commented

    great business not just for the community, but for the Sydney music culture & arts industry for musician & dancers, a great little friendly professional bar with a big heart

  68. Puha and Porkbones commented

    Puha and Porkbones is a Kiwi Radio show on Koori Radio, located just down the road from our fave lil bar in Redfern, Hustle and Flow.
    A few years back, Hustle and Flow hosted our Puha and Porkbones fundraiser and LIVE Outside Broadcast for Koori Radio, bringing a diverse range of artists, individuals and groups within the music, arts, media, food and culture industries.
    Since then we have built a strong relationship with the owners and the community in the area. On many occasions Hustle and Flow have reached out to us to interview head acts on our show and to join them for the gig itself. We are a team of 8 broadcasters/co-host and we all have our own individual music tastes and followings, but Hustle and Flow still delivers diversity on all genres, whilst keeping true to Hip-hop! And will not stop coming back! Rockimg til 2am is even better!!
    The atmosphere is great! The vibes are big! The stage talent is huge! And the people that make this small bar are our community! Big love going out Nigel and Tianna! You guys rock 👊🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤ One Love

  69. Zahir Shah commented

    Hustle & Flow is a thriving business and cultural hub for Sydney residents and its international guests. Hustle & Flow has hosted many international artists, successful events and most importantly, provided a platform for people to express themselves. The City of Sydney and its residents stand to gain from extending the venue’s operating hours to 2am.

    Hustle & Flow’s impact on the City of Sydney is as follows:

    1. Safe Environment
    Hustle & Flow creates a space for patrons to wind down and enjoy themselves. Given the current state of affairs, the venue provides an escape through its friendly service and welcoming atmosphere. Patrons may come in and freely express themselves. The staff run a tight ship ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.

    2.A Platform for the Community
    Hustle & Flow provides a much needed platform for independent and established artists to perform, network and grow. The venue hosts a variety of events including:
    - live music performances;
    - rap battles and competitions;
    - musical jams; and
    - cultural events (local and international).
    Given that many venues have closed down and the decimation of the Arts sector from the pandemic, Hustle & Flow provides people (both young and old) the platform to express themselves creatively and to connect with the wider community.

    3. Benefits to the Local Economy
    Hustle & Flow is placed in a prime location with easy access from Redfern station. This allows inner city residents as well as those from afar to enjoy entertainment that Sydney has to offer.

    I speak from both the perspective of a patron and performer when I say that extending Hustle & Flow’s trading hours to 2am will most surely bring both economic and social benefits to the City of Sydney.

  70. Hilton Denis commented

    Hey guys keep it open great great vibes, good for community!

  71. Michelle commented

    I strongly support Hustle & Flow staying open until 2 am.
    The staff are friendly and the venue is inviting.
    Nigel took a chance on our family business Jamaican Delight and we had the opportunity to share our love of Jamaican food and music with the Hustle and Flow community.
    I have never witnessed any problems at the venue or seen any inappropriate behaviour.
    It's a great place to meet friends, have a drink and listen to great music.
    2 am is a more realistic closing time for a venue which often has live music.

  72. Aaron Ngan commented

    Hustle and Flow is THE live music venue in Redfern and is the only venue in Sydney that supports a focus on Hip Hop music and culture from around the world. Despite not personally being a Hip Hop fan or aficionado, I am always so impressed by the warmth, openness, and inclusiveness that is present for people of any and every background. Hustle and Flow is a true cultural melting pot, not just by design, but because of the care and attentiveness of Nigel and every one of his staff, as well as every single event host, regular live acts, and DJs, that all constantly create a space that I always feel at home.
    While living in Redfern between Oct 2015 - Mar 2020 I have had the privilege of seeing Hustle's growth into a thriving community centred on culture and live music and I have had the pleasure of hosting several events in the space. Despite no longer living in Redfern I still attend every live music event each week to support our community. I fully endorse and support an extension of trading hours that will in turn significantly support City of Sydney (and Redfern) live music, culture, and community, in a uniquely inclusive setting that cannot be found anywhere in the city.

  73. B.C. commented

    As a long time patron and performer among many sydney establishments, i've always found redfern's 'Hustle and Flow' bar to be the most hospitable and accommodating live music venue of them all.

    Theirs is a non threatening and all welcoming, community based bar that is owned and managed by the very same person that is likely to be mixing your drink or serving you your food.

    I am presently not of understanding why this safe and friendly 'home' for the thirsty worker or the 'footloose and fancy free' may be overlooked in regards to a 2:00 AM extension of their licence, while many other less civilized establishments are being favoured instead,

    Yours sicerely, Brent Clarke.

  74. Danielle Tuwai commented

    Hustle and Flow play an integral role in the Redfern and Waterloo community as well as the Hip Hop community. Nestled between many bars that have popped up in Redfern over recent years of gentrification, Hustle and Flow is unique, and unlike anywhere else in Redfern or Sydney. Hustle and Flow provides a service and bar to people who enjoy Hip Hop music, Live Hip Hop music culture, art, and community. It is a safe place for people of colour to meet and feel comfortable, as well as people from all walks of life. Anyone who has spent a night at Hustle and Flow is fully aware of respecting the neighborhood, the bar, and one another and there is no reason why Hustle and Flow shouldn't be granted a license to trade to 2 am. In fact, I would be utterly offended if they were not. Nigel is a member of the Redfern and Waterloo community, he grew up in the community, and it is integral that he is celebrated, supported, and trusted as a business owner within the community he has been raised. I, and many people from this community are proud of Nigel's achievements and I look at this bar and his professionalism as an example of success and possibility. To deny Nigel the right to extend his operations to 2am would be concerning. He deserves to make the income that anyone else has been afforded in this community and elsewhere. Regards, Danielle

  75. Sara commented

    Hustle and Flo is not only a safe space to interact and socialise, it is also a place that cultivates local talent and offers an intimate and friendly space for artists to network with other likeminded artists in the hip hop industry. The bar is unique in the fact that it provides a platform for artists to gain skills in the live music industry which has suffered tremendously through the closures of many businesses in the city of sydney area and now also suffer through the impact of coronavirus. In a time where people are struggling to keep their businesses afloat and maintain an income, it is important to provide every opportunity for local small businesses to succeed and by extending operating times. I’m sure Nigel, the business owner has suffered enough during covid lockdowns/restrictions and if he is not allowed to extend operating hours until 2am he and his family could suffer even more. As a local person who has lived, worked and studied in the area for most of my life I support Nigels application to extend operating times and I’m sure if approved he will continue to operate his business with respect for other local businesses and residents as he had always done.

  76. Irene Stella commented

    I support Hustle & Flow Bar application to open until 2am because it is a safe environment to enjoy company in Redfern area. Hustle & Flow Bar has a warm and friendly vibe and it’s a good contrast to high paced venues because of its relaxed environment.

    Hustle and Flow Bar is a cultural hub and a thriving business that should be eleggibile to extend their opening hours, and provide a safe environment for the community.

    Thank you

  77. Tom commented

    Hustle and Flow is a great business and very big part of the Redfern community. Nigel is an excellent operator and I can only see this as a positive for late night trade in Redfern!

  78. Michael Owen commented

    As a local artist and student I've attended and performed at Hustle & Flow Bar countless times. I feel this bar should be given the licence as they deserve a chance to benefit from the extra trading hours. This bar is a cultural hub and has always provided a safe and fun atmosphere that is of great value to the community.


    Michael Owen

  79. David Taliai commented

    As a longtime patron i support the trading hour extension of the Hustle & Flow bar. It has always been a safe environment, a hub for community engagement and has always presented opportunities for local and emerging artists to showcase their talents be it Bands, DJ's, Singers, Dance Troupes etc. Patrons have always been respectful of the premises as well as surrounding businesses and Nigel as well as his staff have a great rapport with not only the local community but always leave a great impression with first time visitors. An extension is not only deserving for Nigel but for local businesses and the community.

  80. M Wu commented

    Hustle n Flow has a great sense of community and is run by people who are passionate about supporting live music. It is a pocket of culture in the city. As a local musician, I really want to see this bar stay open longer and businesses like this one thrive.

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