65-69 Duntroon Street, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193

Partial demolition of existing structure and construction and conversion re-use to provide for eight (8) affordable rental housing dwellings pursuant to State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 23 days ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-627/2020)


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  1. Colin Dent commented

    I fiercly oppose this development. I see the intense development from Canterbury road has now started seeping down. This high density type development is not suitable to this area. The asthetic of our neighbourhood will change. The link provided does not take me to further information on this development so I can only assume with this type of development that parking has not been taken into account.
    Here we have an opportunity for the council to step in and take ownership of this property as a community centre and avoid wasting money on the ridiculously misplaced concept for removal of yet more green space from building in the land previously used as a bowling green.

  2. Nic commented

    I strongly oppose this DA and am dismayed by it.

    I believe that area of Hurlstone Park is about to become a heritage protected area. This building is heritage and must be protected.

    The building serves an extremely important community role. Its current use as a dance studio is vital to hundreds of families with children. We already suffer a huge lack of community facilities such as this. The building is also used for community meetings, private functions and voting at elections. It is a very important asset and this cannot be overstated.

    Please do not allow 8 townhouses to be built here. There are many other apartments being built in the area which have provided more than enough housing near to this location. Enough is enough.

  3. Cheyne commented

    To see the documents, just search '627/2020' at http://eplanning.cbcity.nsw.gov.au/ApplicationSearch

  4. Cheyne commented

    The proposed dwellings do not comply with the design requirements for Private Open Space and the Main Living/Bedroom dimensions. This shows that an excessive number of units are proposed for this site. This is not consistent with Canterbury DCP 2012 Clause 3.2.3 or the objectives of Clause 3.4.3.

    Zero car parking spaces are proposed for a development with 18 bedrooms overall. This doesn't make sense for the additional permanent residents that would be introduced.

    It is evident that this is just an attempt to cram in more units than the site can accommodate at the expense of the people who will live in them, whilst overburdening the on-street parking

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