306 Cleveland Street Surry Hills NSW 2010

Change of use and fitout of 2 existing terrace buildings at 306 and 308 Cleveland Street to expand an existing brothel located at 310 and 312 Cleveland Street. The proposal involves the provision of 7 additional working rooms (21 in total), 2 staff rooms plus storage. New openings are proposed to connect the buildings (between 306, 308 and 310). Conservation works are proposed to the rear of the buildings. The new part of the brothel is proposed to operate in accordance with approved hours of operation for the existing brothel: between 10:30am and 12.00 midnight, Sunday through to Thursdays and between 10.30am and 2:00am the following day on Fridays and Saturdays.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2020/230)


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  1. Alexa Wyatt commented

    Last year this business sought to expand into number 306 and 308 to add yet more premises to those existing at 310-312. That application was rejected on the following grounds:
    The entrance to the site is located less than 75 metres to the entrance to an
    existing brothel at 278-284 Cleveland Street and is located adjacent to and
    opposite residential premises and a residential zone. Intensification and expansion
    of the premises will have an adverse impact on the streetscape, character and
    amenity of the surrounding area and is contrary to the following planning
    Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012
    (i) Clause 1.2(2)(h) - to enhance the amenity and quality of life of local
    (ii) Clause 2.3(2) - B4 Mixed Use zone - To provide a mixture of compatible land
    uses and to ensure uses support the viability of centres
    (iii) Clause 7.21 - Location of sex services premises
    Sydney Development Control Plan 2012
    (iv) Section 2.13.1 - Cleveland Street locality statement
    (v) Section 4.2.9 - Non-residential land uses in the B4 - Mixed Use zone
    (vi) Section - proximity to residential premises and existing sex services

    I am concerned about the proliferation of brothels given the number of premises that already exist in close proximity to the new high school being built on the corner of Cleveland and Chalmers. Students attending that school will be using the bus stop currently situated directly outside these premises. I don't think that is at all appropriate. It still contravenes council's own policy of no new premises opening within a 75m radius of existing premises, given a brothel operates in James Street near Elizabeth Street and also at 278-284 Cleveland St as mentioned above. This application must be rejected once more on the same grounds.

  2. Elise Bellety commented

    I wish to object profusely to the approval of this application for the following reasons:

    - The street already has numerous Brothels and Massage Parlours from 278-284 to 310-312 and 400-402 Cleveland Street. The extension of 306-312 to create a mega brothel within such close proximity to others should not be permitted.

    - The concentration of so many businesses offering Sex Services in the area draws unwanted groups of people walking up and down the street visiting each establishment along the way, effectively turning Cleveland Street/Goodlet Lane into a red light district.

    - It restricts the variety of other businesses within the local area limiting value to the community.

    - The groups of people attending this business are regularly intoxicated and come all hours of the day/night. They are noisy and give no consideration to the residents and families who live in the area. It is not uncommon to find empty drug satchels and Viagra packets littering Goodlet Lane adjacent to the entrance of this Brothel.

    - Sometimes carloads of men park along the adjacent streets blaring their music as they wait for their friends to return from the brothel. You also get suspicious looking characters delivering items through their car windows to men and women from the business.

    - As a woman I feel intimidated and scared that I might attract unwanted attention from these groups of men often seen loitering on the streets adjacent to the brothel.

    -A mega brothel like this should not be permitted so close to residential houses and apartments.

    Expanding the brothel to double the current size will dramatically increase the turnover of customers, noise, traffic and all the unsavoury behaviours mentioned above. It will adversely impact the character and amenity of the surrounding area so I implore you to please consider my objections and reject this planning application.

  3. M C Duncan commented

    I agree with the lady”S comments above
    I think the council needs reminding that they are trying to sell multi million dollar appartments in Cleveland st which will devalue the market and hinder the gentrification of Surry Hills
    We are a very diversified suburb, yes we have our brothels and our social housing ,also a multi million dollar market and we do integrate well ,but this MEGA brothel is unnecessary commodity

  4. Emile R commented

    I wholeheartedly object to the expansion of this brothel. The Redfern and Surry Hills district already has far too many sex service related establishments. A brand new school has been built 300 metres from this premises and it's obscene to be encouraging businesses of this type to develop further where children are in close proximity. The area will attract more anti-social behaviour, pollution, drugs and crime. I strongly disagree and should it be approved - the City of Sydney Council should be ashamed.

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