66 Austin Crescent, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

Construction of 10 double storey dwellings and reduction of car parking (two visitor car parking spaces)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 9 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2019/459)


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  1. Anthony commented

    10 with Two car parks which will be taken up with residents anyway. Excellent keep squeezing Austin crescent to non- assessable status.
    I’ve got nothing against developments but common sense needs to prevail.
    Serious MCC wake up... or maybe it’s time for administrators too to clean up the council.

  2. Joanne commented

    The plans weren't accessible on the MCC website to view but I am wondering how 10 units are being squeezed onto a block size that at the most fits 5 units (4 is more comfortable)?

  3. Fatma Zeydan commented

    The development of 10 double story dwellings in such a narrow, quiet street is absolutely absurd. Street parking is already proving to be tight with recent developments of 4-5 townhouses being erected.. but 10? Surely this cannot be allowed to go ahead. Noise pollution, over population and overcrowding will be an issue along with a lack of on street parking.

    Rather than overburdening Melbourne's suburbs with an unreasonably dense population, I would like to see a push for the development of Melbourne regional and outer suburbs with appropriate infrastructure and facilities.

    I am not opposed to development of a reasonable number of dwellings.. 10 however is far from reasonable and I hope the council can stand alongside it's residents with this one.

  4. Mike Citizen commented

    I have lived in this Street for almost 27 years. It was once so peaceful and tranquil. Over the decades I have watched this, once quiet street become so congested to the point I struggle to even put my bins out. Several dozen cars parked on each side of the nature strip which makes even reversing out of your driveway an arduous task. To think that another 10 townhouses will be built on two blocks of land is beyond ridiculous on an already overpopulated Street. I hope MCC empathizes with the residents. Hopefully our voices, long time residents will be heard.

  5. Sam commented

    Dear Councillors,
    I strongly object to the development of 10 double story dwellings on 66 Austin crescent. My family and I have been residents of the street for over 25 years and are disheartened by the destruction of the neighborhood over the years.
    -Recent developments have put pressure on our roads, infrastructure and public transport
    -Pascoe Vale has already become overpopulated, making it extremely difficult for residents who commute and have to struggle with over crowded trains
    -An addition of 10 dwellings will increase overpopulation, pollution, noise and further destroy our beautiful streetscape and limit our on street parking
    Please reconsider the number of dwellings constructed in our already over crowded street.
    Kind regards,

  6. Daniela R. commented

    Issues related to parking are increasing in so many streets in PV and projects like this do not help. It is time the council wakes up to issues like ambulances not being able to access houses anymore. Our neighbours are elderly and when the husband needed an ambulance a little while ago it could not get to their house because of too many cars parked on both sides of the street, leaving only a narrow line to drive through. And this is now true for so many streets in the area. I understand the demand for more townhouse dwellings but related parking approvals and the overall impact on a street need to be examined more carefully. Perhaps it is time to limit off street parking to one side of the road in the most congested streets.

  7. Sarah commented

    Austin crescent has become an overpopulated and overcrowded street.
    There are too many cars already parking in the street. When people visit us, they can never get a carpark out the front of our house anymore. A lot of the townhouse residents park on the street now, as there is not enough parking in their own developments. It is dangerous to even reverse out of your driveway with the amount of cars and traffic in the street already.
    Our neighbours had a fire truck called out last year for an incident, and they even had issues getting down the street with so many cars parked along it and in the way.
    Town planning and the councillors need to really consider allowing any more dense developments being built in Austin crescent.
    10 more double storey dwellings in such a small, confined space puts extra strain on our already overcrowded street.
    That equals another 30 bins put out on the street on some Wednesdays (taking up 30+ metres of street space) and potentially at least another 10+ cars parked on the street each day and night.
    Please reconsider the number of dwellings allowed to be built.

  8. Suzi commented

    The development Moreland approves is disgusting compared to other councils. Our streets have become hazards and our comfort, privacy and safety has been compromised. It is purely in the favour of builders at all times for their own purpose of Making money! Write to your local members which is what I have been doing to make it known that enough is enough

  9. Nigel Fam commented

    I'm going to be moving to this street next year.

    how can they even fit 10 units in there on 925m of land.? That's 100m of land per unit (not including a common driveway, carparking etc)

    most single house subdivisions on this street are 3-4 units - have a look at google view
    10 units is if they have 2 houses/2 lots of land (ie like 53-55)

    carparking? how is 2 visitor carparks enough? 10 units, 2 cars each? 20 cars, only 12 carparks. so does 8 cars go onto a already crowded street

    Where do people put their rubbish bins for collection with so many cars on the street parking, and an increased number of bins?

  10. Gwenda Nelson commented

    I think it’s time council is held to account for the risk and damage they’re placing on our community. The devaluation of our suburbs due to cheap overdevelopment. Placing ridiculous pressure on our local schools and streets. I can’t believe the things they approve, people must be being paid off to pass such rubbish developments through. Like regularly used laneways in Oak Park being turned into shared driveways so 8 units can be put on one block in a small quite street. If our kids are hit on the way to school by a car reversing out, it should be the council employee who approved it being criminally charged. Town planners in Moreland need to be named and shamed. No more then three on a block!!! And plan for adequate on site parking!!

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