76 Lascelles Av, Warradale 5046 SA

One, two storey building comprising two dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Marion, reference 7.2018.555.3)


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  1. Neil Morris commented

    This development should not go ahead.
    There is already over development opposite this property and all down Lascelles resulting in cars constantly blocking the road, parked both sides.
    The corner road of Mattson also has been destroyed with the majority of properties already turned into row developments.
    Safe access in and out if this street has already gone. Being a corner block, surrounded by overdevelopment, this application will only make this worse.
    Streetscape also needs to be considered with NO two stores buildings in the immediate area. This development would look completely out of place.
    Put an end to the destruction of Marion area and a Adelaide suburbs. This application must be rejected.

  2. James Smith commented

    Hi Neil, I love your enthusiasm but this is just a portal for councils to say they have consulted with residents. Not a single application will be overturned because of comments made here. Its a disgrace what is being allowed to occur.

    I frequently object to developments and this is another one that should not go ahead due to housing density affecting traffic, access/egress, water pressure, and general amenity.

  3. Neil Morris commented

    Hi James, Thanks for your response. Yes, it is appalling that we continue to be ignored and the greed, short sighted non sustainable over development continues.
    Not sure if you have seen on previous comments, but I have started a petition and placed the link below.

    For council to consider on this application;
    With the current pandemic, all the countries that have had rapid spreading of the disease have all been high density living areas. Do we learn? No we continue to allow this over development.
    As indicated, safe road use is already being jeopardised. With these developments, the risk of an accident is increasing. Does it take an injury or death for things to change? At what point do local and state governments become held accountable for this?


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