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336-338 Brighton Road North Brighton SA 5048

Construction of an integrated fuel service station comprising a building used as a shop with fascia advertising displays, a free standing canopy with fascia advertising displays, 8 fuel pumps, 2 x 100,000 litre fuel tanks, 1 pylon advertising display, ancillary car parking and landscaping

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Holdfast Bay, reference 110/00172/20)


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  1. Nick Pedler commented

    Ridiculously unnecessary application. There is already 2 OTR’s, 1 Caltex and 1 Woolworths petrol within that 3km stretch of Brighton road between Diagonal and Sturt Roads.

  2. Wade Hoey commented

    Please reject this application. Another petrol station on Brighton Road is totally unacceptable and unhealthy to the community specifically in this section of Brighton Road. There already is a Caltex across the road with 2 OTRs on the same side as the application in very close proximity. There would be no commercial advantage or supply requirement in building another petrol station at this location due to the heavy competition of already established petrol stations especially the OTRs. Again please reject this application.

  3. Dave Lock commented

    A service station is unnecessary with many options within 3km of this application, not to mention the 4 way intersection leading into Francis St which is already dangerous with minimal turning right lane off Brighton Road and acts as a U turn to many because it’s the only right hand turn because Cecelia St has been blocked.
    Has any thought been put into place with design to protect my investment and my home and our surrounding neighbours community from noise pollution, late night hoons, fuel tankers, possible explosions, crime and loitering, plant equipment noise all which come hand in hand with a 24/7 service stations.

  4. Claire Lock commented

    Please reject this application. There are already multiple stations within close proximity to the site and this proposal brings traffic, health and safety concerns.
    Traffic is already an issue at the intersection of Francis Street, with the street being used for U-turns and thoroughfare traffic due to Cecilia Street being closed from right turns. We have witnessed near collisions at this intersection and the location of a petrol station will only add to traffic congestion and road safety issues.
    Furthermore, how are local residents health, safety and welfare being taken into consideration?
    Placing a petrol station adjacent to housing presents unnecessary risks, including potential for explosions, loitering, late night noise and unsavoury behavior, air, noise and light pollution for residents in the immediate area.
    Bringing an additional service station into the area is completely unnecessary and does not consider the welfare or investment implications for the existing community.

  5. Johanna den Dekker commented

    We are trying to reduce our dependence on petrol and a lot of people are looking to electric cars
    Why are you even considering this?

  6. Elissa commented

    This strip of 5ks of Brighton Road has 5 petrol stations and multiple shops. There is so many issues with traffic and congestion along this strip. Its a short space of road and there is no need to add another petrol station when there is one about 500m up the road. This needs to be rejected - its bad for the road space, the locals and the environment. Please consider these comments.

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