McClelland Link 350M Cranbourne Road, Langwarrin 3910, VIC

Extension of time - To construct an Emergency Services Facility (Ambulance Station), vegetation removal, a two (2) lot subdivision and to create access to a Road Zone Category 1

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Frankston City Council, reference 225/2017/P/B)


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  1. Chris Warne commented

    This intersection is already an absolute nightmare! The traffic congestion around morning and afternoon peak times is absolutely horrendous - even out of peak times it can be a challenge to drive from Peninsula Link onto McLelland Rd..
    By putting an Ambulance Station on that corner, traffic would be increased considerably and it would have a massive negative effect on the flow of traffic. This corner can not take any further pressures on traffic.

  2. Aileen Henderson commented

    I second chris warne.

  3. Rachael commented

    I agree with Chris such a bad intersection to be putting an ambulance station at

  4. Trish Anderson commented

    I’m concerned about the the impact it will have on traffic especially since the traffic conditions are already quite heavy at this particular intersection ... I’m also and even more concerned about the wildlife corridor which runs along this proposed site... I’d like to see council actively trying to preserve these areas of bush land and the wildlife that inhibit it rather than tearing it down... (far too much has been happening).

  5. Janine Ellis commented

    What a terrible place to put an ambulance station. I agree the others regarding the traffic. It is a bad spot day or night.
    Do the people at the council actually go out to the site to have a look, or do they just read a map. Please reconsider this spot.
    It’s a great idea to have an ambulance station, just not in that place.

  6. Neal hill commented

    I agree that that is a bloody bad spot to put an ambulence station right on top of such a busy intersection and then what will happen when an ambulance is trying to enter the road with lights and sirens on and the traffic has to suddrnly brake hard im concerned this will cause a lot of nose to tail accidents

  7. Kevin Airey commented

    Maybe to ease traffic congestion at Cranbourne rd they could put an on and off ramp at Sky rd and even Robinson’s rd this would help heaps

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