127 MacPherson Street Bronte NSW 2024

New footpath dining permit for Nick Bardetta for 9 tables and 18 chairs

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference FPS-7/2020)


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  1. Lisa Shepherd commented

    This would not work. It gets extremely congested along that strip. Often we’ve had to walk out into the road near 3 Blue Ducks because people spread out with prams and dogs plus people milling around the outdoor seating area. Huxton’s is ok because the corner affords more space and The Char seating is very small and up against the wall.

  2. Michael Hudson commented

    I would not like any more outdoor seating areas in this part of Macpherson St. Already it is very overcrowded causing either walking out on the road or having to ask people if you can pass. So I am not in favour of a new footpath dining permit for Nick Bardetta for 9 tables and 18 chairs or anyone else

  3. Joe Klein commented

    We live in the block next door at 125 MacPherson Street and the tables would not only take up too much of the footpath, but the noise from the outdoor diners and wait-staff would be unbearable. Definitely against the proposal.

  4. Chris commented

    Footpath dining is great when there's enough room. What about narrowing the road?

  5. Cathy Davitt commented

    Chris, is that tongue in cheek? Or have you forgotten that MacPherson St doesnt start and end at Blue Ducks. It is a main arterial road.It will be subjected to 160 cars every weekend looking for a space for the water hockey at St Catherine's aquactic centre and who knows how many when the 500 seat theatre is operational. There are only 16 car extra spaces on St Cath's site and surveys show that patrons will park along the whole of MacPherson St. Footpath dining will lose it charm. And narrowing the already congested road is not the answer.

  6. Paul commented

    Hi All, please submit your comments/opposition etc directly to Waverley Council.

    This proposal is Ref Number: FPS-7/2020

    Email: dasubmissions@waverley.nsw.gov.au

    End Date for comments: Approx 6 Feb 2020

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