42 Bambara Crescent Beecroft NSW 2119

Tree Application - Removal of Ten (10) Trees

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference TA/28/2020)


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  1. Anna Chipizubov commented

    This block of land is quite small yet there will be 10 trees removed leaving it completely bare of any vegetation. Is this necessary? It is terrible that someone would buy a lovely green block only to completely wipe out the vegetation to build whatever they wish with no regard to our treasured biodiversity. Perhaps if you want a tree less block you can buy in one of the newer estates. Not right to rub out the very thing that makes Beecroft beautiful.

  2. Sue Robson commented

    So many trees have gone from Bambara Crescent already. I strongly object to the removal of all trees on that small block of land. We should be preserving our green environment.

  3. Gillian Ogg commented

    As a resident of Beecroft for 31 years, I have observed much attrition of the tree density in our suburb. Whilst I understand that development is unavoidable in older suburbs with larger blocks, it seems to me that removing 10 trees on a small block is somewhat extreme. It is well known that suburbs with fewer trees are hotter in summer and with increasing temperatures over all of Australia it seems very short-sighted to allow such an extraordinary number of trees to be removed. The amenity of Beecroft is under threat from developments of this sort. I cannot fathom why somebody would wish to live in Beecroft and then change the very things that make it such an pleasant place to reside.

  4. Paul De Rossi commented

    Seriously? No way, please block this without more detailed information. How can you buy a block of land knowing that it is full of trees then decide to bulldoze them all? I note there is no information on why they want to remove them all and no details on the sizes and types of trees.

  5. Ingrid Ralph commented

    Please provide details on why they wish to remove the trees. We should be planting more trees not removing them. Or has the unprecedented bushfires and the massive loss of trees and fauna escaped this owners notice.

  6. Georgia Cameron commented

    I am very concerned about the unprecedented number of applications to Parramatta City Council for removal of trees in recently purchased sites such as this one which sold as recently as November 2019. I believe Council needs to make public any discussions its officers have had on tree removal between prospective purchasers/developers and listing agents prior to this TA/28/2020 at 42 Bambara Crescent Beecroft (and other sites subject to TAs within 6 months of purchase) being considered.Our once leafy green suburbs of Beecroft, Cheltenham and Epping have suffered an extraordinary level of tree removal to increase the size of building envelopes which is adversely affecting the amenity of our community while destroying established habitat for birds and other arboreal species. While I strongly object to this TA, if approved, Council must apply conditions for more Indigenous trees (at least 20) to be planted and maintained as replacements for those to be felled.

  7. M. McCartney commented

    I also object to the removal of these 10 trees. There are currently no documents to show the reason for the tree removal or their species. Given the large number of trees in this application the proponent should at least provide an arborist report. If this is part of a development or pre DA lodging then the TA should not be approved as it needs to be considered with the DA. Subsequent DA plans need to include how to protect the trees.
    As temperatures sore beyond 40 degrees please let's get serious about the City of Parramatta Council's aim to reach a 40% tree canopy by 2036. These trees need to be protected to help achieve this and to keep our suburb cool. Trees also increase the value of the suburb's properties.

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