264 The Esplanade, Miami QLD 4220

Material Change of Use Impact Assessment Multiple Dwelling x47 including Short-term Accomodation x8

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2019/538)


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  1. Dorothy and Milton Howard commented

    My husband and I own timeshare at Mariner Shores next to this proposed building and the shading from this development will impact greatly on the resort with the swimming pool, mini golf and bocce all reduced to living in the shadows from this monolith. Natural light will be reduced to this area and the roof top barbecue area will also be much more darker and shadowed. Please show some commonsense and consideration for the timeshare owners who wish to enjoy these ammenities and not have them reduced to dark shadowy areas lacking in natural light

  2. Sue McCrossin commented

    Yet another totally inappropriate development, heigh, size and density - for The Esplanade, a small street that is becoming overcrowded with new developments and choking under the pressure.

  3. Bruce Barbour commented

    This is yet another example of a totally inappropriate development application for The Esplanade.
    Over scale and too high, inconsistent with the city plan - yet still they apply. Why ? Because council is likely to approve it.
    Council doesn’t care about its residents. It doesn’t want to enforce its own plan. It doesn’t care about its constituents. It’s all about development and making money.
    Who cares about quality of life. Who cares about mental health and well being.
    The only motivating factor for council is more development and more revenue.
    Let’s vote them out and let’s challenge their decisions. It is very clear they are not being made in the public interest - they are being made for improper purposes.
    Let’s all complain to the CCC and ask for these developments to be the subject of a corruption investigation.

  4. Eollyn Cortes commented

    This development does not support the local plan. This would overshadow the nearby buildings including Mariner Shores, the North Burleigh Surf Club and the beach. This will also block the view that Burleigh Surf tenants currently have of Surfers Paradise. The impact would be significant on the surrounding buildings and businesses, less people will attend the surf club and the beach when shaded and the holiday makers will go elsewhere or sell their investment if they do not maintain the space, view and light they invested in. The Esplanade cannot support more traffic and the area will be too congested. The proposed overcrowding of The Esplanade will ruin the beauty and community feel of Burleigh Heads which is what the local plan means to protect.

  5. Rosco commented

    Give Pauline a call
    Paulines usually listen to the people.

    Division 12 - Cr Pauline Young
    Cr Pauline Young
    Divisional boundary reviews

    Please visit our Council divisions page for details of the new divisional boundaries that came into effect with the March 2020 elections.
    Contact details

    Phone: 07 5581 6382
    Fax: 07 5581 7640
    Mobile: 0475 677 181
    Email: division12@goldcoast.qld.gov.au

    Postal address

    City of Gold Coast
    PO Box 5042
    GCMC QLD 9726 Australia

    Office location

    Burleigh Heads Customer Service Centre
    Corner Park Avenue and Ocean Street, Burleigh Heads

    Councillor Young can be contacted by phone. Please contact the office for an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

  6. G.Wand commented

    Technically, this proposal is over height, over density and not in agreement with the town plan. It shouldn't even get a look in as it doesn't "enhance our lifestyle", as the GCCC claims is their remit. Another huge block of flats will add to the ruination that is falling upon Burleigh. And why are they allowed to get away with insufficient parking provisions?

  7. John Blake commented

    John & Denise Blake
    What happened with building restrictions that didn't allow buildings to be more than 10 stories on the front of esplanade this building will shadow the North Burleigh Beach.
    Will create a traffic issue with that many people living in those units entering the esplanade.
    Will create parking issues on Esplanade as most families have 2 cars and complexes only allow parking for 1 vehicle.
    This tall building will look totally out of place on the front of Esplanade as next door at Mariner Shores is set back near highway.

  8. Shannon May commented

    I object to this submission based on the grounds that this application is too high for what is set in the City Plan. It will cause shadows over the road, beach and reduce natural light around the smaller neighbouring unit blocks impacting on the quality of living for all in the area. There is not enough parking available for the number of units proposed and traffic along The Esplanade will become congested. It is not set back far enough and the footprint of the building is also outside of city plan guidelines. It does not fit within the character of North Burleigh / Miami and will ruin the landscape of the area, and does not enhance our lifestyle in any way. There is already an over supply of units along the beachside throughout the Gold Coast that are going empty and therefore this building at it's huge size is not warranted. I urge the planning committee and councillors to deny the application and stay within the guidelines of the city plan and instead allow for a well considered, sustainable building that will enhance, protect and beautify the area instead. Thank you.

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