315-317 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW 2204

To demolish existing improvements and construct a 5 storey mixed use building comprising retail and commercial tenancies with serviced apartments above and basement parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201900421)


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  1. Scott MacArthur commented

    The Marrickville Heritage Society does not support this application.
    315-321 Illawarra Road comprises two pairs of Federation era single storey semi-deatched houses that are currently used as a small shop, a residence and a doctor's surgery. They retain many of their original character features, with decorative terracotta ridge tiles, slate roofs and gable barge boards intact, but sadly the tuck-pointed brickwork has been painted and rendered over. The doctor's surgery has been used as medical rooms continuously from 1917, initially as Dr Francis Murphy's dental surgery, then as a doctor's surgeries, right up to the present day.
    It is proposed to demolish the existing houses and replace them with a five storey mixed use building, with a medical centre and shops under 38 serviced apartments, and underground carparking. The Society is concerned that the proposal is over-scaled and out of character for this narrow section of Illawarra Road, where the existing building stock is simple late Victorian and Edwardian retail shopfronts, no more than three-storeys tall. The new building will also loom over the single storey Federation and Inter-war era dwellings in Central Avenue. The Society also notes that the cladding of the highly prominant facade and end walls of the taller residential tower is monolithic dark grey metal sheeting. This is the same colour cladding that has been used in other new developments along Illawarra and Marrickville Roads, to the great detriment of the varied and eclectic streetscape character of the precinct. The Society notes that there are many vacant retail tenancies in new 'shop top' developments in Marrickville, and is concerned that heritage and character buildings in our commercial precints are being sacrificed on the basis of a flawed business model.
    Scott MacArthur,
    President, Marrickville Heritage Society

  2. George P commented

    I will agree with Mr Scott MacArthur below. While not opposing at all the development of more units in central Marrickville, we need to be careful with our choices. The particular lot of old houses are best to be restored and used as food and coffee places (as some are already) that enhance and add to the character of Marrickville. Too many grey, generic buildings are already built with no reference or respect to Marrickville’s unique individual character of its people and surroundings. Instead of taking down unattractive, run down buildings and replacing them with unique, colourful and friendly designed units, we opt to create more generic boxes of grey and demolish charming, historical dwellings. This makes very little sense for Illawarra Road and will end up looking like Canterbury road instead

  3. Suzanne E commented

    I also agree with the Marrickville Heritage Society that a 5 storey building will be out of place in that section. It will cause further over crowding of an already crowded area. There are also quite a number of retail vacancies already in the area and the new ones are always vastly overpriced and so not really providing small business owners a chance to succeed. Ultimately the developer would rather leave them empty and cause a blight on the street (as what has happened only a little way up the street on the corner of Byrnes street where most of the badly thought out retail space has remained empty for over 3 years.)

    The Heritage of the area is slowly being eaten away and Marrickville will become bland and awful.

  4. Kelsie D commented

    Save Marrickville supports the retention of our historic buildings and the unique character of Marrickville. Help us fight overdevelopment in the local area. Email us at hello@savemarrickville.org.au or visit us on FB.

  5. Mark Matheson commented

    What a pity this once-desirable house will be obliterated!

    Its projecting verandah reminds us of when families liked to sit and enjoy their gardens and talk to passers-by, when this part of Marrickville was considered desirable and the Prime Minister lived two streets away.

    It will be obliterated for an ominous, money-grubbing concrete block looming over the poor backyards in Central Avenue.

    And why is this block named “The Kimberley”?

  6. Isobel Deane commented

    I am opposed to this DA.
    A 5 storey development is completely out of character with such a narrow street as the part of illawarra rd. It will crowd and overshadow all existing residences and businesses.

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