1370 Stud Road, Rowville VIC 3178

Development of the land for three (3) double storey dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 3 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2019/7302)


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  1. Michelle Wingrave commented

    More, can’t get parking in the service Rd now

  2. Robyn Ross commented

    I thought that this site was not zoned as residential seeing as it was a milk bar. Years ago I paid $10,000 to seal the road outside of my house along the service road. Since 3 units were built next door there is not one spare space for myself or any of my visitors to park along the front of my property or further down. Even though I paid very dearly for the privilege of having a sealed road I do not have any rights at all according to the council when I asked for a permited space to cater for my disabled friends as well as for myself who also has a disability. Units being built with double gararges mean nothing for most people use this space as a storage area and park out on the road. Now the council is deciding to tick the box on another complex of three double storey townhouses. Council should realize that existing houses have young drivers who need somewhere to park their cars and one would think that an already ratepaying household should hold some sway over a blow in, only looking in the end at the profit to be made and after they are sold couldn't give a hoot at what the rest of us have to put up with. Our whole estate is being turned into one double storey complex of townhouses. The council should "pull up its socks and put a stop to this overdevelopment.

  3. Stephen Mead commented

    No point in appealing Knox council will rubber stamp this - they have no interest in community amenity in Knox - only the rates that can be collected....

  4. Michelle commented

    Robyn, those units have been poorly designed with the turning circle into the garage only catering to a small car, fitting two cars in would be impossible...clearly not something the council considered.

  5. Robyn Ross commented

    Even if it was considered Michelle I don't even believe the Council would care. Whenever I drew their attention to something regarding my next door developement the only answer I received in return was that the developer would only go to VCAT who would then just rubber stamp it anyway. I thought it was a cop out.

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