200 Camden Valley Wy, Narellan 2567 NSW

Concept Development Application (including detailed design of stage 1) for re-development of Studley Park House. Stage 1 comprises remediation of contaminated land, demolition works, restoration works to Studley Park House, construction of a 2 storey hotel containing 46 beds with basement and at-grade car parking as well as associated Community Title subdivision, road access with associated changes to golf course layout and golf club car parking, vegetation removal, landscaping and civil infrastructure. Concept stages comprises Stage 2 - Fitout and use of new hotel building and restored Studley Park House as well as Stages 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D - Construction of 4 x residential flat buildings at 2 - 4 storeys containing approximately 138 apartments with basement car parking as well as associated access, vegetation removal, landscaping and civil infrastructure

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Camden Council, reference DA/2019/886/1)


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  1. Neville Hoskin commented

    While the proper development of this site is long overdue I have concerns with two issues in particular the first is parking within the golf club area, as I understand the proposal a new entrance will come of Lodges Road and impact the current parking lots, if current spaces are not retained than patrons will have to park on Lodges Road which is dangerous and will impact traffic in the area.

    The second concern is the impact on the golf course. To retain playing conditions changes will be required to the course layout. This needs to be done in a timely manner as not to effect the viability / profitability of the club. The club provides other services for locals and organizations and any impact must be minimal.

    It would be advantageous if these changes could be done prior to construction starting on some of the proposed buildings.

  2. John and Susan Gammage commented

    I agree with Neville Hoskins comments regarding the entry to both the Club and entry to the Motel / Resort and the parking for the patrons of the golf course.
    The dramatic changes that are being made to the existing house and surrounds are pretty extreme considering the size and heritage concerns of the house.
    There is no outline of the changes to the golf course and where the Proshop is to be located, also the amount of trafic flow through the roundabout and though to Liz Kernahan drive.
    Also what impact will all this construction have on the operation and financial operation of the existing Golf Club

  3. Geoff Dent commented

    Forgive me if I am dumb but what is the significant's of the picture of Camden Valley way and the old entrance. Is this to be used during initial stages of construction etc? If so why can it not be the permanent entrance for this facility, there are plenty of golf courses that have a usable road running through the middle of them. Construct a round about and away you go no need for further changes and disruption to the course.
    Secondly what is the time frame for this development should it be approved, as this organisation has a terrible track record for getting things done,
    Thirdly is the Hotel going to be a license premises with poker machines etc as this would have a great effect on the golf clubs revenue stream.
    Lastly and by no means a trivial matter but why has Council not forced these owners to clean up the site and keep it clean while awaiting development application to be approved. If this was a house on a suburban street the owners would have had a clean up notification long ago.
    Geoff Dent. Club member

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