18-20 Harris Street Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Material Change of Use - Single Residential not Compliant with the Self Assessable Criteria

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Ipswich City Council, reference MCU-9740/2019)


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  1. S. Bourne commented

    Can someone please explain what the point of having a development plan is if the developer is then going to change everything so the final product look nothing like the approved plans? First they ask for them all to auxiliary units doubling the density of dwellings making it well above what the scheme allows and causing huge parking and traffic issues by not providing enough car spaces.
    Now they want to build to boundary on every property creating an ugly, noisy, fire danger waiting to happen. They claim it is to allow for maximum sized backyards? Well they could actually have bigger backyards if they weren't all auxiliary units - the backyard would be twice as big if there was only one of them. The claim it a minor change is ridiculous, it involves every lot in the development and will change the overall look of development completely. At some point the council is going to have to show some backbone and say no to these developers creating future slums.

  2. Zoe Shipley commented

    Come on ICC , you've already bent over every which way to give these developers everything they want, despite feedback from the community. Or have you found a way to squeeze one last bribe out of them? Please, enough concessions! Stop approving slums!

  3. David Harris commented

    Look Zoe , The position is that they have no power to reject applications as It is/was
    the planning scheme devised many moons ago. I have it from a very reliable source within council that for instance development is easy. Get a knock back . Submit a another application and away you go. I'm also told that Eugene St is the last "signature case that willl go to the planning court. The council now believe that they will not win a case, and just lose $1000s . This is why Eugene St many years ago was designated as residential site. So the developers have the issue on toast. Happy Jack block. passed by the council. Have they no shame . Watch the clearing stages and be horrified . There is no appeal necessary. Check the street opposite. Have a good look as the duplexes and auxiliary units . Harris street has been given away. The developers are having a field day. The only way to stop this obscene developer is to tqke taze them. It seems that there will be many duplexs. Prepare for what like. Objectors have many reasons cases. As I have said dont waste your time
    Just a NoNoNo is all you need
    This application to clear a and build iwill show everyone what our planning scheme will look like. The Harris sinuous bloc is now covered with D 9s. . This blight on the landscape leaves us residents "droped jaws " Ms Enoch and the Premier Have my request to see them. I'm a patient man. Dont give it. Shine a light not on the Council but on your State MPs

  4. David Harris commented

    Mr[? Bourne , you refer to developers changing their plans. Why is this ? Answer, because they can. Oh by the way a very credible source told me that some developers would like to meet us. What about a form letter to them. We need a list of developers, then we can [?] talk to them [?] Yeh right. Of course developers read these objections , mainly as entertainment. This development . No, no, no. The positive out of all this is that we are showing Council and the State government that we are not a pack of half wits. Knowledge is power

  5. Mary commented

    Building setback relaxations means more crowding. Council dancing to developers tune. Of course greedy developers will always ask for more than they need. It is the measure of a responsible council to think of the future, and the liveability of their suburbs. Ipswich already has the worst reputation when it comes to deals with developers and is hellbent on destroying any chance to turn that around.

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