6 Brushford Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Demolition 8045500

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: The Hills Shire Council, reference 630/2020/PCDA)

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  1. Monica Logan commented

    Thank you for this opportunity to comment.
    Brushford Avenue is part of the East Excelsior area adjacent to Bidjigal Reserve, one of the largest bushland reserves in the Hills Shire at 300 hectares of Crown Land. This land is managed by a board of trustees including traditional Indigenous owners, Crown Lands Act 1989 (section 114).
    We would like The Hills Shire Council to consider this aspect in relation to proposed developments in this bushland area. In particular, solar access to adjacent properties as piped natural gas is not available in this area and dwellings are entirely reliant on electricity and solar energy. For some existing dwellings, solar panel access is limited due to the existing tree canopies. Solar access can be further impacted by the scale of new developments, when controls are applied at limits without consideration to existing trees and topography of adjacent properties.
    While it will be a shame to see the existing dwelling demolished, we would welcome a future development that relates to the immediate surroundings and adjacent dwellings in the area. A development that maintains the amenity of adjoining neighbours and the environment and respects the site constraints of topography, drainage, landscapes, flora and fauna of our bushland area.

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