46 Bell Street, Ormiston QLD 4160

Standard Format - 1 into 3 Lots

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(Source: Redland City Council, reference RAL19/0091)


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  1. Pete Josefski commented

    The splitting of these larger blocks in Bell Street and other street in the area is concerning for the existing residents in adjoining properties. This is due to the lack of consideration for privacy, to the existing homes, when 2 storey buildings get approved 1.5m from the side boundary fences. I appreciate the interest in splitting these larger blocks and making money (both for the owners and the council) but the buiding approvals for designs that look straight in on existing dwellings is unfair. Adding another 2 families and their vehicles to already crowded street parking in these narrow streets is also a fact not regularly considered by council. Or maybe just untill the garbage truck can't do their collections?

  2. Jeni Josefski commented

    If approved, the splitting of the block at 46 Bell Street will set a precedent for other blocks to follow in a similar manner. As the owner of 16-20 Bell Street, we have a similar block to the back of our property - I would have significant concerns if a developer was able to split this into 3, allowing the building of properties right to our boundary fence.

    What I fail to understand is the Council's dedication to increasing housing in the local area when this would seem to oppose your 'Community future vision'. Please explain how you can continue to jam more and more housing in and still claim that you are delivering on your outcomes of a 1. Healthy natural environment, 2 Green living, and 5.Wise planning and design?

    Your City Planning strategic priority aims to 'improve livability' - I can assure you that more housing does not increase the livability for the people in existing homes who are impacted by more traffic, more noise and less green space. It simply increases your revenue - a clear priority for Council given your decreasing income and increasing expenses?

    You already acknowledge that the transport infrastructure in the Redlands is under increasing pressure yet you continue to allow the significant development of more and more housing - causing more and more transport issues.

    I ask for Council to seriously considering allowing the splitting of the block at 46 Bell St, setting a precedent for other blocks to do the same. Consideration has to be given to existing residents who do not want additional housing up to their fence lines, more traffic in the street, not to mention the impact on the environment - over the Council's need to increase revenue.

    Your Council vision is to enrich community lifestyles - please explain how continually increasing housing to the detriment of existing residents achieves this?

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