1579 Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019

Modification to extend trading hours to 24 hours 7 days for all operations with exception of the high flow diesel fuel bowsers (for trucks and buses) which are proposed to operate 4:00am to midnight 7 days

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 28 days ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Rockdale), reference DA-2009/10098/B)


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  1. Terry Turnbull commented

    Large trucks are banned from this section of Botany Rd. Not sure why they need to go to this location for diesel as there is now a service station at Port Botany.

  2. Brad Stewart commented

    The RMS have taken note of the noise already produced on Botany Road by loud vehicles, that is why the RMS have recently been installing soundproofing apparatus on homes on the stretch. Soundproofing does little to nothing when you have a B-Double or a vehicle with a loud exhaust rumbling down the road, which occurs regularly every night of the week. The old council fought for years to take these kind of vehicles off the road during the off peak airport curfew times, extending these working hours will be welcoming them back.

  3. Stuart commented

    Brad. Lets be clear on what noise abatement has taken taken place. It was offered free of charge to those residents who have owned their properties for 7 years or more. For those owning for less time, there is a sliding scale where the owner must contribute. Maximum cost is $30,000. For someone who has owned for 3.5 years, that cost would come in a $15,000 for that owner, making noise abatement costs out of reach. You are right, noise abatement (and its not sound proofing) does little to stop the noise of a b-double who regularly and illegally travel this stretch of road. Noise abatement does nothing to stop the vibration caused by such a heavy vehicle.

    For the health of residents on and around Botany Road, this includes the effects of noise while residents attempt to sleep and pollution caused by large vehicles, this proposal should be rejected by the council, and port related vehicles use petrol station located at the port away from residential properties, which can serve port related vehicles 24/7.

    Further more, the residents of Botany Road and surrounding streets, the schools and day care centres, would like to see the vehicle size limits enforced, without exceptions to vehicles who wish to use the petrol station.

  4. Anne Lamparelli commented

    The residents were promised that there would be no further adjustments to the trading hours of the Bp station
    To suggest that people only get fours sleep before being bombarded with the noise from the trucks is ridiculous
    They should be subjected to at least the same curfews as Sydney airport if not more stringent as they are much closer to homes
    Please do not approve this DA

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